Halloween News 2017
Why do you ask the question if Halloween is coming to an end?
Halloween Projections
Source : USA Today
$7.4 Billion
Shoppers will spend $2.8 Billion on costumes.
162 million people are expected to celebrate.
16% will use pop culture for costume ideas.
25% are heading to grocery stores for Halloween purchases.
1/3 plan to start shopping before October.
1 in 5 say their spending will be impacted by the economy.
On average young adults will spend $87.00 on festivities.
23 million will dress pets in silly costumes.
33 million will visit a haunted house.
54 million will party on Halloween.
Half of shoppers will buy items at discount shops.
8% won't hand out candy to Trick-or-Treaters.
20% will make costumes instead of buying.
1.1 billion will be spent on kids cost.
Now I ask you to be the judge here....do these numbers portray a holiday on its way out?
Why have Halloween Attractions become so intense?
" After 20 years of haunted houses with people stepping out & saying "Boo",
these days if you're really trying to scare people you've got to be edgy & out of
their comfort zone", says Scott Simmons, Scarehouse Creative Director. What
scared people in the 70's & 80's isn't whats going to scare them now.
Theres no doubt Halloween Attractions are getting scarier & more extreme says
Larry Kirchner of HauntWorld.com, a website devoted to haunted attractions with
high tech special effects, including video, animation & Hollywood quality sets.
"They are more sophisticated. They have gore to another level."
When done well, Kirchner says, a great haunted house is 100% better  than a
Broadway Show because its interactive entertainment. That puts YOU right in the
middle of the action & makes you the star. But Kirchner thinks some attractions
cross a line into poor taste - he is not a fan of story lines based on real serial
killers for example or activities where participants are humiliated in some way.
Here are a few events & attractions:
Universal Halloween Horror Nights featuring a decorated set
& costumed characters based around the movie "The Purge :
Anarchy", !00's of actors, special effects, Hollywood type
sets, mazes inspired by pop culture & influences ranging
from "Dusk Till Dawn & The Walking Dead".
HauntWorlds top 13:
Penhurst Asylum......Spring City, Pennsylvania got the #1 slot
Dent Schoolhouse took 7th
13th Gate......Baton Rouge, Louisana
Netherland    Atlanta
House of Torment......Austin,Texas
The Darkness.......St. Louise
Erebus......Pontiac, Michigan
Kersey Valley Spookywoods........Greensboro, North Carolina
Headless Horseman.....Ulster Park, New York
Cutting Edge Haunted Hoouse.......Fort Worth, Texas
Bates Motel....Philadelphia
Bennetts Curse......Baltimore
13th Floor.....Chicago
With this being only a very small handful of the haunts across the nation.......here again we go back & ask>>>>>>is Halloween
coming to an end. Keep in mind...tickets to these places are not cheap, yet when you go you could stand in line anywhere from 2
- 4 hours to get in. Only complaint out of me? Hey lets get some vendors like they have at the ballgames that walk around selling
the crowd beer, pop, sandwiches & hot dogs......maybe even a guy with souveniers! My 2 Cents.
As we continue  in search of the answer to the question of Halloween dwindling
away......lets take a peek at the main house in the nation.
Last year the White House had Trick-or-Treaters & was decorated to the hilt. Mr. & Mrs. Obama handed
out treats along with the Grandma. The 1st Dogs had costumes on too.
Rents are climbing higher & higher each year as we move
along & these stores are becoming more & more
popular!Halloween going out of business?.....I don't think so!
Whats Happening on TV for the Month of October
Universal Horror Nights 2016
The Place To Be
My store has these for sale &
everyone is terrified of them.
AMC Fear Fest - Whats on the Tube?
Brace yourself Halloween Lovers - AMC has released its official 2014 Fear Fest Schedule
& its jam packed with spooky thrillers.
The Fest will kick off Friday, October 17th & will conclude on Friday, October 31st. with
some stragglers on to November 12th. This year the network will celebrate Halloween day
with a special movie marathon of Halloween slasher films. Other highlights from the 2014
season include back to back airings of Chucky, Friday the 13th & tremors.
