The Walking Dead Tribute Page
Season 1 Castmates
Rick Grimes - the series protagonist and former sheriff's deputy
from King County, Georgia, who awakens from a coma into the
apocalypse. After becoming aware of the apocalypse Rick sets out
to find his wife Lori & son Carl.
Shane Walsh - Rick's best friend since high school & former
colleague that helped Rick's family escape the apocalypse & is the
leader of the Atlanta camp. He also started a relationship with Lori
believing Rick to be dead, leading to complications when Rick
returns alive.
Lori Grimes - wife of Rick & mother of Carl. Lori is an emotionally
fragile woman yet independent woman who started a relationship
with Shane out of her grief from losing Rick, leaving her very
conflicted after Rick returns.
Andrea - a former civil rights attorney and sister to Amy. Andrea
has a slight temper, but  has a compassionate side & is very
protective of her sister, both of them share a bond with Dale.
Dale Harvath - an elderly survivor who owns the RV around which
the survivors have formed a camp. Dale is a wise man of morals who
isn't afraid to voice his opinion & is very protective of everyone's
well being, physically & emotionally. He serves as an advisor to
Shane, then Rick. He has a close bond with Andrea & Amy.
Glenn Rhee - a former pizza delivery boy who knows his way around
Atlanta & often embarks on dangerous supply runs for the group.
Glenn is highly intelligent & resourceful though slightly cocky yet a
hopeful individual that cares for everyone, yet he is easily taken
advantage of by the other group members. Rick trust him on supply
Carl Grimes - Rick & Lori's son. He & his mother are taken to Atlanta
by Shane after the outbreak.
Supporting Cast
Amy - Andrea's younger sister, childish & innocent sister, both have a
close bond with Dale. Amy is shown to generally care for the children in
the camp.
Theodore "T-Dog" Douglas - a fellow survivor in the Atlanta group. T-Dog
is a man of honor & duty who always tries to do whats right by people
even if they don't deserve it or he doesn't like it and is heavily burdened
when he makes mistakes and always tries to make it right.
Jacqui - a member of the group who is the only survivor of her family &
a former office zoning worker.
Jim - a mechanic & a quiet yet tortured member of the group, who saw
his wife & children eaten by walkers.
Morales - (1st name unknown) another member of the group who
knows the cities infrastructure and puts his family first and is also a
fairly optimistic person.
Daryl Dixon - Merle's equally aggressive & volatile younger brother
& hunter. Unlike Merle, Daryl is far more reasonable & willing to
follow the groups lead.
Merle Dixon - former military & drug dealer and Daryl's racist,
volatile & unreasonable older brother, who is also a hunter. His
volatile tendencies often put him at odds with the group
Carol Pelitier - Lori's best friend since the outbreak and mother to
Sofia and the friendly yet soft spoken wife of Ed.
Ed Pelitier - Carol's abusive husband & Sofia's father. He
frequently has issues with Shane and has implicated to also have
issues with other women in the camp.
Sofia Peletier - Carol & Ed's quiet daughter and Carl's best friend.
Miranda Morales - Morale's wife and mother to Eliza & Louis
Guests Cast
Eliza Morales - daughter of Moralis & Miranda and sister of younger
brother Louis.
Louis Morales - son of Morales & Miranda, yonuger brother of Eliza.
Dr. Edwin Jenner - a pathologist in the Atlanta CDC looking for any
kind of cure.
Morgan Jones - Duane's father, Jenny's husband and the first survivor
that Rick encounters.
Jenny Jones - wife of Morgan and mother of Duane.
Duane Jones - son of Morgan & Jenny Jones
Guests Cast
Felipe -  a member of Guillermo gang, cousin of Miguel and
grandson of Abuelita.
Abuela - grandmother of Felipe & Miguel.
Guillermo - a leader of a vatos group taking care of the
seniors hospital in Atlanta.
Miguel - a member of Guillermo's group and grandson of
Abuela, cousin of Felipe.
Jorge - member of Guillermo's  group.
Episode One started October 31, 2010. We were all
so excited. Six episodes for Season 1.
Six Million Viewers
On November 8, 2010 it was decided that The Walking Dead was going to have a season
2 but this time instead of 6 episodes there would be 13. The second season started on
October 11, 2011 and we were thrilled!
Additional Cast Members
Season 2  The Farm
Hershel Greene - a veterinarian & farmer who
is blinded by his own arrogance of accepting
the worlds new state, believing that the
walkers are just sick.
Maggie Greene - Hershel's older tomboyish
daughter who is strong willed and determined,
yet slightly stubborn. Maggie is, like her father,
ignorant of what the walkers are.
Beth Greene - Hershel's younger daughter & half
sister to Maggie. She is shy, soft spoken and
compassionate but lacks the strong will of her
Otis - Hershel's ranch hand and Patricia's husband.
Patricia - Otis' quiet wife and Hershel's medical aid.
Jimmy - Beth's protective & helpful boyfriend.
