Season 5 Terminus
Season 6 Alexandria
Season 4
Several months go by as the people of Woodbury reside
along with Rick and his group at the prison. A flu like virus
starts killing many of the group and has to be dealt with.
When they finally have to leave the place they have
been hiding the Governor finds his old right-hand guy  
from Woodbury, he is leading a group of his own and
they are doing well until the Governor shows up.
The Governor ends up killing him and taking over his group
who the Governor persuades that Ricks group is causing
problems and they must overrun them and take the prison.
A battle between the Governors people and Ricks people
takes place, many are killed and the rest scatter to the
winds in different directions. Its all at a loss for now.
As the Governor is roaming the roads he comes upon a family
that is hiding out in their home. He won't reveal who he really is
or what he has done in the past. They become friends and
eventually are traveling companions.
2013 - 2014
Season 4  The Battle Between the Governor and Rick
Supporting Cast
Lizzie Samuels - a young girl, who has joined the
prison community & suffers from deep
psychological problems.
Mika Samuels - Lizzie's younger sister who has just
joined the prison community along with their Dad.
Dr. Caleb Subramanian - a doctor who has joined
the prison community and is known as Dr. S.
Luke Donaldson - a young boy who has joined the
Jeanette -  a former Woodbury resident who now
has joined the prison group.
Patrick - a young teenager that has joined the
prison group.
Ryan Sanuels - Mika & Lizzie's father.
Zach - a survivor that has joined the prison and
becomes friends with Beth.
Sergeant Abraham Ford - a former soldier
trying to get Eugene to Washington D.C
so he can help stop the outbreak..
Rosita Espinosa - Abraham's girlfriend
Dr. Eugene Porter - a scientist that claims to
know what started the outbreak & is being
escorted by Abraham & Rosita to government
officials in Washington.
Abrahams Group
Martinez's Camp
Tara Chambler - a police academy attendee, who was
surviving with her family until the Governor came around.
Lily Chambler -  a former nurse and Mehgans mother &
Tara's sister, who starts a relationship with the Governor.
Mehgan Chambler - Lily's daughter who begins to see the
Governor as a father figure.
Caeser Martinez - one of the Governor's most trusted allies
who leads a new group of survivors.
Mitch Dolgen - a former tank operator who has joined
Martinez's new group.
Alisha - former member of the Army Reserves, who forms a
relationship with Tara.
Pete Dolgen -  a member of Martinez's group and Mitch's
The Claimers
Clara - a mysterious woman
Rick encounters in the forest.
Everyone is on their way to Terminus
Season 5
Well everyone arrives at Terminus and now they wished they
hadn't. Terminus is a bonafide Cannibalism colony. A lot goes
on here while the gang all reunites in a train car. Everything
goes to hell but Carol comes in to save the group from being
eaten by real people.
Carol brings along the big guns and explosives and
destroys most of the place and everyone in it. Rick's
group reunites and he and Carl found out since the
prison that Judith is alive.
Everyone talks to figure out the next game plan, they
leave the area. Carol & Daryl go on to Atlanta looking for
Beth, they follow the ambulance with the cross to Grady
memorial Hospital where Beth is being held along with
other people against their will by a bunch of corrupt cops.
When once again reunited the group moves on and
they are found by Aaron, who is out recruiting
people to come join his community at Alexandria.
The group is welcomed to stay & reside at Alaxandria
but something is very strange here, these folks seem
to be very unaware of the serious situation the
Walkers have become. We find out why.
Joe - the leader of a small group of heavily armed
marauders called the Claimers, who live by the philosophy
of claiming. Tony, Len & Dan belong to his group.
Sam & Anna - Survivors that Rick & Carol run
onto when they are out on a run.
Additional Castmates
Mary - a resident of Terminus who greets survivors that arrive
there....she is also THE COOK.
Gareth - the leader of Terminus
Bob Stookey - a former Army medic and recovering alcholic, who has
formed a close relationship with Sasha and has developed a new sense
of optimism.
Father Gabriel Stokes - a cowardly priest, who lives
alone in his church, whose encounter with Rick's group
leads him to challenge his beliefs.
