America's Most Haunted Cemetery
Got my reply from Bachelor's Grove inquiring
if they are still selling lots in the cemetery.
Midlothian Illinois
My Home Town Haunts are the places in the neighborhood where I
grew up and visited when I was a high school kid. Terrified out of my
mind as we all piled in a car to go out to the forest preserves.
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I have requested to my closet family members to
be buried in Bacherlor's Grove Cemetery for
personal reasons. There has been a great conflict
on this subject. All that I have left is my husband,
my ex-husband & my cousin & his family in
Chicago. Everyone is alarmed, especially my
cousin as he is well aware of the tales that involve
Bachelor's Grove.
I sent an email to the caretakers of The Path to
Bachelor's Grove. They keep up to date
information on the Cemetery & they informed me
of who handles the upkeep of the Cemetery & also
replied to my request that the Cemetery no longer
sells plots or allows people to be buried there.
There was a burial in the 80's but it was for a
family member of a family that already existed in
the Cemetery.
I just sent another email to these folks to inquire if
the ashes could be spread there in the lagoon
behind the Cemetery. Were there any objections to
Then there is the area behind the lagoon, a dense
forest that has paths that take you deeper into the
woods. The entire area is said to be haunted with
many reported sightings of strange things.....
especially "The Disappearing House"..
This is an ongoing conflict with my loved ones & I
will keep you informed as we move along toward a
decision, it may be quite a problem because they are
all so against my reasons, actually they don't even
know but I do.......I know whats calling me there.  I
know I cannot trust any of them to keep their word
to honor my wishes so I think ahead on the situation
a bit longer.
Only about 20 of the more than 200 stones are left at the Cemetery.
I need to create some options & follow through on
each idea in trying to decide which one will work.
The hardest thing is finding someone who will
keep their word to me & follow through with the
instructions I'll leave.
Back to my story, yes her first call, she called at
lunch. I couldn't talk on the phone during the
busy lunch hour, she knew that, so she left with
"Boy have I got a surprise for you!" & said she'd
call later.
It was such fun watching those tourist take
pictures of my big, huge fancy pies I baked &
those cowboys dressed like something out of the
old west. They came in with their chaps & spurs &
10 gallon hats. Lunch was quick so no changing of
clothes or boots. They attracted flies so we
accomodated each table with a fly swatter.......aah
yes, the ways of the west!
Route 83 was the only highway in that area that
ran all the way from up in Canada down to
Mexico. We had quite an array of clientele.
Canadian tourist always stopped & pulled into a
massive gravel parking lot full of John Deere's,
Semi's, local farm people & most colorful were
the Cowboys who tied their horses up out front.
They came from the massive feedlot up the road.
I remember her first call about the idea. I was
living in western Nebraska & my husband & I
owned a restaurant well, actually it was a road
side diner in a town of 63 on the side of Route 83.
These folks will handle about anything. I
remember sometime ago when my Aunt decided
to exhume the bodies of our immediate family &
transfer them to the new high rise mausoleum
that Fairmount Cemetery (our Family
cemetery)put in. She bought a lot of spaces in this
mausoleum. She declared she did not want our
family underground.
Then there is Modell Funeral Home in Chicago
who's generations of family have handled the
burials of my generations of family. We have
pretty much lost everyone.
They are already questioning things & not in a
positive way which tends to keep me worrisome
over this situation, especially considering the
state of my health.
I've had a lot of those kinds of people in my life.
We would end up in court, or worse yet, they
would find a way to make drastic changes not in
accordance with my plan after my departure......
trust me, I have experience with that.
I would like to say for the record that I have had
many other ideas of how to handle this, but not
one of those panned out for me. There is always
someone else who has to stick their nose in &
give you their opinion. Well really that would be
okay if it was just their opinion.....but they have
to get in the drivers seat & GET THEIR WAY,
which means putting up some type of argument
to make you avoid doing what you want.
So far, the parties that I have inquired with have
to many personal feelings for me in regard to this
decision, so I think that it will probably have to
be done by someone that is not that involved, that
doesn't have emotional ties about my resting
place after my departure, or feelings that would
make them change their mind at the last minute &
would alter it. So much for saying, "Who Cares
After You Die?".
Well it has been decided that Al's boys threw
victims in the pond but they also buried bodies in
the surrounded area.
I remember picking out that tombstone with my
Mom. It was one of those double ones for 2
people. She called after I got home & wanted to
know if I wanted the tombstone for my
Halloween cemetery. The cemetery just tossed it
after I told her no.
