The Collins Cemetery has always been a very dark and lonely place. Not
much of the Collins Family is left here in the states, so there are not that
many that visit the gravesides of those that have entered the other world.

The return of Mistress Muffy has shed new light on the old famliy cemetery
and she is giving it a face lift so to speak! Plans have been talked about to
get the cemetery cleaned up and not only are repairs getting made but they
are expanding the cemetery to accommodate more family members.

Its interesting that no matter where a Collins Family member may be
residing in the world they have made arrangements to be sent home at the
time of their demise.

Much work needs to be done to the cemetery pillars that are at the entrance
gate and along the perimeter of the cemetery. Discussion has been about
designing a new fence and pillars.

There has always been lights in the Family cemetery and the generations of
the Collins Family that exist today claim they have no idea what this is
about. It has been a promise from one generation to the next to be sure
the lights stay lit for the dead of the night. Out of family respect.....they do it!

Another discussion has been in progress in regard to the old Collins hearse.
It has been tradition for all Collins members to be pulled to their resting
place in the Family hearse. The original hearse was brought from overseas
when the Collins Family first arrived on this soil.

It has been said that when the hearse could no longer be used....that a Family
member was telegrammed in Yugoslavia and he made arrangements for the
wood to be cut from the Collins Family property there and crated and shipped
here to the family so that another hearse could be built from this wood.

That hearse is now in a shambles so Mistress Muffy is deciding what to do
and looking at designs that the family has kept in its vault of the hearse that
is to be built when the old needs to be replaced.
The Collins Cemetery

Quite a bit of the new fence sections have been built and painted. This time the fence has been
made higher than its usual 3 feet and Mistress Muffy has had it extended to 5 feet high. There is
more work to be done to these new sections and they are left to be painted. The next feat is the
re-building of the entry pillars. The marble company had come out today to look at the tombstones,
as many of them had been vandalized over the years. A decision will be made as to repair the old
stones or just to replace them with new ones.

We got a lot of work done on the cemetery before the guests arrived for
the Hallow's Eve Masquerade Party but the closer it got to Hallow's Eve
the more fearful the work crew became of working at the edge of
Collinwood Forest.

Unfortunately due to this resistance to work around that time of the year
in this area the work on the cemetery was no where completed. Just a
small section of fence was done, the pillars were rebuilt but not completed
and the gates still need work. A new arch sign will be made and attached
to the top of the pillars and will read "Collinwood Cemetery".

At this time plans are being made to extend the cemetery fence along with
building additional pillars for the extra fence panels. With the size of the
cemetery at this time in the case of a funeral there is no way the hearse
carriage would be able to fit inside the fence for unloading of the casket.
SO the additional panels will leave enough room for that. The finials that
will top each fence poll have been on back order as they were a special
order item coming from overseas.

