Halloween Projects
Here we will try to keep you posted of what is being built toward the festivities each year.
We are still throwing names around for
this whole ongoing project but I believe it
will be something to do with the name
"Collins". That is my maiden name and
also the name of the family candy

I was tortured as a child in grade school
back when "Dark Shadows" soap opera
was on tv. I was one of 8 Irish children
that attended an all Polish school full of
names ending in "ski".

All of us ran home everyday to watch the
Collins Family of Vampires bite their way
through several seasons. Needless to say
being from the original Collins Family that
a tv show was made of did not makes
things very easy.
April 2007 We Got a Name!
Our Haunt here at Collinwood 841 cannot be too scary as we have
more little Trick or Treators than older ones and when you have
over 100 little ones for Halloween....the little kids rule! Last year
we had 176 of them bring along their parents for a total of 250.
The 2007 season brought way over 200 folks, we were so busy we
lost count and the 2008 season brought over 300.  2012 brought
over 1000 guests when the full page newspaper article came out
on us. In 2013 we entertained over 600 people. We also made a
full page ad in the local Lexington newspaper.  They came out &
took photos & interviewed us for the article. We are fortunate to
be able to find some joy in the celebration of Halloween as people
are so afraid to come near this place most of the time! We look
forward to a really high volume season for 2014 as Halloween falls
on a Friday.
Come Build Projects With Me!
Halloween Projects
Each year I try to add more to my decorations and now being back home with this large
property again, I have plenty of room to build things so locals can enjoy our celebration
and perhaps I can be the generations that changes the towns minds about our family &
its horrific past.
Our plan for 2018 is to continue building a larger more elaborate cemetery. This will
also work into the 2017 season. I made copies of all the instructions and we're grateful
that so many of you have shared your wonderful projects They are truly inspiring.
The plan for 2018 is to replace all of the wooden tombstones with larger more
elaborate styrofoam stones. A mausoleum is in the works & hopefully an old
fashioned funeral carriage.
Well we are really not sure what to expect for the 2015 season. I'm sure just
handing out candy and not opening the rest of the haunt 2014 will surely show in
the numbers. It will be a Saturday night this year so we'll see what it brings.
People usually just start watching us working on the yard
Getting Ready for 2017
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