This is a little update that Kathy Cartwright forgot to add to what she has been doing the last 50 years. I just wanted to help her remember what she has been doing the last 16
years, the amount of time I have been with & married to Joe Sexton. It should be mentioned here that this has been going on for sometime because she was seeing him when he
was married to his wife before me and she was also around for the wife before that when his parents ran her off.
She just can't stop making problems in all his marriages and he is also guilty because he just keeps going back for more, no matter how much trouble she causes him. I
want to warn all the women of this class if you are a classmate or married to a classmate to beware of her. If she is after your man she can be a real sneak.

Most of you women will understand the kind of gal she is. You know those women that just have to have these men in their life and be able to control them whenever
they call them to come. I called Joe her "beck and call guy". She had to prove to herself that she could lure him away from me to see her whenever she wanted, which
made her feel very superior and showed me how he really felt about her and his lack of caring about me.
No matter what, the two of them continued on for the 16 years I have been in his life and he continued to just sneak around with her. I knew about him seeing her with his
other wives because he told me about it himself. I knew about her in our life because she is the kind of woman that just never goes away. I forgave him countless times
when I stumbled onto their contact info of where they would meet to talk and still he could not give her up.
They have an obsession with each other so I told Joe dozens of times over the years ...let's split up and you go do what you want to with
her. He would not take my advice. Although when I 1st moved to North Carolina to be with him he made it quite evident and showed his true
feelings about her. Instead of leaving and going back home right away I choose to stay and buy the story he was telling about her & him
being great friends and their need to stay in touch with each other.
So that brings us to where we are right now. I am finally leaving Joe Sexton because now that Kathy has moved back here to North Carolina she
seems to think she has the right to him and to address me herself. I kept telling Joe she would probably be at the reunion and he kept saying oh no
she is still in Florida, ( he always knows where she is) so he went to the hot dog bbq on Friday night and when he came home, after a couple of
hours he told me she was there. I went to the reunion with him on Saturday night only because I was afraid that her being there that he would not
come home.
Ya see 4 years ago he told her to leave him alone and that he did not want to ever speak to her again because the 2 of them were breaking our
marriage up. He did go over to talk to her at the party and asked me if I wanted to meet her. I was not interested after all the trouble she made in
our marriage. Still as I was talking to the lady sitting next to me I caught Kathy taking my picture. Why did she want a picture of me? The sensible
thing would have been to walk up to me and say whatever she was gonna say, but she didn't.
Little did I know of their involvement and how deep their feelings ran for each other. All these years he has repeatedly try to convince me they were just
friends and visit with each other....but that is not true according to her and our recent conversations about their relationship. Just after they saw each other
at the reunion she decided to write me a letter, a woman I have never met and do not know at all. When her letter came I was so sick by then due to the
fact that I knew with her moving back to NC, this was just gonna be the start of things and she started her nonsense right away losing no time.
When I first got here he told me she was having problems in her marriage in Florida, I suppose that's why she got divorced. Recently he told
me that her husband was running around on her, wonder if he knew anything about her relationship with Joe. Anyway when I called her in
less than 5 minutes she told me the horrible things Joe had told her about me, I was only here a few months and he was telling her terrible
things about me. She also said that she wondered why he was chasing her with being married to me. Great stuff to tell a wife.
From the time her letter came till I opened it, for that whole week he was throwing me out of the house, he was mean and arrogant and said this
was his house. I asked him are you gonna give me the money I have in this house, the money from my family...he said no. I could see the writing
on the wall., what was about to happen. At this point I was not even sure if they had this all planned ahead of time or what they were up too.
We were on the phone for a long I am telling her what Joe is doing to me over here and all she wanted to talk about was her
brother that had died and her mothers case of dementia. I don't even know this woman at all but for some reason she was under the
impression that we were gonna be friends and mentioned in  her letter about calling her. Is she mentally retarded? How can you be that
insensitive to someone?
Her and Joe have finally broke up our marriage. There are no more chances, there is no more forgiveness. All the time he told me she
was his friend only and then she told me he asked her to marry him twice. And then on the second phone call she admitted how much she
loved him.Their talks about family were really about how no good I am and how mean I am. He also talked to her about sexual stuff about
our marriage, he told me that himself. Why couldn't he tell me all this before I sold my properties and house in Chicago.
The way he talked about me to her is the same way he talked to me about the wife before me. And where do we stand now. Once again he
has settled for me. He kept hollering she don't want me, she don't want me. These words from my husband after 16 years.... so now he is
furious at her for the letter she sent and what she had to say on the phone. He expects me to just forget everything and pick up where we
left off. Truthfully they are both idiots and belong together, a true match made in heaven.
In the last 24 months Joe had severe lung cancer and thyroid problems, his cancer was stage 3. He came so close to's just a
miracle he made it through all of this. Our life had been about living at the hospital. I spent years accompanying him to the Va hospital and
staying overnight with him when he was in the hospital. Earlier this year I thought for sure he was gonna die on me. Since I have been so
bad these last 3-4 years with my health my ex-husband had been taking care of Joe, taking him to all his appointments and caring for him.
In the last 24 months I had cancer in two different places and they cut it out. So we've been pretty sick here. His family never offered to help
not even in a supportive way.
I highly suspect he thought she had written to me to tell me she loved him. I was sure that was what I was gonna read. But instead she apologized
for causing me so much pain. She explained how relived she was and happy that Joe was going to be talking to her again after the last four years
because he talked to her at the BBQ.She also had to let me know how lost she was without him in her life (her exact words) when he told her to
stay away from him . Lovely stuff to say to someones wife.
