March 2009 Meet
Muffy is Irish...this meet had to be at her house!
This was a demonstration of cutting styrofoam & stenciling the letters on tombstones
Different tools were show both for doing the stenciling & showing of different tools for cutting.
Now this is how a serious haunter should look when working on a project.
These are some of Dave in the Graves stones
This is Haunted Neurons toy for stenciling his
tombstones. Its a projector. I went & got one
at Michaels & I like working with it.
This is Haunted Neurons rat, this thing was
something else. he moves his head back &
forth, he talks, and he SPITS water at you,
way up in the air...absolutely hysterical!
<<<<This is the control box for the rat.
This is Jim & Becky's Shiatsu Elvis, he was also hysterical.
Mr. & Mrs. Spookineer
The Gang!
Chow Time!!! Ring the Gong!
We BBQ'd Hamburgers, Hot Dogs & Italian Sausage, had some Tator Salad & good Beans
The house of pickles & sauces>>>thats us!

We should have been eatin' a corn beef
dinner...St. Patricks Day was just around
the corner!