Randall Culver - a teenager whom Rick, Glenn
& Hershel encounter s part of another group.
Writers Guild of America Awards
Best New Series for 2011
65th Golden Globe Awards
Best Television Series Drama
American Film Institute Awards 2010
Named One of Top 10 Television Programs of 2010
2011 Saturn Awards
6 Nominations:
Best Television Presentation
Best Actor in Television - Andrew Weber
Best Actress on Television - Sarah Callies
Best Supporting Actor in TV - Steven Yuen
Best Supporting Actress in TV - Laurie Holden
Best Guest Starring Role in TV - Noah Emmerich
1st Critics' Choice Television Awards
Best Drama Series
63rd Prime Time Creative Arts Emmys Awards
3 Nominations:
Outstanding Sound Editing for a Series
Outstanding Special Visual Effects for a Series
Won Award for: Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup
for a Series, Miniseries, Movie or Special
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Season 3 The Prison
This link will take you to the Chris Hardwick page. He has done so much to help audience and
fans of truly understanding some of the scenes on the show. He has a great personality and I
was happy when they took the show from 30 minutes to a half hour. I wish him continued
Season 1 - 2010
Rick wakes up in the hospital after being in a coma for 4 - 5 weeks. He is shocked
what he finds in the hospital corridors. He finds his way home passing the most
freakish things he has ever seen, still he had no idea what was going on. At home
he runs onto Morgan & his son Duane and this is where he really starts to hear the
beginning of the story of whats happening.
After taking a few days to get himself together, he is ready to leave in search of
his wife & son. He heads to Atlanta. He runs onto a group of people scavenging
for supplies, they save his life from the Walkers. He returns to the location where
these folks have a camp and there he finds Lori & Carl.
When the camp is finally taken over by Walkers, the group leaves and heads for
the CDC. They encounter a sole survivor there who reveals that there is no cure
for the epidemic.
2011 - 2012
Season 2
The group ends up on the interstate as a herd of Walkers are seen
approaching in the distance. They manage to hide from the Walkers as
they march through the car pileup, but Sofia gets out from under a car too
soon and is seen by two Walkers who are now in pursuit of her as she
runs into the forest from the road.
The group now spends time searching for her as she disappeared into the
forest and got lost. As the group continues the search, breaking up into
little groups, Carl is shot by a man hunting in the forest. They take Carl to
Hershel Greens farm, a farmer and veterinary doctor.
Hershel sends his daughter to find Lori and tell of what has happened. As
Hershel tends to Carl's gunshot wound the rest of the group drive to the
farm. The caring of Carl took some time and the group camped on the
farm as they waited for Carl to recover.
They continued to stay at the farm as Carl recovered arguing with Hershel
who wanted the to move on. Things became more severe when Glenn
disclosed that the barn was full of Walkers that Hershel was taking care of
until the government came along with a cure for whatever kind of illness
they had.
Meanwhile Lori's pregnancy is revealed by Glenn and Shane & rick
continue to bicker until Rick finally kills Shane in self defense. Carl then
shoots Shane in the head after he returns as a Walker. The loud sound of
the gun attracts a Walker herd going by in the forest.
The herd invades the farm and the group barely escapes with their lives
They all leave and go in separate directions only to find each other the
next morning up on the interstate. Still no Sofia.
2012 - 2013
There is an 8 month time span as season 3
begins. We open with a very pregnant Lori.
The group has been on the move for several
months still in search of a place to land and
call home for awhile. A place where they
could be safe.
The group stumbled onto West Georgia Correctional
Facility and that was to become their new home for now.
There was a lot to be done to get it ready to live in. First
walkers had to be cleared out. There were some surprises
along the way.
Meanwhile Andrea & Michonne ran onto Woodbury, a
small community with its own security run by a man called
the Governor, a very dangerous man. Rick soon invades
Woodbury and Andrea is killed. The Governor flees and
the Woodbury population moves into the prison with Rick
and his group.
Additional Cast Members
Michonne - a katana weilding, quiet but fierce woman who joins Ricks group
Philip Blake - The Governor - antaonistic leader of the town of
Woodbury. He is ruthless, paranoid and dangerous, a real psychopath.
Sasha Williams - Tyree's younger sister and a former firefighter who is
the groups sharpshooter. After numerous personal losses, she
developes PTSD.
Tyreese Williams - Sasha's peace keeping older brother
and one of the few survivors of Woodbury. Also Karen's
Karen - Tyreeses new love
interest and lone survivor of
the Woodbury army massacre.
Mike -  Machonne's former boyfriend who appears in the
flashback before becoming a Walker.
Terry - also Machhonne's former boyfriend who appears in
the flashback before becoming a Walker.
One of these two guys was the father of Machonne's baby.
Andre Anthony - Machonne's baby.
The outbreak started in 2010.
Season 3 brings 16 episodes that started on October 14, 2012. Two days later
the show was renewed for a third season. Broke all cable ratings records.
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