North Carolina Haunters
the Group to Join if you are Serious about Halloween Decorating
North Carolina Haunters is a group I started in 2009, the idea to put it together actually
formed in early 2008 after joining the online "Halloween Forum". There were groups being
formed on there made up of people on the board where they got together to socialize, enjoy
their love of Halloween & to make halloween props for their displays. Since there was not a
group in my area I decided to form one & contacted all the people I could find on the board
that were from North Carolina to see if anyone would be interested.

It was a bit rough getting started as people were comfortable talking on a message board
but not really sure they wanted to meet in person. It took a year to really get everybody to
where they all agreed to meet & the 1st meet was at my house so we could have dinner & all
get aquainted. It went great and from then on the "North Carolina Haunters Group" was
starting to come together. Our group meets once a month but not during the holiday season
from Halloween through New Years. We are still getting organized on how we want to run
things but so far it has been great fun.

Members converse through email to let everyone know exact dates & times of get togethers.
We do most of our get togethers at each others houses & bring a covered dish when we are
planning a meet. The meet usually runs from about 10am till whatever time in the afternoon.

Please if you are interested in joining or even coming to a meeting to check us out to see
what you think, please email me & I will get the next meets info off to you! We welcome
people from all over the state of North Carolina, some of our members drive quite aways for
these get togethers. We look forward to hearing from you!

Debbie Sexton
Our 1st Getting Aquainted Party
When I became more ill, we all stopped getting together. I have left this all in place &
perhaps we could get it going again. That is my new email up & for sure we would have to
pitch in together but is was so much fun planning all through the year.
Note Made: September 2015