Then it became ugly & finally it resulted to her
telling me she would take me to court if she had
too. I knew she meant it. After much going back
& forth, I ended up at Modell Funeral Home
signing the papers to allow her to exhume & sell
the graves of my parents. After she moved them I
never went back to the cemetery again.
So the talk begins - I was horrified at the thought
of her digging up my parents. It made me sick. I
told her no from the very beginning of the talks.
The Lagoon
My Burial Story
A Work In Progress
In regard to apparitions, ghosts, spirits.....is there any reasoning in when to decide if they want to appear.
The most talked about picture caught in Bacherlor's Grove Cemetery
The Entrance to Bachelor's Grove
The Entrance Path
This is a marvelous web-site. It's the place to go for the most recent happenings.
The stone from the photo's up above.
Wonder how Big Al found his
way out to Bacherlor's Grove.
Not sure I agree with the title of this article. It does seem
real disrespectful in regard to talking about a cemetery
that has been so desicrated
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What was Bachelor's Grove before it became the cemetery?
Way back in time maybe 500 years ago. Who were the tribes of
Indians in this area and what does their history look like?
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Several times they tried to sell this land saying that people
were no longer buried there or that the bodies were moved,
surely there would be county paperwork if the bodies were
moved. There are claims that say they are still there as
people who still have family buried there stepped forward
when they were trying to sell the land.
One of the members on the Halloween Forum
brought this cemetery to someones attention as a
place to check out on their trip to Seattle. This
cemetery has gone through worse issues than
Bachelor's Grove because the authorities actually
made the decision to get rid of the Cemetery and
did all the damage to it themselves.
Just think ...knowing and burying a potential
ghost friend with plans ahead of time to meet up
later if possible.
So I'm still working on it.
If  Modell could not store the ashes it would be
impossible for my church to hold them. My old
Parish is a few blocks from Modell Funeral
Home. I'm sure my church would object because
of where the ashes would be going  to their final
resting place.
If he knew me before death maybe it would
make a stronger bond to come back and visit
with him. So Modell would still get the ashes, as
it has to end there for me as so many of my
loved ones ended there. Perhaps they could hold
the urn of ashes until Zak is in the Chicago area
and then he could take them out to Bachelor's
Grove and scatter them.
I would need to have their answer and get them
paid prior to the job at hand. There is one other
option......kind of an unusual request, to have
Zak Bagans carry out my wishes. Maybe he
might want to add an additional service to his
already mighty empire of ghost hunting.
So now the search continues on how to handle
all this after my death. I could have the ashes
sent from North Carolina to Chicago to Modell's
Funeral Home and see if they could make
preparations for the scattering because there is
no one else to carry through with my wishes.
Well I sent an email back to these folks to see if
there was any problem with scattering my ashes
over the pond. Never heard back from there,
probably does not matter if it's just your ashes.
Ectoplasm....is this perhaps what ghosts are made up of. It can be photographed with any
still camera. Ectoplasm was first discovered at Bachelor's Grove Cemetery back in the
early 1970's. It's a ghostly material that shows up at haunted spots. It was constantly
changing form ...it's as if it was coalescing at different images, its really intriguing. So this
many believe, is what the ghosts lights are. Many believe thats what the shapes and forms
out there are comprised of.
Ectoplasm is not the only phenomona that occurs at Bachelor's Grove. This location is
known to be one of the most haunted places in the world. The setting is eerie and it houses
an old cemetery that has not been used in years, but the area still seems to be in use by the
various entities which express themselves in many forms. A ghostly woman wanders about,
a mystery house comes & goes, a caretaker walks the grounds guarding the graves.
The area has also fallen victim to imaginary tales. Now lots of the stories told about each
grave are typical folktale type accounts, you've got everything from a blue ghost light to a
disappearing house to a phantom grounds keeper that comes out with a lanturn and
chases people away and things of that nature.
But unlike true folktales that have no basis in historic fact, when Richard Crowe
investigated Bachelor's Grove he found that there is a grain of truth behind much of this.
Erin Fox - Witness - There was this guy in black just walking around by the river or that
little pond. I took a picture and when we got the pictures developed, he wasn't in the
picture. I started taking pictures, I didn't think they were gonna turn out cause it was so
dark and then I took one and thought I think I got something.
The stories that should be looked into like the phantom caretaker with the lanturn,
thats a well known story. Some of the pictures taken by Henry, the Chicago Ghost
Hunter Society guy you could see the ectoplasm energy in the images and there on the
left of his photo you see a face looking down.
Richard Crowe first learned about the disappearing house at Bachelor's Grove by
accident. He was collecting stories from people. They talk about what happened out
there, they will be out there at night and see a mysterious house, then they want to go
back out there to check it out and explore it but they could not find it.
