Pillars for the Fence Gates
Materials List
Our materials list was taken from the notes on "Raven Manor" so if ya need more
pictures or instructions that is the place to find them.

Sheets of Plywood
This is Jerry, he is the builder of all the halloween
projects and we do say he does a wonderful job! Here is
the work area where we build most of our projects.
Here are some photos of the frame work.
Here you can get an idea of how tall
the pillars are and on this photo the
tops are not attached yet.
Today (9/29/07) the framework got started for the corner pillars that will be
connecting the fence post sections. This year we only have time to build 2 but
we'll start working on these and the goal is to have a few more as the cemetery
fence expands(2008) for other things it will house!

& the Arch w/ the Cemetery Name
Arch for the Cemetery Name
I looked at a few ways to make this arch for our cemetery & tried to read what people
had to say so I guess we decided we are doing ours with wood instead of PVC pipe.

I picked up the wooden letters at a Walmart that was selling out fo them so they were
only $1.50 ea. problem was I was short a "D" & a "C". SO I bought a "O" that we could
cut and we have to find or make a "D"
April 29, 2008