May 2009 Meet
Here is Jim & Becky, Dave in the Grave, Haunted Neuron, (Ron Thurmond),
Lengend of the Wood, (Ken), Froggy Fathom, (Tim), & Spookineer, (DJ).
Dave in the Grave shows us his peeking
skeleton tombstone. This was also the 1st
project of the online prop building group
in Halloween Forum where he played
instructor in teaching on to make one of
Spookineer's in Pleasant Garden, NC
She's a Beauty...Ain't She?
The World of Spookineer
Spookineer is a adventurous traveller on Craigs List, he comes across all kinds of stuff & even
emails me when he finds something good to go & get! He got real lucky finding this buggy!
Here he shows the group how to work with a web shooter!
Here he shows us on to use an air sprayer.
Here he shows us his animatronic pumpkin head, he did the
inards & Miss Lauriebeast did the geart work on the face.
Froggy Fathom.........the Pirate!
This was Tim's 1st get together
with us & we sure enjoyed him. He
has a pretty big haunt & builds his
props to go along with his pirate
theme. we're glad he joined the

Here he shows us corsified Buckies,
how to make a chandelier using
things around the house & his
spider web victim & spider egg
Here is Jim with his Monster & Legend of the Wood shows us his peppers ghost
Being from Chi-town (Chicago) believe me I know my hot dogs, this was some pretty
good chow, so good I took 2 home for later! We had chili, & fixin' & a bunch of sweet
things to finish it off! Thank You to Mr. & Mrs. Spookineer for their hospitality.
Boy was this an extra treat. I was kidding
Jim last time I saw him about playing the
guitar. I thought he was fooling me. Man
when that guy picks its serious business. Just
how many songs can one person remember. I
guess alot... Eric Clapton has 375 songs on

This was a terrific evening after our meet was
over with prop talk. Dj also plays guitar &
banjo so they got a thing goin & I could have
stayed there all night listening to them!

What a great way to end a fun day!
Ok this is the mystery picture...the lost lamb...I have no idea who's hands those are & who this is or
what he is showing. All suggestions would be welcome or the owner could claim this photo!
I'll be waitin' for an answer.