In 1760, the Collins Family moves from Liverpool to Maine to expand the family empire and dedicate
them selves to establishing the coastal town of Collinsport. One year later they are successful and the city
of Collinsport is put in place. Then for 15 years, Joshua & Naomi Collins build their Collinswood mansion.
Their Servant, Angelique Bouchard has an unrequited love for their son Barnabas but he actually loves Josette
Dupres. But Angelique is a powerful witch that curses Barnabas, his family, his parents meet a mysterious death,
Josette does too & turns Barnabas into a Vampire. Then she brings the locals with tales that cause them to lock
him in a coffin & bury him for eternity.
In 1972, the young Victoria Winters comes to the decadent Collinwood to be the tutor of young David
Collins, who lost his Mother two years ago. Little does the Collins Family know that Victoria is there for  a
reason, she is in search of her mysterious origins. When she arrives she finds a dysfunctional family
composed by the devoted matriarch Elizabeth Stoddard Collins, head of the family business that is near
bankruptcy, her rebel daughter Caroline Stoddard, her brother & David's Father, Roger Collins, the
psychiatrist Doctor Julia Hoffmon that takes care of David & the servants, Willie Loomis & Mrs. Johnson.
When eleven construction workers awake & release Barnabas, he drinks their blood & returns to
Collinwood. He meets Elizabeth & she tells him that the family has been cursed. Then Barnabas shows her
a hidden room that is filled with treasure & he promises to protect them & assume the family business.
When he sees Victoria, he rekindles his love for her, but the witch Angelique is still alive & is prominent in
town & she has not forgotten Barnabas or that he broke her heart.
On this night a pale moon illuminates the walls of Collinwood  only to pass
periodically behind masses of clouds, leaving the great house in total darkness. A
night wind blows in from the sea, pass the cliffs where many have died, to
Collinwood itself. And as it rushes past the great house, a sighing can be heard.
The design & construction of this house represented a marriage of
the elegance of Europe & the vigor & enterprise of a new world.
The foundations were made of rocks left behind by glaciers,
thousands of years ago.

The beams & supports were cut from ancient local forests. The
plaster walls were made from crushed clam shells & horsehair.
Bricks were imported from Holland. That dusty chandelier was
brought over from France, gleamed with hypnotic brilliance.
The faded wallpaper was especially designed by a Belgian artist.
The parquet floors were installed by an Italian craftsman. Cornices
& moldings were the effort of an Spanish craftsman. It was a house
to be envied by a prince. But in spite of all this, the total effort was
an agony to man.
Men were driven to their limits. What should have been an act &
labor of love became a hateful thing. There were the crippled &
the dead. Like the pyramids, one could ask, "Was it worth it?"
One could compare the pyramids to this house. Both were built to
support an ego & perpetuate a memory, but both merely survived
as architectual feats.
Sunset at Collinwood, and the coldness of night settles in. This
is a coldness that comes not from the air, but from a place that
is still & deep.
Some say it is the call from the dead to the living. For one woman there is terror in
the night, for the dead are calling to her, beckoning her to the cliffs where others
have died before. And in a dream, she is having a premonition of her own death.
Dream of the Three Widows
There is a cliff by Collinwood that by legend was created for those
that lost all hope, because their existence has become intolerable. It
is a place of the dividing line between life & death. There is one who
has come to this place, seeking an escape from problems that have
become insurmountable.
Angelique Bouchard
Elizabeth Collins Stoddard
Caroline Stoddard, daughter of Elizabeth
Roger Collins, her Brother
David Collins, Roger's Son
Near the ancient walls of Collinwood there are cliffs that project
upward for hundreds of feet from the turbulent sea below. Some say the
cliffs are haunted for three women have died here. And yet according to
the legend, their spirits remain, lingering to beckon another to her death.
One desperate woman has become obsessed by this legend for she is
beginning to believe that she is destined to fulfill it. Destined to die on
the rocks below the cliffs. Summoned there by voices beyond the grave.
Death walks among us, calling upon those he has chosen. And they
follow him, for there is no alternative. He chooses his meeting places
well, and arranges the time with great care. But there are those who seek
him out, and ask for escape from the burdens life imposes.
There is a terrible secret at Collinwood. It is the secret of
one who must forever walk the night. Of one who has
already struck terror into the heart and mind of someone
innocent. But there are barriers that have kept the secret
from being known. Barriers that are kept from revealing the
evil that threatens many others.
About David's fiance: She is really a stranger to the family.
Every member of the Collins family has reacted to her presence
in a different way. The strongest and the strangest reaction has
come from a small boy.
Just as one man is driven by a desperate kind of hope, so is another driven by confusion and fear.
