The Funeral Parlor
This page will house all the plans and building of the things
that will be used for the 2018 season of "The Funeral
Parlor". Below will be the plans and notes on
commencement of building along with pictures of progress.
used for family funerals. Caskets will be set in the main room in front of the
bay window with 2 tall standing candelabras on each side of the casket. There
will be stationary wreaths made to surround the casket.

A large pipe organ will be housed here also. The decorator has been to the
mansion for a few visits, so color schemes and such have been discussed. It
appears that red, purple, gray and black have been chosen as the colors to be
used. A votive candle table will be next to the casket. A Vampire Killing Kit
will be housed next to the casket stand thanks to the creativity of Mr. & Mrs.
Caretaker of Columbia, S.C..

Due to the history of the Collins Family, Mistress Muffy has requested the on
staff carpenter to build a wooden coffin to sit on the stand in case it would be
needed. This project was completed during April 2008 and entered in the
Halloween Forums "Coffin Contest".

Most of the coffins in the Collins Cemetery were made by generations of the
same family, as these people came from Europe with the older generations of
the Collins Family.
Conversion of the Funeral Parlor has already started. Here is the 1st completed coffin that will be housed
in the funeral parlor, Mistress Muffy has ordered more coffins to be built and wants them to each be of a
different design. This coffin needs to be fitted inside with material and then it will be completed.
Conversion of the Funeral Parlor has already started. The organ will be moved in soon and the
Mistress has hired a company to come in and rebuild the old pipes.
Jerry made this coffin & we were
the winners of the Halloween
Forums 2008 Coffin Contest
2018  Funeral Plans
The Funeral Parlor plans will be interrupted in 2018 by changing
the scene to look like the mortuary in the Walking Dead. This was
the cemetery and church that Daryl & Beth found after they got
separated from the group at the farm.

It will house chairs, the organ, a coffin and accessories. Music
accompianment will be from the show...Beth singing "Be Good".
There will also be a small kitchen scene where Daryl & Beth found
some food the previous tenants had left.