This is the area where the journal for 2017 was suppose to be, but between operations on all 3 of us and recovery times it just did not
happen for us. Joe had been down for 24 months with lung cancer and a serious thyroid problem they say was from the agent orange
that kept them from operating on him before the cancer spread. By the time he got his strenght back it was to late to operate. Right
before that I had cancer and had to have a hysterectomy and I was down awhile especially with what it did to my Neuropathy condition.
Last year 2017 Joe seemed to spend more time in the hospital than at home. The thyroid condition caused him to keep losing blood and
fainting. I can't tell you how many trips we made to the emergency room in the middle of the night. We all got hurt from trying to pick him
up. Then right in the middle of putting the pool up is when Jerry got sick. He had necrotising fasciitis, the flesh eating disease. He almost
didn't make it, as a matter of fact the doctors wondered how he made it through. Six all the way under operations in 8 days trying to get
ahead of that hungry bugger. That stuff is wicked and brutal. I stayed in the hospital with him all 8 days and when I had a look at what
they did to him it scared me to death. He had a huge hole that had to stay open and heal. It was at least 7 inches long and God knows
how deep. He came home and Joe, who is a retired surgical nurse took care of changing it 2-3 times a day for over 2 months.
We made it through December but there was more in store for us. I had a colonoscopy that went bad, they found pre-cancer cells and I
spent 3 days in ICU cause it made my diabetes go crazy. What happened was the plug he put inside of me where he cut a polyop out
came out 5 days later and I almost bled to death. By March we were all so weak ya could not get anything done. Jerry and I had a year of
diabetic ulcers and his last one was really bad, Joe had to take him to the hospital in the middle of the night. Right before that he went
home to Nebraska to bury his son who died from cancer. While he was there he had to have a MRI because he started seeing double. A
blood vessel from the back of his head that connects to the back of his eye burst open. Still with this he took the bus back to North
Carolina and saw the eye doctor who told him it has to heal on its own. It will take 2-4 months. He's finally getting better after months and
he had to keep his eye closed so that really affected his balance with his diabetes. He is still healing from that.
This year, 2018, I started January off with that horrible flu - virus that was going around. Joe was in the hospital. I was worried when he
came home with me being sick, and sure enough he caught the virus from me and spent a week in ICU. It was the first time the VA ever
told he might not make it. We overlooked his cancer with me being sick. I almost lost him. So now we face season 2018 Halloween and
thats what I live for. None of us can get on a ladder. Thats a huge problem for a Halloween decorator or Xmas.
Last 3 years we been able to do nothing because of being sick. So we just handed out candy on Halloween and all this stuff I have just sat
in the boxes. So this year when I got that virus in January, something happened to me in February, not sure what but my illness had a
major relapse and now the pain is worse than ever and I really can't walk at all. It's getting worse each month and it has really gotten bad
since February. I finally after 5 years have decided to go back to the Pain Management Clinic and try another round with pain killers. I
have an unusual system that just can't take a lot of meds, for instance, I have diabetes and it is uncontrolled because even though I take
insulin I'm allergic to it and what it does is cripple me. I'm lucky I can still get around the house a little.
Joe is on some new special cancer treatment where he goes for a treatment every 2 weeks and has to have them for one year. They
give it to him like a chemo treatment. He's doing well. It's a miracle. BUT ya know what I think of cancer.........all ya do is wait until it
returns. These checkups every so often are brutal. So there is the story why we did not do Halloween the last few years. There is no
feeling good anymore. We are gonna try and get some stuff up this season....wish us luck and hopefully if we focus and nothing major
happens we can start working on the Walking Dead Tribute after the first of the year. Like I said with Rick Grimes dying its gonna be a
Rick Grimes Tribute!
Why We Did Not Do Much For Halloween The Last Three Years
The 2nd round of the pain management clinic is not going well, I made a huge mistake trying new medicine this close to Halloween, I been
here before. When I take medicine that does not work for me what happens is that all it takes is one pill and I relapse bad with extreme
pain and that is what happened twice this year. The 1st time came in February when out of the clear blue I just got so bad and it was from
the virus. I have been in horrible pain since then and then now on the 16th of September we started me on another try at the pain meds
and sure enough within 6 hours I was back to where I was in 2013. When a med does not agree with me the results are the already
existing condition gets way worse and even if I stop taking that med immediately the condition not only stays bad but it worsens. It seems
like the pill just sets off a process and everything becomes and progressively gets worse for months. Hard to believe one pill can do all
that harm.
So now that 2018 Halloween Season is right around the corner it is impossible to work at this pain level. We are still going back and forth
as to whether we can pull this off.I have been trying to do a little each day and for me a little is a couple of trips involving walking and I'm
done for. Yesterday, the 27th, I finally told the guys lets forget it I just can't stand and can hardly walk. Today they want to keep going.
Once again I spent a ridiculous amount of money buying new things for Halloween. Somewhere here I'm just gonna have to let this go and
I don't know how I'm gonna do it.
The fact that Jerry is 76 years old does not help either and since his operation he has just no energy at all. He's lucky to get the yard
work done. So today is October 10th and we are gonna drink coffee this morning and discuss if we think we can get this display up. It
won't be what it use to be but we are gonna try and do the best we can The ladder is a thing of our past and we can't get on it to put up
decorations. Its hard because the walls and ceilings are or were a big part of the look. We have tried since the beginning of September to
get some of this work done but the way we get around its just been impossible.
For the last 4 years I have been buying stuff that just has not been displayed and this year I bought a lot. So wish us luck and lets see
what happens.