Walking Dead Notes
Front Yard
Put up the cemetery but repaint the tombstones with names of
characters that have died on the show.
This page has ideas and we will constantly add in new ideas as we go along.
Dining Room
Car Port
Back Yard
Hospital doors to the cafeteria.
Ricks hospital room
Govenor w/ Penny and fishtanks
Carols cookies and such
Regular halloween decorations
Farm house scene in episode 1
Shane Walsh
Lori Grimes
Dale Korvath
Tyreese Williams
Merle Dixon
Bob Stookey
Carols hubby  ed
Doc. Jenner from cdc
Hershel greene
couple from the farm Otis & Patricia
young kid from the farm 17 yr.old
kid from the town w/ leg on fence
convict Axel
Lizzie & Mika
sister and daughter
( girls w/ the truck of food) taras sister
Beth Greene
the cheese maker  Eastman
Deanna & hubby
Make into 8 groups, one flood light on each group

Characters for Yard              Wig

Glen-shirt, jeans, boots, gun, knife, cap         black
Maggie - shirt, jeans,boots, knife, gun       brown
Hershel - one legged - white shirt, jeans, suspenders    hair
Beth - shirt, jeans, sweater, gun, knife     blonde

Bob - Jeans, shirt, belt, bag, knife, gun, boots make with
leg gone them eating his leg off of  grill                             
T-bone--shirt, pants, boots,belt, gun
Tyreese -  sweat shirt, jeans, boots, hammer of some sort
Sasha - shirt, jeans,boots, knife

Morgan - shirt, pants, coat with hood, the stick
Little girl walker in robe - pajamas,robe,teddy bear,
easter bunny slippers,blonde wig BOUGHT NEED WIG

Rick grimes - Sheriff outfit, gun BOUGHT
Lori grimes - Shirt, jeans hoodie, boots,wig
Judith - Baby outfit  BOUGHT
Carl - jeans, gym shoes, shirt, coat, gun wig

Shane - Sheriff outfit BOUGHT NEED CAP
Dale - pants,shirt, vest, hat  BOUGHT
Andrea - shirt,pants,gun, wig
Amy - shirt, pants, wig fishing pole

Daryl - daryls outfit, boots, crossbow          
Bought ear necklace
Carol - shirt, sweater,pants, boots, grey wig,gun
Sofia - shirt, pants,shoes brown wig
Meryl - jeans, shirt, western shirt, hand, knife, rifle, need his

Machoone - have all parts plus 2 zombies - cape, jeans, leather
vest, belt, headband, wig, sword,boots
2 zombies - jeans, boxer shorts, shoes, have to get torso's,
have facial appliances, chains for necks

Governor - his coat,black shirt,jeans,boots,eye patch,gun
have cardboard face, need wig
Penny - pants, shirt, shoes, cover face w/ burlap

Eugene - wig, pants, shirt
Abraham - Wig, beard,camo pants, green t shirt, boots
Rosita - Cap, jeans, shirt, gun,wig

Well Guy

herd for the front yard
How are you putting them in the ground?
How many flood lights? 5-6 maybe more
How many silhouette zombies?
What color floods on groups?
What color floods on silhouettes?
How many extension cords?
What can be hooked up to the big generator?
Do we need any small flood lights? yes
Make a huge sign that says   Our tribute to the
walking dead need a flood light on it.
Make woodbury and alexandra
signs. Make terminus signs and little
ones for terminus yard.
1. frames for Terminus posters
2. Terminus sign for garage plant boxes for purple cabbages
3. get tables from Mark
4. figure out what to use to hold umbrellas
5. use flowers from front porch for terminus yard
6. use all 3 grills
7. make signs all those who arrive, survive
Toughest stuff to do

winnebago   looking for
fish tanks - done
spot lights - 1 more
aarons for the big screen - done
gonna use  my 46 inch
The funeral home that beth and daryl found with the groceries and she plays
the piano and music will be playing in the garage. The song she sings to
daryl>>>be good.
Upper Deck
Guard Tower
Here is the Walking Dead Journal
The week before the 4th of July I met with a lady, her daughter and her
daughters boyfriend at a local cafe in Salisbury. I met these fine folks at
the Zombie Walk  in Salisbury right after Halloween 2015. It got
rescheduled after a rain storm swung through just prior to Halloween.  

Thats how I was able to go. For sure we don't have any time to attend
anything 2 months prior to Halloween and never make any plans during
that time. All time is devoted to the haunt. As it kept growing it was taking
longer and longer to put up. We usually started the end of September and
still could not seem to get it all up every year in time for Halloween night.

For home haunters such as myself it is always about the race before that
first kid rings the doorbell on our most special night of the year.

