Project Plans 2006
The game plan for 2006 is to get a bit more organized
with what we want to do for the 2007 season. It was a
bit stressed this year in trying to get much
accommplished as the "Collins Chocolates" kitchen was
getting completed. So this year we took a good hard look
at what we have and we will build from there for next
The big thing this year is to compromise, since the
cemetery did not get done, the game plan was to offer
Trick or Treators a chance to come into the house.
Since the house is decorated for the Hallow's Eve
Party, we felt it would be fun to have the towns people
see the inside decorations.
Sweets to Die For
Know Thy Vampire
The Family Photos
Collins Cemetery
The Funeral Parlor
The story line this year was to create a "Spell & Potion"
room with a wizard, an apprentice witch, and Luwigi, the
wizards assistant. The room was dark and gloomy and
filled with everything under the sun to creat spells.
Actually the table was filled with whatever I could
round up around the house and we were all surprised as I
kept finding things to put on the table and by the time
we were finished you could not get another thing on that
table. The kids loved it.