Paper Candy Box Coffins
this pg. under construction
The Game plan is to try & complete 100 of these for our 2008 halloween
season & to hand one out to each famliy. Due to the labor intensiveness of
these I'm not sure I will be able to get them all done but I'm gonna try.
First you must bring up the "Raven's Blight " web site and go into the Toy
Store. As you scroll down the page you will find many cute paper projects. I had
found these sometime ago but kind of laid them aside because I never have time
for projects like these. I'm usually working on something BIGGER!!lol
Following is a series of pictures of some of the different coffins & this is how
they look when they come out of your printer. I ran out of an ink cartridge in
mine & I just kept printing which also produced some purple coffins! I like to
mention that these coffins are really "real" looking very nice details & color!
When printing these they come out in 3 sections & are set up where you can
also print 1 of the 3 pages if need be so they don't come out in a set.
Bottom of Coffin
Top of Coffin along with Cross & plaques to put on the
Coffin lid, those 2 black sections on the side there are
used in glueing the top parts together.
Of the 3 pgs. you get, pg. 2 is missing here & you will see
parts of it below, it has the material that goes inside
your coffin both for the lid and the inside.
I cut all the pieces out on all 3 sheets & then glue the bottom & top of the coffin
to poster board. I let it dry overnight & then cut the top & bottom again off the
poster board.
I'll be adding a few more pictures in this section....Next I turn the bottom & top
of the coffin that I just cut out over & glue the material sections inside. Now the
coffin is ready to be folded on its creases. Really the nac of this comes with doing
them one right after another cause as you go along you are going to get better at
assembling them. Creasing on those lines is very important.
I do all the folding & creasing on each end so when you start gluing every
section is ready to work. I found the easiest way is to glue the one side all at once
& hold it for a few seconds till it sticks good & then attempt the other side. With
the different styles of coffins here there are different ways of doing these. Ravens
Blight also has instructions on his site with these coffins But I did not even look
at them, I just took a shot at trying to assemble these myself.

When I add more photo's here I will be sure to get pictures of the process I
After I assembled them & let them dry overnight you have to be carefull of
humidity, I found that if I assembled the coffins & there was a week before I
put the mod podge on..... the paper that was glued on the poster board would
not stick & come apart.

This is not good as when you paint on the mod podge it will come apart if your
paper is not glued well. So when I confronted that problem I simply re-glued
the paper back to the poster board but it took longer so its better to have time
when you do these and know its a start to finish project . I just started doing a
few at a time.
I will also take some pictures of how I let these dry between coats cause they
will stick together if they are touching each other in the drying process.
These are finished Coffins with Mod Podge on them.
When you start making these as you go along take a good look at how
your sides come together and how your lids fit. My lids are ok they do not
all fit snugly but they do close the coffin . I will be tying mine closed with
a nice ball of twine....I'll also post a picture of that.
Added more pictures