Halloween Forum
Halloween Forum is a place to discuss anything about Halloween all year long in a
company of people who just adore Halloween. An online community for Halloween
enthusiasts to discuss decorations both inside & outside the house, props for large &
small scale haunts & other related issues to Halloween. Project building is shared in the
community, amongst other things.
It is a magnificent place to fulfull your wildest imagination. I remember how long I lingered
the boards before I actually thought about becoming a member. I felt those folks were way
more talented than anything I was doing at the time and for sure I would have nothing to
add. It can be very intimidating or at least that's what I thought. Slowly I started posting on
the board and found them to be the nicest people. They were more than willing to share
information about the wonderful things they created
When I arrived there in 2006 I'd probably been lurking around for more than a year. By this time I
was pretty crazy with ideas from just searching the web, I was a late bloomer to a computer. After
finding The Halloween Forum I knew I had lost my mind for sure. The amount of ideas and things
shared by this group was truly amazing. It opened up a whole new world for me. They had projects
on there I had never even remotely considered. Things and ways of decorating that were just
Besides that was the amount of help from members when you had questions about their various
projects. Everyone wanted to help you. It's a genuine community feeling to promote Halloween the
best way we can. I think the best thing that happened in there for me was we entered a couple of
different contests they had and we won both of them. That was a glorious day for me to be honored
by my peers and be respected for our work. I can say I feel like I had finally arrived.
My life changed a lot becoming a member of this group. I have made many friends all over the
world and what it has done for my Halloween displays, I could never thank them enough for all the
encouragement and inspiration.