Originally the curse was a terrible shape shifting curse. Now this spell combines
some original components of the very old curse & new age methods. I will use
herbs & ancient rituals to perform this for you. The unique mix of old & new
makes for a very powerful cast.
I was surfing one day & came across this unusual piece of information. This a Gypsy that
practices magick ( that is how she spells it). You can actually purchase these spells online. It
was a very interesting web site but I selected one here that she offers for us to view. It is a
ritual done on a full moon by her and 6 other family members. These women are real Gypsies.
Gypsy Curse of the Werewolf Spell
The gypsy werewolf curse is a combination of old world magick, passed down
through her family called the dark ones & new age. Her & her family have changed
the curse to make it better for anyone today.
This ritual will give you the good things of the werewolf with no bad side effects. Your
eyesight will become better, your sense of smell & touch will increase. Your physical
strength will increase & you will notice your body to look more like a bodybuilder.
Certain smells will get your attention & you will be able to send messages from
your mind to another one. You may crave meat, even raw meat at times. You
may also have a strong desire not to wear clothing & also to go into the woods.
In your dreams you will become the wolf vivid & detailed. The dream will become much
stronger during the full moon. You will also notice hair growing where it did not before.
You will not want to kill anyone and your body won't change into a real wolf. You will not
grow teeth or transform on the next full moon except in your dreams. In the dreams you
will transform over time. You will learn to control your dreams.
This ritual will be done for you on the next full moon by myself & 6 women in my family.
The history of the werewolf curse is as old as anyone knows. Many think the first
werewolves were cursed by gypsies.
In folklore in my family, we believe that to be true. The dark ones passed this curse to me
& now I will share only the good parts of it with you.
She charges $25.00 for this.
So I ask because I wonder why would someone want to be a werewolf?
Chernobel....contaminated, radioactive a
window into a world without humans thats run
wild. Journey into a forbidden landscape and
witness the legacy of one of man kinds
biggest disasters left for its wildlife