The Coffin Contest
This is the page where we will start the project of
building our coffin. You will be able to watch our
progress. The coffin contest  is being sponsored by
my Halloween message board in

We are just getting started with this and spent a
few days looking at different designs and found
one we like. A materials list has been put together
and we will be picking up the supplies today
(4/14). We will take pictures as we move along on
this and post them here.

The inspiration for this project came from the toe
pincher coffin found in the "Mactavish Manor"
web site in "Haunters Hangout". Please visit his
website if you are looking to build this coffin as he
has very good photos of the work. We did not
exactly follow the instructions for this coffin Jerry
kind of did his own thing on the trim but the basic
building of the coffin is the same.

We are going to build it with the identical list of
materials he has listed so here they are........
5  pine boards  1x12x8      $56.25
3 1x12x8 shelving             $27.21
wood glue                          $2.50
trim/ moulding - This is your call most home improvement centers
have a huge selection of trim and moulding, also a various assortment of detail
pieces to spice up your coffin.  We spent $100.44 on trim & various pieces to enhance
the look of our coffin. He purchased about 16 small pieces in 8' lengths of detailed
trim and used 3 12' pieces of 3/4 round and one 16' piece of base board moulding.
finishing nails    $3.00
sand paper 150 grit we had this on hand
1/16th inch titanium drill bits
wood stain: your choice of color we used a pint  $6.00
I  will make a note here that we had a heck of time getting was funny. First we
hunted & hunted for a dato blade. Then when we finally got that we found out we got the
wrong size pine boards so those had to be returned.

Our Lowes claims they are one of the only stores that does not handle decorative trim so we
had to drive 45 miles to the other store which also did not carry dato blades although if we
had not gone up there to Winston-Salem we would have not stopped at the tool shop who
incidently had the dato blade and thats where I bought my wedding dress there at the
Goodwill store for my deranged bride!
So prior to this picture 4 of the 6 foot pine boards were run through using a table
saw with a dato blade to cut a one inch notch about half width of the board. These
buildings you see in the back here house a capentry shop that belongs to the
neighbor on one side...he explained and showed us how to use the dato blade. And
the building on the far right is where our saws are set up and we share them with the
neighbor on that side.
Here is the notch.
Here is the top of the casket.
Here is the bottom of the casket before being cut.
Another Coffin Project
Although this is not a part of the Coffin Contest none the less we are busy
building all kinds of coffins here at Collinwood 841! These coffins are being
printed off of the web site "Ravens Blight" They
can be found in the toy shop.

We want to have something special for all the adults for the 2008 season so I
found this web site sometime ago but I was not sure at the time what to do
with all the cute stuff he has on there.

SO I got an idea about using the coffins and filling them with the gourmet
chocolates we make for our company. We will TRY to make these and fill
them with our chocolates and hand them out on Halloween to just the adults.

Problem is we need about 100 of them and they are really time consuming to
make but the end result is so worth it! So wish us luck in getting enough of
them made for Halloween!lol

For more pictures and much more info press on the link below..
Decorative finishes.
Always do a dry fit before applying glue. Take the 2 pieces and place them together using
clamps hold in place and use the finishing nails to secure.
As we move along, there will be more
instructions & photos of this project!
Here is Jerry after 2 days of working on the coffin! He has no time to shave & his hair is
standing up from stress cause I keep telling him........Hurry, Hurry, Hurry!

He has been walking around with this saw & hammer in his hand ever since he started
this project! As you can see he is wearing his lucky skeleton high roller shirt that he says
brings him luck when he gambles! The question is my dear & fellow Haunters....will it
bring him luck in getting this project completed by the deadline date. Only the ghouls
know for sure!!!
If only the rain would stop we could get back out there!!! Com'on
Mother Nature.......give us a break!!!
Scary Jerry
When the contest & judging end, we will move all these
pictures along with a detailed set of instructions into the
"Projects 2007 & 2008" section under the "Coffins" title.
I just want to mention here that I did not get enough play to play pictures here but we will sit down
& he will explain to me exactly what he did in each picture we do have. I want to mention that he
has gotten a request to build 2 more of these coffins for a Art Gallery owner who just loved them so
on this next round I will be sure to get much more detailed pictures.
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Page Under Construction