So for many years now its really been a hotbed of activity and theres no end in sight.
I think its gonna be a haunted spot for years and years to come.
Pam Ernest - There's definately some very strong action there and when I went there
once there was literally something crawling on my hand while I was reaching out to
touch another energy.
Her photograph shows a form, it looked like something peeking from behind a tree.
When the negative was examined it showed a face. Erin thought it was an image of a
little girl, she admitted she came to the conclusion after having an eerie dream the night
she took the picture. Turn the negative upside down and it resembles a babies face.
Erin added: The night I got back, I was sleeping in my room and I heard someone
talking and saying "Did she see it?" I didn't know if it was my sister or anything. I was
kinda scared and I just went to bed and the next day I got my pictures developed and I
didn't see anything out of the ordinary until I started looking at the negatives. I didn't
know why I opened the negatives and started looking at them......I just did.
Henry Pena - Chicago Ghost Hunter Society - I heard ssshhhh! and I turned around
and just snapped this picture, an ectoplasm image of a lady where her hair is flying
back and right down on the right side of her was a little red image and when enlarged
there was a face there. There was what looked like a devil, you could see the yellow
eyes, ya can see an ear, ya can see a chin, you can actually see horns but in my
opinion I think that is the devil.
But Bachelor's Grove is much more than just haunting something in a classic sense.
Years ago, and you don't hear much about this anymore. Richard Crowe interviewed
people that heard mysterious clanking, mechanical type sounds, theres no explanation
for that, what do these metallic type sounds mean. Theres no factory near by or close
enough that would carry the sound in the wind that you can hear.
When Richard took his crew out there they heard creaking doors - Does this place
have left over energy, is that why its so haunted. Does it have a sad history?
Pam Ernest - Bachelor's Grove has a lot of unknown graves. No one knows where
they came from, the time in which they were there. Theres great distances in time
from when they were there.
Quentin Young - Native American Teacher - What we're getting is we're stepping
from one dimension into another, sometimes they make that whole transition and
sometimes they're somewhere in between. And we don't see the hole just the heat
Crowe says he really thinks of the place and the Native American connection that
went back many 1000's of years, I think it had something well going on before it
became a graveyard.
Now its a graveyard but I think the reasons why that spot is prone to hauntings so
far back in time, I think all its habitation there of different peoples there, the
centuries had some kind of layer cake building up over the years.
There are so many open available plots at Bachelor's Grove
but they will not sell them anymore.
There was a burial back in 1967 and then in 1985, a family
member from a family that had all been buried there, they
allowed this person to be buried there, that was the last time
someone was put in the ground there.
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Lost Cemeteries
Comet Lodge Cemetery
another lost cemetery
This cemetery is an example of how low our politicians can
stoop. How much money can drive people to do things that
are this appalling.
One family claims, " I remember when they started
bulldozing over the children's section & built houses on top
of that area. The movie Poltergeist, came out a few years
earlier & why anyone in their right mind would build houses
on a cemetery is beyond me."
Seattle, Washington
Plots sold in this cemetery for $1.00 a piece.
No customs of any people are more deeply
rooted than those that have to do with the
interment or disposal of the dead.
The desire to honor the dead is one of the
safeguards of morality and only the
superficially informed sociologist or
economist can possibly make light of the
universal desire on the part of the rich and
the poor the educated and the ignorant, to
provide for the dead.
Early cemeteries were often plotted with an area called
Baby Land. Here families could bury those infants who
passed before a family plot was purchased.
The Comet Lodge Cemetery had a Baby Land where
over 100 children were buried. Because of the City
of Seattle' actions, there are 11 houses on top of the
baby burial plots according to a study funded by the
City of Seattle and King County in 2009.
In the below picture of the Johnny Jones
funeral, if you look on the left side above
the crowd, you will see the white crosses
where the babies were buried.
Native Nations beliefs dictate that a person should not only consider how his/her actions will affect
the present generation, but to remember at all times seven generations, including the three which will
follow this one and the three which came before.
None of the stones in the old Comet Lodge Cemetery
are safe or protected in any manner. None of the
gravestones mark the bodies of those whose names
and date were chiseled in the stones.
The old Comet Lodge Cemetery has been
transformed into a dog run free park by the City of
Seattle and Kings County.
With heavy machinery and the mighty ink pen the City
changed the zoning of the sacred burial grounds of the
Duwamish Natives and the burial spots of Seattle's
earliest pioneers, also memories of the Maple Family.
The zoning was changed to Retail Space & Single
Family Housing. After zoning was changed it was easy
for the city to deny the Comet Lodge Cemeteries
Since it was established in 1888, the Comet Lodge Cemetery has
been whittled away to less than half its original 5 acres. Records
are sketchy, but its safe to say that some 500 pioneers were
buried here atop unknown numbers of native Duwamish people.