Syfy's "31 Days of Halloween"
of blood curdling movies to keep fans entertained. Fans can look forward to movies, TV
specials & some spooky new content for 2014. Look for the 10th Anniversary of "Ghost
Hunters", the series premiere of "Town of the Living Dead", original Syfy movies "Park
Hand" & "Finders Keepers". Check out the full schedule at>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
ABC's "13 Nights of Halloween"
ABC's "13 Nights of Halloween" kicks off its 16th season October 19 & concludes on
Friday, October 31st.
Halloween 2014 TV Specials
Favorite Drama's, Comedies & More. Watch spooky episodes of your
favorite TV specials
Disney's  "Monstober"
Kicks off Thursday, October 2nd. Look for a spooky treat......Disney
network is celebrating the haunted holiday throughout the month of
October with Halloween themed TV episodes & movies. Tune In!
Walking Dead's Lauren Cohan who plays Maggie recently visited Universal's Horror Nights
maze, during the premiere event for the Walking Dead.
Cohan said, " It was great. Its so funny. you're only on TV pretending to get scared, so to do
it sort of for real was so much fun. It was just like good good old fashioned spooks". She
also said my Walkers are really committed.
The Walking Dead is making its 5th appearance at Universal and thats pretty unusual. Last
years Walking Dead maze was split between sections devoted to the prison & Woodbury.
The new maze opens again at the prison, but its a briefer portion. The exterior to the maze
shows the prison after the Governor has attacked, complete with tank having broke through
the gates. When guests come to the maze, they see the guard tower on fire. There will be
smoke pouring out & smoke pouring out of the tank.
Whats great about working with Greg Nicotero is every year we have this project in our
Halloween lineup, he has all these really new iconic Walkers we get to feature in our Horror
Nights, so starting out with the prison we really like the look of the infected Walkers that are
bleeding out of their eyes. So you're coming into the prison, you've been attacked by infected
Walkers before you ever get to the maze.
You guys are gonna have a good laugh on this one......When it said Loren Cohan (Maggie) visited the maze at Universal's Horror Nights, I wanted to give you all a
visual so I went looking to find a picture of the maze....could not find any so I kept looking for a maze.....What is a maze?....Its something outside they do with
cutting cornstalks to get you lost....so I figured there would be some sort of ariel view......but then I thought where the heck would Universal have enough room to
put up corn stalks to create a maze. Yup!! I kept searching & you know what they say>>>>>>you learning something new everyday. Maze is what they call the
sets which they set up around a movie theme that is filled with actors playing the roles and scarring you. So as you walk through this set....they call it a "MAZE"
Personal Note:
Lauren Cohan (Maggie) walking through "The Walking Dead" MAZE!
Its Coming...Season 7 of "The Walking Dead"  airs (around) Sunday, October 9, 2016 at 9pm. They're keeping that a secret too!
The number of pop ups has exploded because both  retailer
& landlord stand to benefit. The landlord makes revenue
from the property that would otherwise be unproductive.
Whether you want to transform yourself into a hideous
zombie or a leopard print sex kitten is more your style,
Halloween stores got all your
needs from costume to
makeup plus an array  of
decorations for any budget.
Well pop up stores for Halloween have popped up all over
the place & are stocked plum full of everything we are
looking for to make our upcoming Halloween bigger &
Thank You to "Spirit" trying out the idea several years ago
& it being highly successful, we can now pop into one of
their 1100 stores anywhere in the nation for whatever we
Plus there are many other stores that are adding
Halloween lines for the holiday. As the night approaches,
many stores operate extended hours to accommodate the
hordes. This stores open mostly in September.
In these stores we find a wide range of pre-packed
costumes, some stores offer a rental department for
costumes as well. Inventory can jumb to well over 10,000
some items. Some stores also carry a line of in house
made extravagant costume & they can cost as much as
$2000.00 to rent for the special night.
Some stores offer the services of a make-up artist available with all
their creativity. Simpler faces start at around $35.00 & can climb into
the $100.00's for a prosthetic & body painting.
The huge stock in these stores for Halloween means you're bound to
find something, whether you need an easy last minute costume for a
party or want to rent an elaborate ensemble such as a full set of
Accessories are equally comprehensive, the range of
masquerade masks from $3.00 types to fancy venetian
pieces is overwhelming. Get outfitted from head to toe.
Halloween pop up stores have exploded in the past few
years. Last year stores reached 1706 locations, a 305
increase over 4 years ago. Spirit says they grew 5% over
last year. But with storefronts asking more & more money
for temporary rents, we may see the numbers fall.
