Welcome to the Tribute to the Walking Dead Series
Greetings to all my Happy Haunters! Well its that time of year again and we at Collinwood 841 are getting ready.
We're looking forward to updating the site and adding new things. Prop building has started for the new season and
boy are we excited!
Usually I take pictures as we work on projects and such...but for this season I will keep a diary that will only be
revealed after the holiday....that way we can surprise you good! It will be a photo journal of what went into building
this years display. Much work ahead of us.
This is going to be a unique year for us, as most of you that come yearly know that our theme stays the same and we
just add more things every year. This year is different because we are doing an entirely different theme. ( this will be
I have good news.......I finally found out what happened with my camera. Everyone was disappointed last season
cause we did not shoot the family photos I usually post. It was the batteries, even tho I charged them on the charger
thing they were completely shot, so I got 2 new sets of batteries. Ready to take those photos!
OMG! The Zombies are Coming!
Dress Like a Zombie!
Hey lets party hardy this year! Join in the fun
and dress your whole family like zombies. It
will be the year of the Zombie pictures, I will
post them in picturetrail where you can find
our Halloween photos.
Be surrounded by the musical score of our favorite show.
Announcement of the Theme for 2020..The Walking Dead
This is how we announced that 2016 would be The Walking Dead
Tribute. I really did not want to say anything as the families came
through the house Halloween 2015, I figured they would be more
surprised if they walked out the back door and there on the garage was
the announcement ( picture to the left here).

I did let it slip to some families that we were doing the Walking Dead for
next season..believe me folks I had no idea that I was gonna get that kind
of reaction. People got so excited! Some even started jumping up and
down! Yeah!
After that happened I just started telling everyone that came through.
The more people I told the more excited I got. We sure hope we can
live up to everyone's expectations. Lots of things to make!!
Not Coming as a Zombie?
If you are not dressing as a Zombie you better take advice from Rick & Carl here and
come with Zombie guts slathered all over you so you can inter-mingle with the Walkers.
If you're not a Zombie or covered in Guts>>>>YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN!
Stop by the Collinwood Cemetery
and pay your respects to those of
the cast that have moved on.
Have been buying things for The Walking Dead
theme since all last year. Something every month.
Now I'm starting to worry about where everything
got put.
Honestly, embarresed to admit this, the halloween
decorations from 2015 are still up in the dining
room....I got sick and we just never got them
down. The garage is still scary cause most of the
decorations out there are not really packed
away....they are just kind of sitting there! Oh man
its gonna be a lot of work. I think its 100 degrees
in the garage right now.
July 7, 2016
July 8, 2016
Sat down today and worked on the project page.
Dividing each set and what will need to be built
for it.
July 10, 2016
Started the journal today that will be revealed
after Halloween........about everything we had to
do and build for this theme.
July 9, 2016
Going through the lineups of music  that are
being made for Halloween night.........want you
to feel like you are on the Walking Dead sets.
July  2016
Had started working on the music and video before
my operation date. Finally got it done and organized
and sent off to my cousin who is working on it.
July 1, 2016
So there are few things that have me very worried
due to starting at this late date. I need those fish
tanks and have had no luck finding any cheap used
So here is some advice directly from me.......if you
don't want to have a heart attack, don't walk into
Walmart and buy 10  - 10 gal fish tanks all at once.
I think my knees got weak at the register. Joe is
gonna kill me.

Don't know whats worse, buying these all at once
instead of trying to find used ones and worrying
myself to death over not finding them....OR what if
they are used and I put water in them the night
before Halloween only to find they LEAK!! or
telling Joe ......"I bought 10 - 10 gal. fish tanks and
we have no fish ...they are for heads!"
More to Follow on how this went!
Big Lots had 20% off today for Rewards card
members so I went and got some more of the
lighting I needed.
Talked to Joe today and discussed getting a
game plan in shape.  Gotta clean the garage and
get all the Walking Dead stuff found and
Well a few weeks ago I bought all the marigolds to plant in front of
the house like we do for Halloween every year. Thing is Jerry put them
all in and 2 days later decided to spray  the weed killer. Yup...for sure
he killed every one. He kept watering them and I said ..."Jerry why are
you watering those dead plants?" He replied>>."Cause maybe they
will come back."..... "Jerry they look like they were in a nuclear blast!'
Burned to a crisp>>>no life in them there stems at all!"
Not a lot of marigolds around now but yesterday we went past the
farm store in Thomasville and she had some flats out in front. I
bought one and so this morning he planted them. I hid his weed killer.
Now mostly everything is planted for Halloween, pumpkins, corn,
gourds and sunflowers. We'll see what comes up!