New burials ended in the 1930's and since then, homes and
streets were built on top of the many plots as the neighborhood
around the cemetery grew.
Upkeep and ownership of the cemetery bounced between the
city, civic groups, relatives, Comet Lodge residents and nearby
neighbors. For years much of the property was allowed to
deteriorate into brambles until the city agreed to simple grounds
Today about 20 tombstones remain although it is very doubtful
they are in their original locations. The rest of the markers are
long gone, stolen, broken or simply returned to the earth.
Whats left of the Comet Lodge Cemetery is a quiet block of
green grass and large trees sheltering those that still rest there.
You really wonder how things of this nature happen. Is there no one to step up and speak for the buried souls. I know how many
years since I have gotten older that we all let things go on at Bacherlor's Grove cemetery. Surely with the population around there
and the local politicians someone could have done something....and Mr.Fulton who tried, as he had family buried there, but yet they
stopped him from doing anything. Is this how we are gonna treat our Cemeteries through the future, allowing this to go on, just
because the Cemeteries house folks from many years back so we are just gonna forget and overlook them. What kind of respect is
that toward the dead. Maybe society needs to address this situation and make some hard rules toward it. How many small and
forgotten cemeteries across the country are experiencing this and everyone turns their back?
Is This How Seattle Treats Its Dead?
Worth Reading
September 7, 2018 - I have been doing some looking around on the subject of lost cemeteries and have been shocked at how much
information is on the web, where people point out these cemeteries, their locations and condition of their state and then there is stories
of groups that are actually addressing these situations. I believe this is a very worthy cause and in order to organize this you would
need to devise a program for the entire country broke into state by state and then at each county level. Just imagine what we could do
with a support system like that in place. Most importantly no one would be left behind. I'm gonna take a look at this after the holidays
(2018). Also I'm gonna do a story with much more information on this subject over in the "Tea & Tales" page here in my web site.
Lost Cemeteries
The main question in conversation pertaining to this is Why....why
are they lost and who is responsible and how can we make
changes in these cemeteries when so many of them are in such
terrible shape and a lot of their locations may not even be known.
I'm going to introduce you to some states that are true trailblazers
in setting examples of how the rest of us can take on projects like
this and also to share my opinions on a way to make it
happen>>>>>Lots of work but truly a worthy cause.
My Creamation will be done with me in the
coffin Jerry made for the Coffin Contest in our
Halloween Forum. We won 1st place.
I read that if you are cremated in a metal
casket it takes 28 gallons of fuel. The wood
will burn w/o that much fuel & take less time.
Fat people take longer.
There will be a write up in "Tea & Tales about Ectoplasm, its not completed yet but
here is a link to get there.
New 2018
My Casket
Where does it say in the law books that politicians can be allowed to do things of this nature. They
were voted in office by us but would we really vote for them if we knew ahead of time that
something as disgraceful as this was on their agenda? And how & and why can't we stop them
before the damage is done>>>>because most times we are clueless as to what they are doing?
We trust them after we vote for them to make decisions on our behalf and to do what is right.
So when you see things like this happen it makes you realize that after voting them in....it's far
more important to stay on top of them and monitor what they are up to because they cannot be
trusted. How quickly would this of all happened if they had family members in this cemetery?
Or perhaps that would not make a difference.
I found a recent article written about who is in charge of
Bachelor's Grove now in 2018. It's the Bachelor's Grove
Cemetery and Settlement Research Center. The article was
written by Brad L. Bettenhausen, president of the Tinley Park
Historical Society. It gives a much more current history of
Bachelor's Grove.
I think you may react like I did, some of these suggestions
are gonna shock you! So anyway lets go over what happens
when that 1st phone call comes.
There is a lot of continuing information that I will be adding
as we move along on "Death". There are many interesting
facts in the funeral section and I still have a lot to write
about. In researching death I came across things that are
nothing like traditional funerals that most of us are aware of.
For instance if you die and  you are taken to the morgue and
pronounced legally dead and a death certificate is issued to
the family
This will be the next contact for me trying to get information
to be buried in the Cemetery. The information I got prior to
this about no more graves being sold to the public came from
a couple who has a Bachelor's Grove website and keep very
current on information surrounding the cemetery. Hopefully
contacting Mr. Bettenhausen I may be able to get more info.
As I mentioned before, I would imagine that this all will
result in the spreading of my ashes at the pond. After the
new year, 2019, I will start by contacting Mr. Bettenhausen,
next will be the locating of what I need to do legally at the
time of my death.