It took me a week to open her letter, talk about a lot of nerve, He got so violent because I would not let him read her letter and he was threatening
me so I picked up the phone and called her. I told her what he was doing to me and said to her...he is in denial about you, he loves you Kathy he
always has. Ya see our trouble started when I 1st came here 16 years ago. That was when she could not stay away from him and they were
pretty active he told me for 5 years. I knew I should have gone home, I was not here for even a month when he and her were carrying on, and it
just kept going on.
All these years he has repeatedly try to convince me they were just friends and visit each other....but that is not true according to her. When
her letter came I was so sick by then due to the fact that I knew with her moving back to NC, this was just gonna be the start of things. The
way he was acting and what she said in the letter and on the phone, it appeared they were both pushing me out. The icing on the cake was
when she told me that she knew he was lying about me. She doesn't know me at all and he is such a liar. She ended her conversation about
him saying he was an asshole and she never loved him or had sex or kissed him or anything (they dated!).Let me tell you listening to all this
was enough for me.
When I first came here to be with Joe I was here for 3 weeks. My birthday on Dec 19th was right around the corner when he told me about Kathy being his best friend.
She had been contacting him and he told her about me. She was planning a trip home here to visit her family and had told him she was going to come over to our place
to meet me and see Joe. He was way to excited about this visit with her and I was worried. It was easy to figure out that he had a thing for her and I seriously thought
about going back home. But I stayed and there we sat for 3 days, she never showed up, she never called and my first birthday in my relationship with this new man was
spent waiting on some woman he was all excited about.
That was the beginning of many problems with him and this woman. In the first few months he just kept bringing her up. More and more got revealed of his feelings for
her and then he finely admitted he had been in touch with her all the time I was there. Still he kept saying they were friends. This went on for 5 years without me
knowing they were in touch with each other and he kept it from me until he admitted all this. By now we were married and had bought a home. I owned a house in
Chicago and quite a few properties in western Nebraska. On two trips I moved everything here from both places and was getting ready to sell all these properties. By
now I was starting to realize that Joe loved her, they were far more than friends. He just could not move on and get over her and still I told him to just go but he would
not.This was after the 5 year period. Then they continued on another 11 years.
Then came a real shock, two days after the reunion she sent me a letter addressed to me to our house. I'm gonna mention this here. I have been sick for
some time, actually the last 12 years. I have diabetes and am allergic to insulin but I have to take it so what its doing is crippling me. Because I can't take
pain medications I just live with the unbearable pain from the neuropathy. Main thing is for me not to get stressed at all or it keeps the condition flared up
and the pain is far worse. So seeing her back here started the ball rolling with me starting to worry...AGAIN. Joe started to change the very minute her
letter to me arrived.
He brought the letter to me and said you have to open this right now but I was not ready to do that and of course I thought>>>Here we go!
What I have found out in all of this is that Joe just tells people what he wants them to know. He has done it with me and he has done it with
her. He never told Kathy how sick I have been, and she better watch out because I asked him, did you tell her you have herpes from Vietnam.
Imagine my surprise when he said no.
Well the arguing is still going on and in the last three weeks it has been fully explained to me. For sure I can say that if Kathy would not
have sent the letter and would not have said what she did on the phone there is not one doubt that he would be over there with her right
now. He has let it all out, his feelings for her. She made a huge mistake with everything she had to say because when he was telling her I
was no good he never thought she would be telling me that. He is so angry now that he is impossible to live with. He is so disappointed in
her and I am paying for it. It's shocking to me that with him being this angry at her that he just expects me to forgive him and we'll carry on
in our marriage. It will never happen. What really makes me sad is that it's Christmas and both of us are ok for now healthwise and instead
of being happy in our life together we are still fighting over this women 16 years later. I'm convinced she will never go away.
Well there has been another phone call to her. I tried to get her to talk to him because he is not going to talk to me. When I
phoned her I said, "This is Debbie Sexton but she just kept saying , "Well Debbie called here", she said it three times and
the third time she called me Jan before I informed her who I was. So she is talking to Joe's sister Jan, they are also friends.
She said to me, "I thought you were gone by now!!". This woman really has the nerve. Sixteen years of marriage and I'm gonna
move out overnight. She knows none of our business or what I have invested in this house. She only knows what Joe wanted her
to know. I asked her to talk to Joe because she seems to be the only person he will talk to yet he refused talking to her this
time.He said he would not talk to her. She wanted to tell him some things. I asked her if she could tell me and I would relay but
she said no. BUT!!! she said she would talk to my ex-husband and he could tell Joe. What the hell.
She also told me to tell Joe her ex came in from Florida and while he was here they got re-married so she is no longer
available. Yeah tell me to tell my husband that..... like I don't even exist.
Joe went to stay at his Dad's house, he stays there 3 days a week to care for him. So I called his Dad to see if he could
help me talk to Joe and he informed me that I was not ever again allowed in his house and he does not want to talk to me.
I asked him why and he said, "Are you nuts? You make up a story about my son and Kathy Williams that is not true and
you think I'm gonna talk to you! You're insane. So what I found out is that Joe told me he told his Dad the whole story
from start to finish. AAhhh yes....Joe has done nothing but tell one lie after another about this woman and after Kathy sent
me the letter more and more of the truth came out until they both admitted to things. So now to uphold her image Joe lied
to his Dad about me and he won't allow me on his property so there is no way to tell the truth about what Joe has been
doing with her the last 16 years.
He has lied to his Dad to make himself look good and not have his family think he was misbehaving in any way,
so he told his Dad his own version of what really happened and he told him I made a story up about him and
Kathy. So once again I'm made a fool out of.