Not only are pop up stores opening earlier but they are
staying in business after the holiday to unload discounted
Booing Sales
Well....its official....all the big boys are claiming this Halloween 2015 Season will be filled with more
treats than tricks for retailers, in part because the holiday falls on a weekend. They think less people will
be handing out treats to the kiddos because more adults will be partying cause its a Saturday night.
Love Halloween? Well Netflix has a treat for you. They have compiled a list of
over 50 Halloween themed shows available to stream on Netflix. From 1984
episode of "Cheers" to season 4 "Pretty Little Liars" Halloween special.
This year 2016 features sets from:
The Walking Dead
Michael Myers Hell Comes to Haddonfield
The Exorcists
The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
2017 not available yet but coming in
Happy Halloween from the White House
A Step Back in History
President John F. Kennedy
with Caroline & John John
Fear the Walking Dead.....gonna be real interesting to see
how they pull this off  - That's what we said last year..............
2015 its making its 4th appearance!
Hershey Candy Company
Hershey is targeting net sales growth between 7%
- 9% and is planning to launch a variety of new
products to help sweeten its top performance
including the debut of Kit Kat White Minis &
Hershey Caramel. I absolutely love the white
chocolate Kit Kats.
The Movies
The new movie to look out  for in the fall of 2018 is............
2015 News From: Selling Halloween.....the Ultimate Halloween Source
Thought the blood bath in Blade was far too
cool. Now for the cost of a plane ticket to
Amsterdam you can experience that
pleasure first hand.
Its the worlds first "Blood Rave" ever. Created in
effort to simulate the opening scene from the
1998 action thriller...Blade. This is a no frills affair
which will douse attendees with about 5000 liters
of blood, equal to over 1300 gallons.
They are arguing over who is gonna play the
music. Still the organizers are remaining
anonymous. But here is what they said,"After a
long search we have developed a special
sprinkler system with pipes running across the
ceiling & thus making us able to spray blood
over the crowd. We've already tested it a number
of times, a substance resembling blood.
In reference to using real blood, "It is pushing the borders, but we wanna see how far we can go".
Worlds First (2015) Blade Inspired Blood Party to Open on Halloween in Amsterdam
Scheduled for at least 12 Shows
Okay so do we see a Season 8 in the schedules of The Walking Dead?>>>>>>>>>>>>Yes we do
Starting to add 2018 news as it comes in.
2016 News
New Details Revealed on Upcoming "The
Walking Dead" attraction at Universal Studios
The new Walking Dead attraction will be the latest to be incorporated
into a whooping 75% of new territory that has taken over the park in the
last five years. Insane!
Thanks to the popular demand of AMC's series The Walking Dead,
Universal Studios Hollywood has announced that the television series
will come to life as a permanent immersive walk through attraction.
Up until now, it only comes back as a wildly popular maze in
Halloween Horror Nights.
It has been described in press notes that The Walking Dead attraction
is way more intense than its Halloween iteration. In fact, the park
promises that the stomach churning walk through experience will boast
"authentic walker makeup effects, sophisticated animatronic walkers,
substantially more detailed set design and costuming and highly
recognizable props replicated from the series in partnership with
producer, director and all out effects genius Greg Nicotero.
September 16th through October 31st.
A toddler dressed like the Pope & pushed along in a
popemobile got the top prize at President Barack Obama's
White House Halloween. Upon seeing the costume Obama
turned to the news media & declared "top prize".
New Photo's - 2016 Entry
The boy was among 100's of schoolchildren & children of
military families who came trick or treating at the White House
dressed as cape crusaders, furry creatures & princesses &
other figures. At least one girl dressed as the first lady. The
south lawn was turned into an enchanted forest.
Obama and his wife dressed as themselves & handed out
White House Halloween cookies & M&M's, fruit barskettle
corn, candies & baseball cards featuring their dogs Bo &
President Obama gets a real kick out of little
guy dressed at the Pope!
2016 Entry
All 6 seasons packed into one terrifying maze. The blood thirsty hordes of AMC's The Walking Dead return
to Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights in a whole new way. For this years maze we're taking fan
favorite moments & iconic Walkers from all 6 seasons & packing them into one terrifying maze.
