The Art of Miss Cakehead
People are saying its gonna be the most talked about scare attraction of
2014......"Cakeageddon"..... the worlds first edible horror farm. brought to you
from the infamous Miss Cakehead & her "Eat Your Heart out" food artist
network. Visit it at "Standalone Farm" & eat the worlds most terrifying cake
installations. Expect rotting life sized cake corpses, marzipan maggots & edible
scenes that are guaranteed to upset those with even the strongest of stomachs.
Could you really call this creative food presentation........well, I don't know.
These folks push the limits of edible art. Her shop called "Eat Your Heart Out"
is a London based globally infamous Halloween pop up cake shop. Don't miss
checking out her website & Facebook page.
Diabetic Ulcer Cupcakes w/ Maggots
Red Velvet Slaughtered Pig
The Ultimate Halloween Cake
Devil Horse
This cake was entered in "The Feed the Beast" show
sponsered by Kraken Rum by the Tattooed Bakers
Here we see the incredible life sized rum liquer
chocolate body parts.
Meet Miss Cakehead
Emma Thomas aka Miss Cakehead challenged the idea if a cake be offensive. She
sells 100's of cakes & confections over the Halloween Season.
What a Cake!!