Walking Dead Actors
It was a completed Halloween for me meeting Savana Jade Wehunt and Wallace Krebs, both actors of
the Walking Dead series. I got a few minutes with them to take pictures and get autographs and to tell
them of our plans to do a tribute to the Walking Dead for our 2016 theme. I also got a chance to look
over their photo's of scenes they both played in from the show. I told them about Linwood's Carl and
they couldn't believe the story.
Carl came along Halloween night in a crowd of people listening to me talk about the help we need for next year to be able to
pull off doing this size of a haunt project. I could not see him but I heard someone saying ..."I'll be Carl".
This is the photo I took of Savana & Wallace at the Zombie Walk in Salisbury, NC. on Nov. 7th, 2015. They were both so
very nice in taking photo's and answering questions. I also got a photograph and autograph from each of them and we'll
hang those up when our Trick or Treators come next year.
She also has been Chandler Riggs' (Carl) stand in, stunt double and photo double. She did the same numerous times for
Madisin Lintz (Sofia) and helped her learn to be a zombie in her final scene. She also played the Governor's daughter Penny's body
double in the mid season finale of season three.
Recently she was featured on the Walking Dead Wardrobe Trading Cards #M31. She is the popsicle eating zombie on the title
page of Atlanta's Magazine article about The Walking Dead......Zombies Are So Hot Right Now.
This is the picture I took
This was from the Salisbury Zombie Walk here
with Zombie Digger a local well known zombie.
Wallace Krebs is an American amputee actor who portrayed a walker on the Walking Dead in "Clear" in season 3.
He also played a prison survivor in "Isolation" in season 4.
Wallace created a back story for his prison survivor story:
I was a cell block D victim and I pictured I was bitten in the arm by one of the walkers in the cell block.
He has appeared in the following episodes:
Season 3   -   "Clear"  Zombie attacking Michonne's car as it gets stuck in mud.
Season 4   -   "Isolation"   In cell block A, dead with amputated arm,put down by Dr. S before
Wallace Krebs
Savana Jade Wehunt
Autographed to Mistress Muffy of Collinwood
Atlanta Magazine
Savana Jade Wehunt appeared as a walker in season 2 & season 3 in AMC"s The Walking Dead. She appeared in episodes
one, two, three, twelve and the finale of season two as well as episodes six and eight in season three.
In addition to the television series she was chosen by Nick Nicotero to be in his webisodes on the AMC website. She is
featured as a zombie in episode number six of the first two webisodes.
He worked his way to the front of the crowd and honestly our jaws dropped. This kid could be Carl's twin. I sure hope he
shows up next season to lend us a hand.
The others quickly amputated my arm, similiar to what they did to Herschel's leg, in attempt to prevent the
spread of the infection. Apparently I went into shock from the injury and Dr.S unsuccessfully attempted CPR
which resulted in me experiencing a stabbing headache.