The Walking Dead mazes we have created these past 4 years had guests screaming with terror as they
found themselves in the most iconic terrifying scenes from the show.
This year you'll struggle to escape from Hershel's barn, get reaquainted with the Governor's macabre
Walker collection, race throughTerminus and end up in the sewers of Alexandria. We're pulling all of the
creepiest environments from the past mazes - like the horde of walkers in the forest during a lightening
storm, which always has guests running and screaming.
Lastly we tackle the past season, which upped the ante for all survivors. You'll enter Alexandria from the
nasty sewers and find yourself in the middle of the chaotic battle against the ferocious wolves. And...don't
be surprised if the sounds of whistling saviors follow you into the night.
The Walking Dead
Hell Comes to Haddonfield
Michael Myers returns to Halloween Horror Nights
The original Halloween maze we created for Halloween Horror Nights 24 was a massive success. For fans of the original
film, it was an opportunity to walk through the scenes of a revered horror film & be pursued by horror icon Michael Myers.
Just like the movies, we've been inspired to continue the story. You'll experience the final scene of the 2014 maze &
immediately walk in between the homes of Haddonfield. You'll be attacked by Myers the entire way before seeking
refuge within the hospital. We're recreating all the iconic events including Myers fiery end.
Growing up with the original Halloween, I always loved & appreciated that its sequel was simply titled, Halloween II. It
literally picked up the events within seconds from where the previous ended. I found this so cool. What I thought was the
end was merely the 1st half of a horrific story.
The sequel continued Myer's terror on the town of Haddonfield. And instead of a sleepy neighborhood, we were placed
into the confines of Haddonfield Memorial Hospital. It's a cold stark setting but also just like the original, very familiar.
Hell indeed returned to Haddonfield. And Halloween Horror Nights.
The Exorcists Come to Halloween Horror Nights 1st Time Ever
The Exorcist
Haunting. Shocking. Indelible.
The film is a benchmark in so many ways. It was the 1st horror film to be nominated
for best picture. It helped lead the charge in a sequence of demonic child story lines.
And it has often been replicated in many horror films today, irrefutably placing it
among the kings of influential horror pop culture.
But translating the Exorcist presented us with many new tests & questions. One big question was, "How do you adapt a film
where most of the story takes place in a single bedroom?".
And now that influence has found its way to Universal Orlando's
Halloween Horror Nights in an all new horror maze. As with any horror
property we collaborate with, our job is to create an attraction that adapts
that property into a fully realized experience. That adaption is a creative
challenge in every case.
The answer we landed on was 1st to break down and assess all the visuals & moments from the film. Piece together every
moment within that bedroom & examine why it was intense, scary or even vile. What textures can we reconstruct differently,
sometimes in an incredible abstract way?
The famous "pea soup" scene for instance. What if we were surrounded in the materials of the wretch - covered bed? What
if those layers of mattress padding literally enveloped us? And lets be honest, traversing through a vomit covered bed is
pretty horrifying & disgusting by itself. Now add a possessed girl into the mix!
Just like this amazing film the maze needs to overcome you - even possess you (wink) - with its visuals, characters & environments.It needs to force you on its horrific quest for
this young girls very soul & spit you out the other side. This is our goal and we are besides ourselves with excitement at the opportunity to do so this year.
Due to the popularity of the Walking Dead series, Universal Studios has decided
to make it a permanent feature! Story at the bottom of this page.
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Leatherface  Invades Halloween Horror Nights in an All New Haunted Maze.
26th Season
The entire creative team of Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights has a library of films that
have permanently etched their initials in our collective psyche. Tobe Hooper's The Texas Chain
Saw Massacre is certainly one of those films and this year we're bringing the original 1974 classic
back to life in an all new haunted maze.
It's a film that if made today, it wouldn't compare to the original. Yes, todays version would be gorier
& with artistic camera moves & edits. But the 1974'2 original grit & journalistic style is what makes it
so terrifying; it's what makes if feel so real.
And I'd be willing to bet this film is the reason a chainsaw's iconic roar is frightening to so many people.
This film features very little gore, instead working on the psychological of this warped family. I'll never
forget watching it over at my buddy's house in middle school. Sally's ordeal of being captured by this
manical family is never more pungent than when the family's near dead, corpse like grandfather is
attempting to bash Sally in the head. The family's sheer joy at this sickening display was indelible.