I was there, at the Zombie Walk, handing out flyers to people on the street
looking to find zombies that we might be able to interest in coming to
entertain Trick or Treators on Halloween night at our small home haunt.
I was also taking pictures of the Zombies, they looked great! And of
course there is always one that really stands out amongst the rest. She
was exceptional and that is when I was introduced to Lisa, her mom, that
had done this terrific zombie makeup. I gave her a flyer and we talked
about what I was doing there trying to solicit zombies.
July 7, 2016
We had made plans to get together after the holidays to visit. Lisa was
interested in maybe doing some zombie makeup for my zombies. Her
first email came Feb. 25th. I did not respond but I cried when I got it.
She sent 3 more emails and I still did not respond. I became very very
sick during those months. My already existing condition had worsened
but I knew something else was wrong.
I was getting sicker and sicker. April 15th, tax day, I was diagnosed
with cancer. Talk about turning your world upside down. My worse fear
for quite a few years now has been the possibilities of celebrating my
very last Halloween. Now maybe it was going to become a reality.
I just wanted to mention that less than 12 hours out of surgery I was
handing one of my Halloween business cards to a male nurse that was
taking care of me. Even in that state I was worried, thinking about how
I was gonna do Halloween. I just tried to stay positive throughout the
whole situation.
I did not email Lisa right away because I was not sure I was gonna be
able to pull Halloween off in 2016. We were already so far behind
schedule with the building of things. I just could not bring myself to
answer her. But I finally did. And then she stopped by the house one
day and talked to Jerry. That was what got me to the point of setting
up a meeting with her and the kids.
And that is how this all got started. After meeting with them and
feeling their enthusiasum, more and more my hope and faith for
Halloween was returning. I owe my return to Lisa and the kids. I
guess my biggest fear now was could I pull it off in this short a time.
If we were doing the usual haunt, I have everything I need....it just
needs to be put up. But that is not the case with what our plans for
this year were going to be. Everything for this theme has to be built.
Problem is the operation made my neuropathy way worse. I can't
stand long, can't walk and now my hands have become worse and its
moving up my arms.
It was discussed prior to the operation that the neuropathy might
worsen. This level of pain is far worse than anything I have
experienced before and I can hardly stand it. Puts me in bed and I
can't get out, so honestly I am not sure how I'm gonna do this.
What is driving me is the excitement these 3 people have to pull this
off. They are willing to help me with the most difficult of ideas. At this
point getting zombies to be here and getting the Thriller dance pulled
off seems totally impossible. But I think we're gonna shoot for it.
July 10, 2016
4:55 am
Well its another night of no sleep, intensifies the pain terribly. I just
can't sit still when it hurts like this. Wish I could get up on these
sorry feet and get some work done. Ok...promise to my dear journal
pal right now, later today no matter how bad the pain is I'm going to
make my way to my office in the basement and go through the
boxes of Halloween stuff I bought that I been shoving in there.
Mostly the clothes and shoes for the beginning of building the
Walking Dead cast.
Heading out this morning to Thomasville flea market. Always
looking for what I think I can use in the scenes. Keeping an eye for
plastic guns, rifles, knives and air pumps for the fish tanks....always
looking for styrofoam heads. Anything PVC.
Well I had to turn around and come back home, made it 1/2 way down
one row at the flea market....I just cannot walk today and the pain is
through the roof, plus I went to bed at 5 and got up at 8. Gonna sit for
July 11, 2016
Spent quite a bit of time yesterday and last night trying to get a plan
organized to get started. As I move forward  you are always
perfecting the plan you have so thats where I am.
The most important thing now is to start building the props......so I
told Joe & Jerry we gotta get that garage cleaned out to be able to
organize, build and store the props for this years theme. There is a
lot of stuff in there so for sure its gonna take some time.
Its kind of hard to think that we will not be using any of the already
existing stuff we have for Halloween and just decorating with the
walking dead props.....thats pretty limited in the way of decorations.
I was trying to visualize how things would look if we added the
decorations I have into the mix. Wondered if it would take away.
Maybe not considering the size of the outdoor scene in the yard.
Its crucial that we start picking up styrofoam heads and getting some
tools to start carving them. Need to get through all the clothes I
bought and see what we actually have for the cast and make a list of
what we need. I can carry it in my wallet so I can pull it out when I
need at.
I just feel like you are giving people a more with adding all the other
stuff. Plus gotta figure out a way to do the photos in front of the fish
tanks and have a zombie be in them or the governor and
penny>>>>>how to set that up and a place for me to stand and take
When shopping for clothes this is how I do it:
I pick 5 cast members at a time, go into my pinterest account that
has a section for the guys and a section for the gals. I look at the
different selections of clothes they wore in different seasons of the
show and I pick out the ones I can work with.....by that I mean for me
building props they always have to have sleeves so I don't have to
expose flesh. No shorts except for Eugene.
I started buying the main members costumes first and the highest
priced costumes first so I bought the sheriff outfits off of ebay and
amazon. Got one for Rick & one for Shane, next was Machonne and
her 2 Zombies which will take the longest to build. Painting of the
Zombies torsos will take some time.
As of today I still am looking for the torsos for the male zombies,
everybody at the local flea markets has these torsos but they are all
female, problem is if I buy them off the net I have to pay $25.00 each
for them>>>>>>> way over my budget., but its getting to crunch time.
Right now I have about 12 cast members clothes, I think the hardest
buy was selecting an outfit for Machonne but I managed to get the
whole thing including her cape.
I just keep running in the Goodwill & Salvation Army stores looking for
boots and shoes. Been pretty lucky. I'm gonna have to start looking
into the wigs & moustaches and start buying them otherwise it will be
to many to buy at one time.
Note to Sofia w/ groceries
Find out what kind of paint
to use on window
Railroad ties for garden bed
Project Plans
Save cans and plastic water bottles to make mounds of them in
front flower bed.
Get at least 25 - 30 boys covered in plastic and blood for the
episode 1 when Rick comes out of the hospital.
Ok...July 11, 2016....making the decision right now to put up the regular
decorations along side the Walking Dead stuff in the house.
Leave ceiling up put pink lights and netting up and do china hutch. Put
Monster tribute somewhere else.
Big Change: Move governor & Penny to the garage. So dining room can
remain spell and potion room. Move garage scene with beth & daryl to
Do regular halloween decorations in kitchen with focus on
Carol's Cookies.
For some reason things just fell apart with these folks
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