All the tombstones are being repainted and new epitahs are being added to
them as you could hardly read the old ones. We plan to be completely
finished by the 2019 Halloween season.
Most of the Collins Family is buried in the Collins Cemetery that is right on the Collins
property. Some are buried in Collinwood Cemetery, a small cemetery in the Collinwood  Forest.
Under the sun over Collinwood, the days seem trapped beneath its throbbing, unrelenting eye. No storm is promised,
and the air itself is as still as the breathing of the dead. And yet, one leaf will stir, one bough will likely bend, and one
knows that the stillness will sometimes end, perhaps with a gentle rain, perhaps with a thundering storm.
Collins Mortuary
The quiet nights are longer now at Collinwood, as the season continues its
advance toward a still distant fall. Succeeding days surrender to the coming
to night without complaint. And nature would seem to have made a truce
within itself. But deep within the night, opposing forces stalk each other.
Forces so opposite no peace is possible. And their meeting when it comes,
will shatter the ancient truce between the living & the dead.
Fear is no stranger to the residents of Collinwood.               
Fear of the unknown, fear of the unseen.
Eagle Hill Cemetery was one of the larger graveyards to be found in the
town of Collinsport . For the last two centuries, the esteemed Collins
Family had virtually all of their loved ones laid to rest at Eagle Hill. The
cemetery's most infamous landmark, was the Collins family Mausoleum.
It is 5 miles from Collinwood. During 1795 it is said to be on Collins
property. The grounds of the cemetery were presided over by one lone
caretaker, an elderly man who often complained of evil spirits infecting
the area surrounding the Collins Family mausoleum.
Family Buried at Eagle Hill Cemetery
Barnabas Collins
Jason McGuire
Jeremiah Collins
Josette Collins
Joshua Collins
Sarah Collins
Countess Natalie Dupres
Lt. Nathan Forbes
Peter Bradford
Eagle Hill Cemetery
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Holy Cross Cemetery in Culver City, California.
Resting place of many celebrities.
In these days we find a lot of change has taken place in what cemeteries
allow & don't allow. I wonder how many years it took for all these changes
to come about. Perhaps I can answer that as some of the most drastic
changes have come about in my 60 years of being around.
As we visited the cemetery for many years on a weekly basis, I remember
way back watching my Aunt Anne & Uncle Fred actually bring potted
flowers to the cemetery and a few trees I might add and dig it up and bury
them. We followed up every Sunday by visiting the graves and carrying
buckets of water, (no plastic milk jugs in those days) to water the flowers,
which were always geraniums. She always planted 3 on each grave.
Of course that was back in the day when you could still have ornate
tombstones, not the flat ones that are only allowed now. There are also sets
of rules and regulations for cemeteries and they differ by state.
Unusual cemetery sightings at Christmastime. I don't know of any other
Cemetery that allows Christmas decorating of the graves to this extent.
pictures from
What about Haunted Cemeteries, there seem to be plenty of them all over the world.
What makes spirits want to hang out at their cemetery where they were buried and
what type of interaction do they have with who they appear too? Is it people that just
visit the cemetery and the spirits pull stuff just at the location. Do they follow anyone
home? Do they commit acts at the cemetery?
Bachelor's Grove could be a good example of what happens with non-resting spirits if
they hang out at their burial location. There have been a large amount of occurances
there, most things seem to happen in the cemetery involving ghosts you can actually
see. But then there is also so much paranormal activity at the pond and surrounding
forest, its hard to tell whats what. And what about the disappearing house some have
seen and then not seen? The front door you can never seem to reach.
And what about VAMPIRES, do they really stay in their mausoleum homes there at
the cemetery, returning just before dawn each day. What do they do on a daily basis to
keep from getting bored.....perhaps they just are in constant search of victims, but
really looking at todays populated areas it must be super easy to find dinner.
Some Information on Cemeteries
Still around us, there are all kinds of activity going on in local cemeteries, some more
interesting than others. And what about options after death. Ever considered some of
the newer options like an Infinity Burial or a Green Burial, and how do these lie with
our faiths and the way burials are handled by our faiths. Well...I'm catholic so lets see
what the Pope says.
What about Haunted Cemeteries?
Are there really unusual cemeteries?
Laws vary from state to state, some rather interesting, like having to do
with refrigeration of the body, some require a funeral director to handle
burial issues, can the body be put in the ground without a casket?
Are ghosts found in the cemeteries with consecrated land? Are all cemeteries on some
sort of consecrated land? Here is what Mr. Webster has in his dictionary in regard to
consecrated land.....any place or space that has been liturgically blessed, or where some
sacred object such as a church has stood or been built. But, most commonly,
consecrated ground means a single grave or several graves or a whole cemetery in
which faithful christians are buried.
There are different rules for the Jewish people, being exhumed is not allowed. Muslims
also have different rules. Different religions and cultures have developed different rites
and practices for the disposal of the dead, and these have to be considered and respected.
There are a lot of cemeteries these days where different cultures are given different
sections of the cemetery.
What about Pet Cemeteries?
There is a growing number of pet cemeteries, privately run, where
the actual or cremated remains of the pets are interred, reflecting
the privileged attachment that many people in modern societies
feel for animals. The trend is growing and local authorities are
sometimes under pressure to provide such facilities.
Wanna ask how far it goes?
Hartsdale Pet Cemetery challenge, what resulted up there in
Albany, New York, a new regulation unveiled in 2013, by the state,
to accept cremated remains of human beings, hoping to be buried
forever beside their beloved family pets.
It all started after a two year dispute that began when the state
refused to allow the pet cemetery to accept the ashes of a NYPD
officer who wanted to be buried next to his 3 Maltese pups.
His niece an attorney battled the state to allow the burial. The
117 year old Hartsdale Pet Cemetery claims to be the oldest pet
resting place in the country, it had been interring remains since
the 1920's.
They already had the officer's wife there, his bunny and the 3
dogs. When it became time for the Officer to be buried there the
state said no, the state would not allow Hartsdale to handle
human remains. They get about 5-6 request a year to bury pet
owners ashes with the animals.
When the state stepped in, Hartsdale claimed they had about
700 peoples ashes buried with their pets there. After an intense
campaign, the Department of State gave in and the cemetery
was allowed to accept human remains. The six other cemeteries
across the state were prohibited from handling human remains.
The latest change will allow pet owners from every corner of the state to
spend eternity with their pets as long as the pet cemeteries don't charge a fee
for a human burial and don't advertise their human burial services.
Hartsdale Pet Cemetery
Merry Cemetery
What is a Tombstone Tourist?
One of the most interesting blogs I have come across about Cemeteries,
actually some of the most unusual information around. Take the time to
check out Joy Neighbors ..... A Grave Interest. If you have a fondness
for cemeteries this is the place you want to spend some time.
According to Joy Neighbors, a Tombstone Tourist is someone who loves to wander cemeteries. I find it akin to visiting museums:  an
opportunity to see rarely seen sculpture, intricate carvings, and amazing architecture, all in a tranquil outdoor setting. The blog is about
cemetery culture, art, history, issues of death and genealogy - subjects of current relevance. I usually find something that intrigues me and
makes me want to dig deeper.
Most say it's the most Haunted Cemetery in the world.
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