Victoria winters joins the group in the drawing room, where 5 chairs have
been arranged around a table. The Collins history book is brought to the
table. Julia reminds them that physical manifestations are rare, and
stresses to everyone the desire to have the right attitude for the ceremony
to be successful. With everyone ready the seance begins
A sudden storm over the great house of Collinwood. The heavens are full
of unrest as the house itself. Perhaps the spirits which disturb the house
will finally make themselves known. Or perhaps they will only bring new
horror, new grief.
A violent storm rages over Collinwood. Its ferocity and terror reaches
everywhere and out of the tempestuous blackness comes a horror that
cannot be explained.
There are sections of Collinwood that have been cut off for more
than 50 years. Dusty rooms and dark, haunted corridors. Rooms
that no one ever sees.
I've watched Dark Shadows devoutly everyday when I came home from school. I went to a catholic
school and we got out at 2:30 and ran home to turn on our TV sets. All the kids watched it & then it
was discussed in school the next day. It was especially popular and more so in my life. Ya see my last
name was "Collins". St. Turibius is where I attended school, a mostly all Polish congregation, there
were a few of us that were not Polish and it's a good thing we had good senses of humor because we
got teased a lot especially the Irish kids. I was Irish and 1/2 Yugoslavian which was never brought up.
But the worse part of all of this was my last name>>>COLLINS.
I was a very large kid since kindergarten but I always got along great with my class mates. I was
teased mercifully about being part of the Collins family from the show. Ya know how kids can be but
it was all in good fun.
Dark Shadows was the first gothic soap opera. It was aired weekdays on ABC. It
was created by Dan Curtiss and became unbelievably popular with the introduction
of it's notorious vampire, Barnabas Collins.
It ran 1225 episodes and included in those episodes ghosts, werewolves, zombies,
man made monsters, witches, warlocks, grave robbing, curses, possession, seance,
reincarnation, satanic cults, time travel and parallel universe.
It now has an intense cult following. There are also 3 major motion pictures, a 1991
revival series, and a bunch of novels, comics and audio dramas. There is also a set
of cd's with every episode available in the collection.
The great estate of Collinwood rests on cliffs high above the sea, and
on a quiet afternoon such as this, a familiar sound is the pounding of
the surf. Waves crashing against sand, only to return to the sea
whence they came. There is a sense of timelessness here for the sea is
eternal, as human lives are not.
But there are moments when a sense of timelessness can pervade the
human mind. Moments when the past seem to intermingle with the
present. There is one who knows such a moment, not realizing it
represents an imminent threat. The approach of a violent and
terrifying danger
A late afternoon sun sets slowly over the great house at
Collinwood, and soon an evil game of life and death will
be resumed. No one fears the approaching darkness more
than a young man that lives in the small cottage on the
estate. For he knows that with the coming of the full moon
he will experience a painful and hideous transformation
from man to predatory animal.
The great halls of Collinwood are clothed in darkness, a darkness
sinister and impenetrable as the secrets of the great estate.
Night over the turreted house of Collinwood, a night made
ominous by the eerie glow of a full moon, its rays lighting
the deserted great house, as well as the old mausoluem,
where in a secret room, the animal who walks as a man
hides from the moons changing light.
He hides too from two people from his past, one of whom
knows his secret and cannot speak. The other is
determined to force the secret out.
Collinwood before the turn of the century and Quentin Collins
has become the victim of an evil curse that will follow him all
the days of his life. On this night with the rising of the full
moon, a young woman finds out the terrible thing he is destined
to become.
The year is 1897 at the great estate of Collinwood, and this
night a new horror hides in the forest surrounding the house
as a new moon signals a transformation.
It all started in 1965 when Dan Curtis had a dream about a woman on a train.
The halls of Collinwood are filled with conflict and suspicion.
Questions are being asked and very few answers are being given.
Collinwood is a cauldron of tension.
I can still remember the words I heard the night I arrived
at Collinwood: Welcome to the beginning and the end of
the world. They had no meaning for me then, but now
they seem terribly real.
As real as the mysteries of this strange dark house. And
the troubled souls that live within its walls. As real as the
passing minutes, and the growing fear they bring.
Violent death is not a stranger to Collinwood, where the
wind howls in anguish in mourning for departed souls. It
seems to be asking...Why are they dead?
Collinwood has a reputation for ghosts and spectres and
the unseen widows who weep for their men missing at sea.
I had always scoffed at these ghost stories until last night.
Darkness hovers over Collinwood like a stroud, and
somewhere in that darkness exists the presence of an evil
force. Someone with the power of enormous destruction at
his command. He has been waiting to strike, waiting to
destroy and tonight perhaps he has.
A seance was held in the great house at Collinwood, a seance which sent
Victoria Winters back on an uncertain & frightening journey to the past,
back to the Collins Family who lived in the year 1795.
An evil woman is at work in the old Collins mansion. She has sown the
seeds of intrigue & deceit within the family. She has aroused suspicions
of witchcraft, but those suspicions have been directed at one who is
Angelique, the Witch
Cousin Quentin
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