Spent the day today trying to find some male
torsos to buy for Machonne's 2 zombies....its the
last thing needed to start work on her. Problem is
all the flee markets around here sell them but its
the female torso. Think they would look pretty
funny....if ya know what I mean!!
July 11, 2016
Worked on the website today because my
feet were not working but the guys are
gonna help me tomorrow and we're going to
start getting the house organized first.
Worked on The Walking Dead Tribute page,
trying to sort those pictures out by seasons
of the show, also added cast mate lists &
nominations for awards by season. Got 2
seasons done and 4 more to go.
Added some photo's to the project page &
wrote some text and made some decisions
on sets.
Added the 2016 inside house page but
gotta set up the links, then when
Halloween is over I just have to add the
pictures. Also worked on outside page.
Added some info in the Halloween News page,
will add things as they start coming in
I had started the journal writing on the
projects page but then decided to shift it over
to the "Whats Happening" page, so its on 2
pages, just to much writing on that projects
page to retype on the other page.
News has leaked out that we are gonna try & pull off a Tribute to the Walking Dead for the past 2 Halloween seasons! Today 5 FBI agents
showed up at my door, threatening me, because I now had possible knowledge of when Season 8 will start! They left after a few minutes but
told me, they ARE going to keep an eye on me. I noticed their cars license plate read 666 AMC.
Bravo to the writers & production crew of The Walking Dead!
It's pretty tough to keep you on edge after 6 seasons and from the
way things are going I would say they still have IT!
August 6 & 7, 2016
July 15, 2016
Working on Halloween News &
Walking Dead info on web
Lots of Walking Dead News in the Halloween News Section
Well we had a brief meeting today about the
guard tower again. Its a rather large piece to
build. It started out being located in the back
of the yard but that would make building it
from the ground up....to much work, to many
So after much thought about this project I came
up with a plan of building it on the upper deck
behind the house, this way it would be much
easier to build....but you still would not have the
effect of it being built so that its high in the air.
Yes putting it on the deck was a good plan
but wait.....another few days of thought & I
came up with this....we have a big 2 story
shed house out back, it has a deck on it that
is not covered by a roof. This would give the
guard shack the height it needed. So talks
are in motion how to build it up there.
August 8, 2016
I shopped. I'm still not sure what is going
to get done this season or what is gonna get
put up. None of the building that was
suppose to start in Feb. got done and then I
got diagnosed with cancer and that was the
end of any plans.
Still do not know if we'll be able to do this.
Problem is I just can't seem to get better. So
the work is just sitting. It's now about 82 days
till halloween and I'm not sure what we will be
able to get done....I can still barely walk and
can't use my hands at all most times.
And now on to the shopping! Even tho only the
Walking Dead stuff was gonna go up this year I
believe that we will have to fill in with some of
our other stuff. So I bought a talking gypsy, a
large sign to go along with her and a book that
has a walking feather in it.
I also ordered a set of Walking Dead lights, 2
more of the big spot lights, a light for one of the
fish tanks, the 2 torso's for Michonnes zombies
and a zombie scene setter.
From Ebay I bought a Scream TV gypsy DVD.
Bought a air pump from Walmart for the tanks.
Last 2  weeks I picked up some lanturns and more lights and spot lights.
August 10, 2016
Completed the 15 most spookiness movies for
Halloween News 2   click here
August 10, 2016
New Recipe
New News
August 10, 2016
New Page
August 10, 2016
Up-Dated News
August 10, 2016
Journal Up-Date
August 10, 2016
August 10, 2016
New Page Alert
Added a new page about The
Talking Dead's host Chris Hartwick
Well some things were delivered today, the spotlights got here, the
Walking Dead string lights and the piece for the fish tank along with
a zombie scene setter.
Linked up individual pages to
the indoor picture page, now
we have to design them & then
the photo's from 2016 will be
ready to go in.
How many of these cast members can you name?
Scroll down for more
Bad news on the Walking Dead Tribute we have been trying to pull off here at Collinwood  841 for the last few years. Due to a horrific amount of health problems
between the three of us nothing and I mean nothing has gotten done. For the Tribute we needed to build all the props for every scene as nothing really could be used from
the yearly halloween decorations. I been buying stuff to build this thing for 4 years now and the amount of things we have to pull this together is crazy, but between
operations and recovery times it has just been impossible to have strenght to do anything at all. Every year I have hopes that I may be strong enough to build the sets and
props but as I become more and more crippled its just not happening. So again this year 2019 we're going to decorate the best we can and offer you "The Collinwood
Haunted Museum". Hope you enjoy!
New Scheduled For 2020