Mistress Muffy has been hard at work building the family
business back up to what it use to be in all its glory. She is
adding to the old recipes many new recipes that she has

The family was always known best for its soft caramels that
melt in your mouth. They were given the name "Heavenly
Caramels" by King Peter the 1st of Serbia, father of King
Alexander. The family has been making candies for the royal
families dating all the way back before the Ottoman invasion
of the 16th century.

The most popular time in history for our candies was during
the reign of King Alexander of the Royal House  of
Karadordevic, his mother, Princess Zorka of Montenegro,
who hailed from Romania bore 3 sons who, along with their
mother, were crazy for the Collins family caramels.

Family members started coming across the sea to the United
States during World War 1 and with them came copies of
the families candy recipes.

All through the centuries a part of the family ran the candy
business, prior to that, family members were employed by
Kings. During that time there were no shops allowed in
town, specialities were created for the Royal Family only.
Peasants were not allowed to share in the tasting of these
delicious delicacies nor could they afford to purchase this
type of expensive sweet.

The family recipes have stayed alive all these years and each
generation of family has developed and added new recipes
which has made quite a few recipes for the Mistress,
although it is written in text in the families history journals
that Mistresss Muffy has been the creator of the families best
seller.....Decandent Chocolate Truffles!
The Candies of
Mistress Muffy