New Items
All the items for the gypsy tent were new, the King Tut collection was new (from 2012) that at the auction, also all the Dracula's Pub items on the table were new like the
silver platters & tea sets and the items to fill the dishes were mostly Dollar General hearts,
fingers, etc.....thank God for that cheap stuff!
Here is a voodoo mask I picked up at the auction for a buck.
Here is our new inflatable...the cat goes up & down
Got this great chair at a flea market for
$2.00...what a steal. Same place I got the organ!
Here is the new outdoor cat house we bought for
our kitties to play outside. We still have some
work to do getting it all set up.
2014 Items
2015 new items
2016 New Items
Will get new things photoed soon
Bought 2 of these they are really big
Hour Glass
Mirror w/ image inside
Baskerville Hounds
Face Jello Mold
Great w/ Strobe Light
New Tarot reading Gypsy
2017 Items
This is a real bat given to me by
this couple.
ACMoore had a special last week on
pedestals, I bought 6 of them for these new
busts for when I do the museum.
Home Depot Mummy
Grandin Road Mummies
5ft. wing span, he is going to the
taxidermist for a wing repair