Alexandria is a few blocks of cleared streets in
Alexandria, Virgina, about 6 miles south of
Washington, D.C.. When Rick's group arrived the
then leader of the community stated that it had
existed for less than a year.
The Hilltop community is about 20 miles
from Alexandria and is a farming community.
Alex - brother of Gareth and
Mary is their Mother.
Season 4 was 16 episodes that started on October 13, 2013.
Season 5 is 16 episodes that started on
October 12, 2014. October 29, 2014 had
renewed again. Most watched cable show
in cable history.
Season 6 has 16 episodes and came on October 11, 2015
Once again another season was renewed.
2015 - 2016
Grady Memorial Hospital Castmates
Noah - a survivor Beth encounters, who hails from a walled
community in Richmond, Virginia but was abducted and
forced to stay at Grady. He is a great helper, but does not do
well outside of the hospital. He feels like he is not belonging
to this group even tho they have accepted him and trust him.
O'Donnell - a violent police officer fed up with Dawn,
despite their being friends since they were rookies. He
wants to get rid of Dawn. They have quite a few issues
they disagree on.
Dawn Lemer - a sadistic police officer,who holds Beth
captive. She is also the leader of the police force at Grady
Memorial. Shes trying to keep society intake believing
help will come soon. Even tho she has the best
intentions, her manipulative,violent & obsessive nature
drives most of the force nuts as well as her captives.
Dr. Steven Edwards - secretly works for Lt. Lemer
who takes to liking Beth. He keeps his position by
killing captives that are doctors.
Amanda Shepard - a police officer that is under
Dawn. She does not trust Dawn at all & recognizes
what a monster she is becoming. She is far more
reasonable than Dawn & will do anything to avoid
Bob Lamson - a police officer, and old friend of Dawn's. He
respects Rick and is one of the more easy going cops at the
hospital, but he can be pretty unruly at the same time.
Licari - a police officer, also understands that Dawn is losing it,
he tries to stay clear of her.
Joan - a survivor that has been raped by Dawn's officers. She
tried to escape and her arm got bitten off.
Gorman - he rescued Beth, he raped Joan and then
starts in after Beth.
Season 6
This season begins with the group still having a hard time fitting in
at Alexandria. They begin to get more control but because of
continuous chaos it remains challenging.
Then there is the quarry that they stumbled onto while burying
Pete. The quarry is full of a massive herd of Walkers being held in
place by some strategically placed semi's that are ready to get
There is also the Wolves who are a bunch of dangerous scavengers.
Lastly is the invasion of Alexandria by the huge swarm of Walkers
from the quarry - led to Alexandria by the Wolves.
Amongst all of this the group manages to find a new community of
survivors, they live inside the walls of the Hilltop Colony. The groups
merge & form a trade of things that each has. They discuss how to deal
with yet another group...the Saviors.
Additional Cast Mates
Jessie Anderson - a resident of Alexandria who has an abusive husband, Pete.
Ron Anderson - Jessie's oldest son, who hates Rick for killing his Dad.
Sam Anderson - Jessie's younger son who makes friends with Carol.
Aaron - a recruiter for the community of Alexandria, he
brought Rick's group to Alexandria.
Eric Raleigh - Aaron's boyfriend and former recruiting partner.
Deanna Monroe - former congresswoman and leader of Alexandria. Her
son & husband were just killed and she is trying to work with Rick.
Spencer Monroe - Deanna's only living
son and guard of Alexandria.
Aiden Monroe - Deanna's other son that was killed.
Dr. Denise Cloyd - a doctor stationed in
Alexandria & Tara's girlfriend.
Heath - a supply runner.
Tobin - the foreman of Alexandria's crew.
Olivia - an Alexandria resident, who is in charge of the communities food & armory.
Scott & Annie - supply runners.
Francine & Bruce - part of the construction group.
Carter - resident who questions
Rick's plans.
Nicolas - a conniving, arrogant Alexandria resident, who later tries to
redeem himself for past actions.
Francine - member of the construction group.
Paul Rovia - Jesus - a member and scout for the Hilltop Colony.
Gregory - leader of the Hilltop Community.
Dr. Harlan Carson - a doctor at the Hilltop Colony.
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