Muffy's Metamorphasis
Muffy's Metamorphasis
Welcome to My Halloween Tactic's!
This is the web site of Mistress Muffy, a direct descendant of
Barnabus Collins, a family with a past of long held secrets and
dark days. Although her name is really Deborah Collins, she
prefers to go by her nickname Mistress Muffy. Years ago to the
notoriety of the notorious Collins Family and the publicity
after the fire, a TV show was created by a man called Dan
Curtis who found a great interest in this mysterious families
history. The show was called "Dark Shadows".

The Mistress resides on the property where the Collins mansion
once stood many years ago before the fire. Most of the family
was gone by that time, although they do still make frequent
visits to the Mistress. They are the people of the night!

The Mistress still runs the family business "Collins Chocolates".
She continues to carry on in the tradition of her ancestors
making fine chocolates that European Royalty ate through the
centuries. She has now moved the family business back to
where its roots originated in this country. When the Collins
Family moved to this country in the mid 1600's a fishing
business was started by Issac Collins. In the fire everything was
lost, so a new house was built and much of the land was sold
off with the exception of Collinwood Forest, a dark and
gloomy piece of land that runs for miles surrounding the house
with its vast cliffs that run along the edge of the land known s
Widow's Hill.Collinwood is inhabitated by something terrible,
something with other worldly powers. Vengeance roars in the

Some very questionable things have taken place in the last 50
years, mainly around Hallow's Eve. Along the very unusual
stories local folk tell, some have been more unfortunate in not
being able to tell their tale.

The house has been cared for by a group of caretakers who's
families have worked for the Collins Family for centuries. The
relatives of these caretakers came from Europe with the Collins
Family back in the early 1700's.
People have been told not to trespass on the property but have
paid no attention to the warnings.....those are the ones who
have never been seen again. There is a string of unsolved cases
that seem to always occur during the Halloween season. After
years of closing and re-opening these cases, the local Sheriff's
office fears what this Hallow's Eve may bring.

Once again locals are asked to stay clear of the heavy forest
and not trespass on this very mysterious & dangerous piece of

What lurks in that forest? A place of strange howling sounds,
even during the bright of day. Even the Mistress never strays
far from the grounds of the main house, for she too is not sure
what creeps beyond.
The Mistress who is a gourmet candymaker works in a large
house burned. That is where "Collins Chocolates" is now being
built. For many years the Mistress had left her native homeland,
she was gone for over 30 years trying to leave the horrid Collins
history behind her, but somehow this eerie piece of land and its
Collins Family history always calls you back. Faith always pulls
you back here again and again, and she is tired of argueing with

The new house was completed 2 years ago and now with a lot of
the property sold off, there is a residential area right in the
middle of this very unsafe place. New housing sub divisions go
up all the time.....who of its new residents look into the local
history. No one seemed worried until an 8 year old little girl
disappeared in the forest on a dare by her friends only to never
be seen again. Not a trace of her.......nothing. Another unsolved
case. More have followed, more missing children completely
It is well known that the Collins Mansion, with its dark history
cast a shadow across all the lives of the towns inhabitants. The
Mansion was the base of everything that had happened in the
history of this bleak area. Now Hallow's Eve approaches again
and we see what will happen.

Mistress Muffy does not want to alarm any of the locals so as
the nature of the Collins Family to keep family secrets hidden
well, still it makes for a constant worriesome mind that even
with the new house being built, she had hoped that all the
darkness from the old house blew up in the flames and would
forever be banished. That I am afraid is not the case.

After the new house was built things started to happen. At first it
was just the noises in the middle of the night. Then things
started getting moved from place to place which eventually led
into them disappearing all together. The noises at night have
became louder and now the Mistress, not admitting to a single
soul, that the house is taking on the characteristics of the old
house, the very house she fled from more than 30 years ago.

Doors close for no apparent reason at all when you turn your
back to them, and there are patches of cold air scattered thru
out the house in places where no draft could possibly reach.
There is some pounding on the walls after midnight. Cries of
children can sometimes be heard. Something makes the Collins
dogs go into barking frenzies when there appears to be nothing
there at all. At times the dogs run and just hide. The dogs will
also not venture beyond the yard into Collinwood Forest.
The old Doctor is in Collinwood for the annual Collins Family
Hallow's Eve Party. He is a very dear and old friend of the family
and the only person Mistress Muffy can confide in. He seems to
feel that the presence of a Collins Family member residing back
in the house may encourage it to manifest its mysterious qualities
more freely. His advice to Mistress Muffy is....."A closed mind is
the worst defense against the Supernatural."

So thats what we are understanding here...that whatever is here
resides here in whatever stands on this property. Its like the
house is possessed by the land, held captive by its mystery.

This will be the ongoing saga of Mistress Muffy's trials and
tribulations to live out the rest of her life in the house that is
taking on a life of its own. To continue to run the family business
of "Collins Chocolates" until it is ready to be turned over to
David's children. They will be the next generation to run the

Our story will be about what Mistress Muffy lives through in her
challenges to walk quietly through her reign in this evil and very
dark place and if she will survive.
Whatever Walks Here..Walks Alone!
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-  Recently a crystal ball has been found in
a local antique shop in Collinsport, it was
once owned by a resident gypsy named
Magda who lived on the Collinwood estate
in 1897. A lot of things are turning up so
this page will be updated with more of the
past history of the family & what the
future holds.
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