Velcome to My Home!!!
Inside The House
The decorating frenzy is already in progress my fellow Halloween Haunters!
I started the last week of September getting some boxes out and things up around the house! Here are the photos getting
ready for Halloween 2006. This will be the first year people will be invited into the house...the question is.......WILL
THEY LEAVE? bbbbbbrrrraaaaahahhahahahhahahahh!!!!
Due to some year long construction in other parts of the mansion this last
year, we will just have to make due with what we have....and that ain't to
shabby! The foyer will still have its spiders galore! The dining room will
become a place to try and extract your Halloween candies..........and exit
The 2007 season is well underway as we are building the props and planning the scenes
that will take place on Hallow's Eve 2007 at Collinwood 841!! The main thing on the
agenda for this season is to get the cemetery completed. This season will be the first phase
of the cemetery and most importantly getting the fence sections built and the pillars and
gate done. Additions to the cemetery will follow for the 2008 season.

The theme has been  selected and a story is being developed. As the story comes together
plans are made for each scene and a list is made of what is needed , what needs to be built
and additional ideas of what we could add to the scene to enhance the Trick or Treators
Velcome to My Home
The Photo's from 2009 & 2010 were pretty much the same, it wasn't until
2011 that we started buying things So....I'm going to skip over  a couple of
years from 2009 till 2011.
Gotta sort the pictures out, they are on 3 different computers. Hooked
up another computer yesterday  that a virus was cleaned out of and
along with it went everything else. So we are missing quite a few
pictures but I'll post what I have.
This year we had over 1000 people due to the full page write up in the
local too many pictures. Sorry
We were so saddened in 2012, we had finally collected enough things
to move the gypsy scene from a small corner in the garage outside to a
pop up tent. I started working on creating the scene & along came
hurricane Sandy. She blew everything in the tent including the tent into
the next county. Most lost was my beautiful crystal chandelier I found
at a goodwill store, broke it all to pieces.
This was the saddest year since we moved into this house. I was pretty
sick all year & Halloween was getting closer & closer but we just could
not pull it off. Half the stuff got put up in the house & we still had our
usual problem of not being able to find anyone to lend us a hand. So we
did not open & only handed candy out in the driveway. It killed me how
many little kids missed out on our halloween house plus all the work that
Jerry put into with what we had that was up. Still the new things sat in
their boxes. Hopefully we can unpack them next year.
Season 2014
Click Below for Season 2012
Season 2013
These are a combination from 2013 & 2014
There are not very many pictures from 2015 because we only decorated
four rooms in the house. You will find a lot more pictures of our set up in
the 2013 - 2014 section. You can also check out the new items page where
all the new stuff is posted.
As we begin to get the projects ready for the 2018 season, be sure to stay posted on the project pages.
This was a tough year for us with all the operations and recovery periods, so
we did what we could. Hard not to get the Walking Dead stuff done gonna
try for 2018.