July 2009 Meet
at Dave in the Grave's
We had a great meet at Dave in the Grave's joint, actually I think there was props in
every room we went in! This guy had quite a display of things for us to look at plus
we got to see his haunt pictures on the computer. We had a great time with his family
& thank Tracy for being such a gracious hostess. It was also fun to hear how Dave's
kids are becoming a part of the Haunt.
We entered through the garage here and had to pause a moment cause this
is where he stores a lot of his stuff & boy was there a lot to see.
Here is one of his tombstones that pops open.
These are the flickering lights that go on top of his cemetery pillars.
Next we moved to the "Show & Tell" room. Dave had set up a
table & chairs for everyone to show their props they brought.
Here's Becky
Here's Nancy
Here's Dave's PVC Candles
Here's Spookineer demonstrating how
to put a tea light inside a lanturn
Here's is the Ouija Board Dave's daughter uses for her Gypsy table. Dave built a frame
for the board & put in a magnet so the piece on top moves around by itself.
Chow Time!! We had delicious
sandwiches, chili, chips n dip,
cookies, candy & donuts!
Spookineer showing the pumpkin
he made with the eyes that follow
This was such a cute piece. Jim & Becky made it, its a little skeleton with wings
who has his feet in the air like he is trying to push his way out of the jar when the
cover is on. It has a rock & moss in the bottom.
Jim & Becky also brought this tombstone
they made, there is a little dog carved on
top of the stone & then it opens & the
skeleton pops out.
Dave also stays in the spirit at Christmas!
Jim a victim in
Dave's Electric
Chair! Dave lets
his tot's sit in
the chair to take
pictures, while
they are in it, he
flips on the
vibrating switch!