But nothing can equate to the late great Gunner Hansen's portrayal of the killer, Leatherface. You can
see the maniac but also layers of innocence deep down, that this chain saw wielding murderer is a
product of his upbringing. Leatherface is a feral character with hints of sadness & humanity. Gunner
brought this to the role & no one has yet to duplicate his performance.
As creators of Halloween Horror Nights, we have the privilege of bringing to life many horror films. Every now & then, we are able to replicate one that forged the
reason horror has become such a factor in many of our lives. The original, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is undoubtedly on that short list.
Like all of you, the horror fan in me is looking forward to reliving this story & entering that dilapidated old farmhouse. The anticipation of coming face to face with a
horror legend & having my screams drowned by that saw blade is just as prevalent now as when I 1st witnessed this amazing horror film decades ago.
So lets see what everyone has to say: The wisdom of situating "The
Walking Dead" spinoff in a different place (Los Angeles) and time.(at the
very beginning of the apocalyptic outbreak) sounded like shroud move and
might still be. Yet the premiere for "Fear the Walking Dead", the eagerly
anticipated offshoot of AMC"s megahit, initially feels too mush like a snore,
narrowly following a single, not terribly interesting family & leaning heavily
on musical cues to stoke a sense of suspence. A second episode propels
the story forward, thanksfully, but for starters, anyway, its more a snack
than a feast.
Source: Variety
Source: Universal Orlando Halloween Horror Nights
Source: Huffington Post
Created by "Deads" comic book partriarch Robert Kirkman & Dave Erickson,
the new show can't help but be a hit given the built in demand & curiosity,
which affords the creative team the latitude to proceed at its own pace. That
said, the introduction ambles along too leisurely - dare one say zombie like?
- with a fair amount of fabricated tension but precious little That actually
quickens the pulse.
Here is the 1st Walker we see on Fear
of the Living Dead.
The opening is certainly a grabber, with a 19 year old junkie, Nick (Frank
Dillane), awakening to a sight that, while familiar to "Dead" heads, should be
enough to put any character that survives on a path to the straight & narrow.
The experience lands Nick in the hospital, leaving his mother, Madison (Kim
Dickens) & her boyfriend Travis (Cliff Curtis) at their wits end.
Even Nick isn't entirely sure what to believe, although evidence gradually
begins to mount that something is very,very wrong including a disturbing
encounter caught on video by the local news. That said, through the pilot "Fear"
is more concerned with the micro - and indeed this single family, including
Madison's daughter Alicia (Alycia Debnam Carey) - than the macro, as if an
episode of "Parenthood" suddenly had to deal with the zombie apocalypse.
Are they related?
Wasn't this an interesting never seen before curve for a show. Showing bits & pieces of footage over 6
weeks time almost in commercial format. Then in the last episodes of the 1st season once again the
plane appears now within the show. So very cool!
A second episode,fortunately, improves matters considerably, mostly in charting
how the uncertainty of whats happening begins to break down society, from civil
unrest to rampant fear of the unknown. This hour points in a more promising
direction, Although as yet the characters still seem a little malnourished,
particularly compared with the original, which niftily wedded a horror motif to an
ongoing, evolving soap opera where no one is completely safe (ok maybe just a
few key people).
Granted, the obvious goal was to see these extraordinary events unfold through
ordinary people, but Dickens & Curtis, both fine actors,are left to dine on a to thin gruel.
Strictly in pragmatic terms, AMC was savvy about scheduling the show, launching it
in a relatively dead window that will only help pound the drums for the mothers
ship's annual landing in October. In success this second series - already renewed
for another season has plenty of room to grow without intruding on that other
universe, while offering the opportunity to strategically help fill the gaps in the
originals lengthy hiatuses.
Because Walking Dead is such a juggernaut, AMC can easily ride those coattails, at
least for awhile. Yet when it comes to the long term future of this new program, the
network might discover that the only thing it has to fear is, ultimately "Fear" itself.
Source: Variety
Second season of Fear the Walking Dead will present 8 episodes & returns to TV August 21, 2016 & runs till
October 9, 2016 when the regular Walking Dead Show will return.
The Walking Dead News
Fear the Walking Dead News
Michael Myers