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Entry 4 - Part 4 of the Story
I had to really gather my courage to go back to that place after the big front gates of the cemetery were closed. It
was scary enough this morning with employees running around.

There is a certain eeriness that always comes along with places like that & it seems like every little rustle of the
trees makes you jump.

I had a hard time finding the deserted road in the woods & finally figured out why....something was missing & still
it had not dawned on me what it was. Just visiting this place for the 1st time this morning I surely was not yet
familiar with its many old landmarks, so my exact recollections of what was where were fuzzy at best.

As I finally started to recognize a somewhat familar area, it all came together when I started down that narrow dirt
road. You drove for at least 2 miles before you came into a clearing on a hill where the old oak tree stood. This
morning I could not get in there because all the cemetery employees running around in their small golf carts
working. I surely would have been seen.

I stopped my truck & followed the instructions of my friends slowly entering the dark foot trail that made its way
into a deep dark forest. By now I had a knot in my stomach which was about to turn into full blown terror as I
continued down the trail.

Overgrowth of heavy vines seemed to encase the trail & I almost felt like I was being swallowed up by something.
Finally I saw  some light & a clearing was in view. As I exited what seemed like a cave made of vines I took a deep
breath only to stop dead in my tracks!

As I starred, thinking I was seeing things, you guys know how I am always complaing about these new glasses I
got, I could see...."IT".  "IT" was definately not there this morning & that I am sure of. Yes...yes, no doubt in my
mind....."IT" was not like this....this morning.

There under the huge oak tree was the tombstone that I saw on the other side of the pond near the highway.
There is no way it could be the same one but if I went back to check, I'd have to venture through that dark path &
drive way over to the highway. By that time I'd get back over here & it would be dark. SO slowly I made my way
across the clearing toward the tree.

I was in pure horror, shaking like crazy for there under the tree was the grave marker. I knew it was the same one
as soon as I got close to it. This morning I stood right on top of it when I took the picture. And what scared me
more was sticking out of the ground in front of it was a large rusty old meat cleaver.
The next minute I heard a clatter like someone banging large sticks together in successions of three. The sound
seemed to be coming from all around me but at an indeterminable distance. I felt like they were very nearby but I
saw no one. Being the ghost hunter that I am I started to walk from the oak tree across the clearing in the opposite
direction....and that's when I saw HIM!!!! Just as clear as day.
I snapped a quick photo & I never ran so fast in my life. We have talked about me being afraid of Zombies
that can run cause I can't run so fast anymore.

It was HIM.....I know it was. People had said it was close to that tombstone moving again & it had done
just that on the very day I decided to go check this out. The head & body seem to have reunited. It was
getting dark now & I was terrified half out of my mind.

When I got home I was disappointed in myself that I did not try to follow him......but I literally froze in my
footsteps when I saw him. I called a couple of friends of mine just to tell them the tombstone moved.
Instead of calling the police we have decided to go out there tonight to check things out. I did not tell
them I saw "HIM" & have a photo of him. I am curious to go back out there but no way am I going alone!

So we decided we are going over there today to look around & have plans to return at dusk when the
cemetery closes this evening.......I'll let you know what we find!