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Feeling uncomfortable in your skin? Thens lets buy you anther set of skin, maybe in a different color!
Welcome to the Skin Bag!
A Very Unusual Shopping Experience
Skin Bags is a line of clothes which are made from
synthetic skin thats looks & feels like human flesh.
Remember when Lady Gaga wore that meat (flank Steak) dress to the
music awards? It was a dress made of raw flank steak . If you liked the
look but might be Vegan here is a place that can dress you up to look
like  the real thing but it ain't! Try shopping for that special look at Skin
Bag. Besides having a closet that is refrigerated could be expensive.
I wanted to select one article from this website that I felt would best describe exactly
what is happening here.....so I read through some of the material & decided I liked this
one the best. ( Good luck in understanding it.)The article is written by Chloe Delaume
who wrote the article for Up Street , a literary magazine that does some very neat work.
Gore + Chic = Very Chic
A designer on the borders of the real, moves fine arts into ready to wear.
Encounter with Oliver Goulet, activist of the methaphor.
Looking for that one of a kind wedding
dress for your special day........search no
more my Dear!
Want to modernize your burqa?
Beginning February. A small unpretentious Chinese restaurant. The waiter didn't ask me if i wanted the special, but Eric Arlix crossed
the room holding out a pod. That Arlix always has odd things. Bionic watches, trousers that are not made out of material and a pile of
thingamajigs that give me the impression I'm the most obsolete girl on Earth. And here he has stolen Allegra Geller's pod. I thought
he would bring out the PS3 but not at all. Just a bag he said. Even tho its called a Skin Bag & a modern artist made it. Its in latex in  
skin coloured tints, there are several models & its really practical. I noted the address of Oliver Goulet's site & I promised to tidy up
my DVD's. Even if ExistenZ starts to make incursions into the real I'm really going to be in the shit when its Shinings turn.
At last an epidemic polysemic accessory, a successful alchemy between captivating & repuisive for less complaisant fashion but
terrible efficacy."Thats the best possible definition of a Skin Bag. I ordered one & the first time I walked around with it I had the
impression I was taking part in an installation. Already because of its art work side: each bag is unique & numbered to reach maximum
personalisation. During the manufacturing process inscriptions, dedications, text, images or logos that characterise the future owner
are inserted into the material like tattos. And then the person's reactions are fairly lively, and the way they eye up this object makes
one presume they undergo a shock before thinking about it. People stopped me all along the way to the local store, astounded. It was
strange. In spite of myself I'd become a new kind of performance, ready to wear body art. But this sensation didn't last probably
because I spend more time in old ladies cafes than arty evenings. Twenty four hours after I got the Skin Bag it had become an
accessory, a singular one of course, totally integrated in my look. Its functional side imposed itself, a lot lighter than leather. Such
supple material allows to stuff in a quintal of muck and its always pleasant to wander around with a Mary Poppin's bag.
I wanted to see up closer if Oliver Goulet worked at Athena & if the equation proposed by Claude Closky to qualify the Skin Bag was
packed with unknowns or several degrees: Gore + Chic = Very Chic is an axiom that turns out to be fairly just in the end and the
meeting with this designer beyond norms allows one to briefly catch a glimpse of fashion as a fertile ground for artistic activism.
Below follows a very interesting interview with Oliver Goulet of where these ideas came from.
Chloe Delaume : Where Does The Skin Bag Come From?
Oliver Goulet : I been working on the idea of territory - skin - bodyorganism for years. La Ventede Terroitorre Par Correpondance ( mail
Order Territory Sales) lists & markets pieces of digitalized skin on Gilles Vergit's body through Internet. The idea of taking sample bits of
bodies was therefore already there. Then I marinated ideas on my Sac a Os (Bone Bag) project. I triturated the matter in all kinds of ways
until I succeeded into dividing it into two distinct propositions: La Relique de I'hommie bionique ( The Relic of the Bionic Man) which treats the
structural relationship of the functioning between man & machine; and the Skin Bag that develops the superficial, the pocket. The
disassociation of the skeleton & the epidermis allows me to preserve the metaphorical aspect of each proposition. On one side a flabby
container without a structure; on the other a skeletal structure without an envelope. Skin Bag is therefore the fruit of the show of slow
maturation that ended up with an object that is at once autonomous & bears multiple meanings. Its polysemy fascinates me.
Chloe Delaume : What Do You Mean by the Idea of Polysemy?