Trinadads - dark buttercream ctr.white toasted coconut in
white chocolate until it become cream colored.
FM - 1lb. holds 26 pieces
Mallows - marshmellow covered by caramel - layer of caramel over
marshmellow & dipped m or d
Mint Meltaways - green mint or chocolate cover with mint
buttercream inside.
Pink Lady - coconut ctr with pink coconut cover
Petite Truffles - rich soft buttercream with specs of nut all dark chocolate.
Dixes - caramel rolled in pecans a ball.
Pink Ice - White choclate filled with chips of peppermint
They made 2 new pixie flavors Cinnamon coffee with a hint of
cinnamon & sea salt with sea salt
Suggestive Candies - FM
caramel creams
dark caramels
eggnog cr.
french nougats
honey almond nougats
lemon cr.
mint layered
maple cr.
orange cr.
rasp. cr
strawberry cr.
peanut butter
peppermint bliss
truffle petite
pink ice
nut clusters
vanilla caramels
vanilla nut caramels
milk and dark bordeaux
rum nougat
Holiday candies - if you add sprinkles or kencraft to
top of candy add additional price to base price.
Work on getting a longer shelf life on PBBB & CCBB
Production Candies - things we're gonna experiment with.
Candy R&D
What do you need to make these?
Air Sprayer
colored cocoa butter
Working with poly-carbonate molds
Painted Chocolates
Moonstruck Fudge - take these fudges and turn them into
caramel recipes and make an assortment box out of them.
Also put together an Artisan group of caramels
you can use glucose syrup or cream of tarter - the
advantage is it tends to allow the mixture to remain softer
for a longer period of time.
Get butter toffee recipe perfected and shelf life issues
have to do with lecithin
there is cooked and uncooked fondant
Ingredients & terms and their definitions
1st thing to accomplish - get that basement temperature under control which means
getting dehumidifying unit installed. Experiment with finding a way to get the basement
to maintain the perfect temperature year round.
After some candy is made see how many pieces make a pound in those square
boxes get an exact weight. So see what your 4 piece box holds and the weight of up is the medium box which we were putting 9 pieces in . Might depend
what size your pieces are large pieces vs.small pieces.  AN ABSOLUTE MUST IS
Recipe Related
Misc. Related
lecithin  - an oil like extract from soybeans used to preserve, emulsify, and
moisturize foods. Many candy makers look to lecithin as an emulsifier
(make water & oil combine) inreal chocolates, caramels & taffy. Lecithin
can be used to thin chocolate. Its more cost effective than cocoa butter &
less is needed for similiar results. Usage recommendation is 0.25 - 0.50%
to total batch. Too much lecithin can have a reverse effect & cause
chocolate to thicken. Can also be used to control sugar crystalization.
Lecithin is also used in bread making as a dough conditioner and a mild
preservative. 2-3 teaspoons for every 3 cups of flour. gluten free
2 sizes of candy & how candy fits in boxes to determine price or is it
priced by ozs
Norman Love notes
cocoa butter is from chef rubber. The luster he gets is from spraying the molds with
colored cocoa butter using an air brush and then dusting with gold or silver powder....its
called layering.
The thin layer of cocoa butter is quite transparent so the metallic dust makes the colors
really pop. Chef rubber sells warmers and airbrush edible glitter, pure gold and silver leaf
flakes and dust, powered colors, edible spray laquer.
Prosecco caramels
Toffee flavors
dark chocolate pistachio
milk chocolate walnut
dark chocolate pecan
milk chocolate sea salt
Room Environment Temp & Humidity
re. - Air Conditioning - couverture will absorb water from the atmosphere if the atmospheric
relative humidity is greater than that of the melted couverture above 30 to 40 %.
The greater the atmospheric humidity the greater the differential, the greater the rate of
absortion. water causes the sugar particles in your chocolate to bind together thickening
your couverture over time.
Start experimenting with the already candies you have that need final touches, next start right away on the military line, after that
start pulling stuff from the bookmarked entries.Develop flavor lines. Get assortment boxes figured out.
Chocolate mousse candy recipe - only one i
could find
3 cups gran sugar
3/4 cup light corn syrup
3/4 water
1/8 tea salt
3 egg whites
1/3 cup semi sweet choc chips
In a large saucepan over medium heat, combine the sugar, corn syrup ,water & salt.Heat, stirring to boil
then continue to cook using a candy thermometer. Beat the egg whites until stiff and form peaks do not use
a plastic bowl.
When the sugar solution comes to 270, or soft crack, remove from the heat and pour the mixture in thin
streams into the egg whites, blending completely w/ a mixer set on low. Continue to mix until the candy
begins to harden to like a dough stage.May take 20 minutes.
At this point add semi sweet chips. Remember you must have a dough consistency when adding chips.
The nougat will thicken no more after the chocolate is added. When the chocolate is thoroughly blended
the nougat has thickened press into a greased 9x9 pan. Refrigerate until firm about 30 minutes. With a
sharp knife cut the candy in half down the middle of the pan. Then cut across into 7 segments to create 14
bars. Dip pcs. and let cool until firm  2 hours
couverture has at least 31% butter and at least 35% of cocoa solids
Setup for Research
Objectives - to figure out the shelf life of the candies with and without preservatives and
refrigerated and not refrigerated additional information :cost of making each piece.
December 27, 2017
After doing more research and reading I will decide whether the tests will run six or eight
weeks. Most candy makers agreed that 3-4 weeks is the safest shelf life on creams and that
the taste starts to diminish around that time, also a factor was what they had in them. There
were variables on the amount of shelf life on truffles, how they were made and how they were
kept afterwards rated highly.
test time - 6-8 weeks
amount of pieces to be included in the test - figure 3 pieces per tasting 3x3=9. There will be 3
of us doing the tasting. See how many pieces you get out of each recipe and you will need at
least 100 pieces to perform test. re-calculate to make sure that is enough pieces to go on the
shelf and in the candy case. Will be pulling 9 pieces per week per recipe.
test pieces will include no preservative, glucose, creme of tarter, potassium sorbate and
whatever else I find. Gotta figure out a way to control temp. and humidity.
Will start with peanut butter bon bons and coconut cream bon bons.
Start work on creams how to make and shelf life.
Read and study all the info you found on shelf life stuff, make notes.
Isomalt - Isomalt is a sugar substitute that can be used to make
hard candy. It is highly resistant to humidity and will not crystalize.
Because of these properties Isomalt is used extensively in sugar
crafting and cake artistry to make decorative candy pieces.
Defined in Lorann website
Invertase - invert - ase    link to study page
this link has great study pages on different subjects
make sure you get there before it disappears
Suggestive Fondants & Creams
Fondants:     (Black Book)
Vanilla Nut
Black Walnut
Cherry Creams
Cherry Nut
Mint Creams
Lemon Creams
Orange Creams
Raspberry Creams
Strawberry creams
Vanilla Walnut
Maple Pecans
Butter Pecan
Key Lime Fondants
Orange Fondants
Lemon Fondants
Water Fondants try these
Honey Buttercream Fondant
Browned Butter Fondants
Grand Opera Creams
Boston Creams
Chocolate Fondants
variations of this:
Chocolate Nut
Almond Fudge
Chocolate Marshmellow
Chocolate Mint
Buttercreams in Dilettante
pg 182 and in dummie book