Candy Journal
Ok I decided to try and start all over again. It's a long way to where I was when I stopped but this
where I will put down the plans and products and see where I get.
December 18, 2017 - the last couple of days I've given this a lot of thought and feel I'm gonna
take a stab at it. I got all the company info bookmarked and a bunch of new stuff I want to try
and make.

Goal is to get the garage cleaned out and the basement. Can start working on the basement
right away. Gonna have to find a woman to train.
Tried to figure out right away about what I need to purchase to re-start after Health Dept.
checks me out.
De-humidifying unit for basement  - go over to Chapel Rd and talk to that guy about where he
got his unit. Have already listed local Shrink Wrapper companies to check out. Also made a
list of label machine companies to find something local.

Will have to have the money for insurance....usually 1200.00 plus a few additional payments
of 200.00

Still gotta get boxes for an assorted box and also caramel nougats, those are the boxes that
got thrown away.

Start on Military line.
Start ordering in cases of chocolate to work on new recipes.

Styrofoam containers and ice packs for shipping.

Get stationary line right away and start collecting info from other candy makers.
Not starting with a web site....find customers first.
Make a list based on info from before>>>what worked & what didn't.
Order some cocoa butter in bulk piece and try rubbing it on the molds before poring see
what happens. Also order lecithin. Order potassium sorbate.

Will need a label to but on boxes about the peanut thing.

Start studying
Learn to work that scale.
Have to make some serious decisions on some different issues. Working first
on how to schedule R&D. Shelf life issues and how to set up the project.

Next...need to think about a game plan to approach candy shop in Salisbury,
what kind of story to tell him.
December 18, 2017
Cost Analysis
What it cost to produce chocolates. Cost of ingredients, cost
of travel to fetch ingredients or shipping costs, cost of my
time. Price increases through legalities.
Get a good timer, time out all of the steps that went into
production for each type of candy. Add a fixed percentage for
utilities, rental, general expenses. Once you have a formula for
these cost you can change it as you figure costs out for
Use high end ingredients always - for me making chocolates is
all about giving my best using ingredients that will make the
Production Candies - things we're gonna experiment with.
Trinadads - dark buttercream ctr.white toasted coconut in
white chocolate until it become cream colored.
Fannie Mae - 1ib. holds 26pieces
Mallows - marshmellow covered by caramel - layer of caramel over
marshmellow & dipped m or d
Mint Meltaways - green mint or chocolate cover with mint
buttercream inside.
Pink Lady - coconut ctr with pink coconut cover
Petite Truffles - rich soft buttercream with specs of nut all dark chocolate.
Dixes - caramel rolled in pecans a ball.
Pink Ice - White choclate filled with chips of peppermint
Work on getting a longer shelf life on PBBB & CCBB
Suggestive Candies - FM
caramel creams
dark caramels
eggnog cr.
french nougats
honey almond nougats
lemon cr.
mint layered
maple cr.
orange cr.
rasp. cr
strawberry cr.
peanut butter
peppermint bliss
truffle petite
pink ice
nut clusters
vanilla caramels
vanilla nut caramels
milk and dark bordeaux
rum nougat
Order holiday containers and see what fits in them then price.
Suggested Pricing Structure
$24.99 /pound  might be a little low, that is the going rate with larger
companies. 30.00/pound better price for hand made. If candy is in tin after
whatever you need too moneywise. They do 29.99
Corporate Gift Line
Truffle Prices
16pc 2.99 1.88/tru
25pc 44.99 1.80/tru
34pc 59.99  1.76/tru
You need a price on what chocolate cost per ounce based on what
you pay and what they pay.  Also for molded candies and candies
that require additional chocolate other than piece candy
Holiday pretzels16 pc 19.99 8 milk 8 white with rgdrizzle 1.25 ea.
Peppermint bliss - peppermint buttercream in dc with red driz
eggnog truffles 8oz 12.99 dusted w/ nutmeg
bark in tin dc w/whitecinnamon crunch bits
Nut & Caramel Assortment nut clusters, caramels pixes 1lb. $24.99
Colonial Assortment all candies - buttercreams,nougats,caramels,butter
toffee m & D
Meltaways green & milk chocolate assortment
Pixes milk white dark & two tone two tone in one box
Cremes - vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, maple, in milk, dark and semi
Gonna offer assortments done after fm assortments.
They made 2 new pixie flavors Cinnamon coffee with a hint of
cinnamon & sea salt with sea salt
Holiday candies - if you add sprinkles or kencraft to top of candy add
additional price to base price.
Holiday candies - if you add sprinkles or kencraft to top of candy add
additional price to base price.
Wedding Line
Imp Toffee rules
How much is each chocolate (Bars) cost with
shipping added in and w/o shipping
Book Study
Candy Making For Dummies
pages 1-64 dec 17
December 26, 2017
December 27, 2017