So... they say the biggest facter with the transition of
Morgan to Fear the Walking Dead is the time line.
Fear is years behind The Walking Dead in terms of
the apocalypse. Morgan will transition in season 8 to
meet up in Texas with Madison, so we can see a time
jump for Fear in season 4.
A Piece of the Past
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Season 1
Fear of the Walking Dead takes place in the same
time frame as The Walking Dead. According to
Tobias, there were already outbreaks in five states
when FEAR started and with nothing reported in
the news other than a strange virus, is it possible
that Dr. Jenner is counting from the first case that
the CDC became aware of rather than the first case
that the public became aware of. Since there were
no cases reported of Walker infection in the five
states mentioned in Fear, it's possible that the
infection was underway at the time Rick was shot.
Fear the Walking Dead
OK where does it all start?
Season 2
Season One Castmates
Madison Clark -  Also known as Maddy by her students before the fall,
originally from Alabama, was a guidance counselor at The Paul R. Williams
high school in El Sereno, Cal.. Prior to the zombie apocalypse she helped
students prepare for their future. She brought up 2 children after the death of
her husband Stephan Clark in an auto accident.
Nick Clark - He is a 19 year old former drug addict. Before the fall, his
mother Madison sent him to rehab several times, but Nick reached a point
where no one could tell him what to do or force him into recovery. He would
have to do that all by himself. Nick wants to prove he can rebuild his life, and
ironically, the apocalypse might provide him with that opportunity.
An American horror
television drama companion
of AMC's original The
Walking Dead.
 First season premiered
August 23, 2015 with 6 episodes.
Travis Manawa - He is described as a good man trying to do good by
everyone in his life, he is in his early 40's and is of Maori decent. He use to
teach English at the high school, and is Madison's fiance and Chris
Manawa's father. He lives with Madison and her kids, and his son Chris lives
with his Mother, Liza Ortiz.
Alicia Clark - She is a driven teenager and the daughter of Madison Clark.
Before the fall she went to Paul R. Williams high school, her father died when
she was 11, and like her brother, she was deeply affected by the loss. Unlike
Nick she excels in every area of life he fails in. Alicia planned to go the
University of California at Berkeley, and was already contacted by the institute
as well as making plans for the future with her boyfriend Matt Sale.
Chris Manawa - He is the son of Liza & Travis, he is a smart & rebellious
teenager. He does not approve of his parents splitting up. He went to St.
George's Christian Academy and his girlfriend is Maria. He has both his
father's do good attitude and his mother's edge. He feels his mother was
neglected by his father and he resents the fact that Travis is trying to bring
his 2 families together,
Liza Manawa - Divorced from Travis, they were married 13 years and
separated 3. She is a no nonsense person, single mother, working her way
through nursing school. Nursing has been her dream and now that she is on
her own she is pursuing it. She has been described as a multi tasking
whirlwind focused on her future and her son.
Daniel Salazar - He was a soldier in the Salvadoran junta during the Civil War in
the 1980's. He escaped by fleeing to America as a refugee, where he raised a
family with his wife and now owns a barbershop. He took great pride in his
business but kept mostly to himself in the community. Some of his regulars had
been going to his barbershop for years, but barely knew him. When people began
rising from the dead, Salazar reverted to the man he was in El Salvador, a man
who will do anything to ensure the survival of his family.
Ofelia Salazar - She is the daughter of Daniel & Griselda. She was born &
raised after her parents moved to LA. This means she does not know much
about her parents background before the move from El Savador. Her most
notorious trait is her fierce protectiveness over her parents. Unlike her
parents her spanish is not very fluent.
Griselda Salazar - Strong, big hearted, quiet and deeply religious. She trust
only 2 people on the planet and would die for either of them. Her husband and
her daughter. She seems quite passive because of her not understanding or
speaking the English language but that is not who she is at all.
Supporting Castmates
Not much is known from a National or International point of
view of the events that led to the fall of civilization. What
information does exist is partial. In particular there doesn't
seem to be any information available on the source or cause
of the virus.
We can see that much more was known about the crisis
than was revealed to the public at the time.
Madison's drug addict son, Nick is hit by a car after fleeing the
abandoned church where him & his girlfriend were getting high. He finds
her eating the face of a person that was also in the church. Madison
along with Alicia and Travis is trying to figure out what happened to him.
They eventually discover it might be linked to the mysterious illness that
is spreading quickly through LA.
After they escape the riot Travis
and his family seek refuge with the
As civil unrest grows, Madsion and Travis try to figure out a way to protect their families.
I think they wanted to show each of the characters and how they would
survive something like this from ground zero, at very different levels of
their lives, because the original show, you have the adults and you have
the very young kids, and for us we now have the teenagers and the
young adults and we have all different cultures. But I think they really
want to tap into every other aspect of how people would react, so that
everybody has somebody to relate too.    Told by Ofelia.
Dr. Bethany Exner - She is a doctor for the US government. She runs the
medical ward at the command post and takes care of people needing medical
help and those running a high temperature who may have the virus.
Art Costa - Art serves as the principle of Paul R. Williams High School. During a school
day observes much of his staff watching a video regarding a walker attacking
emergency service. The next day Art is shocked to only see 5 students get off the
school bus because of the flu. Somewhere in the school he gets bit just like Matt.
Matt Sale - Matt is the boyfriend of Alicia. He has a sort role in the series as
he gets bit and dies early on.
It's used for livestock. Traumatic brain injury is
the only thing that stops it. It's the only way to
stop them. She'll turn Liza and we don't want
her to turn.       Dr. Bethany Exner
Tobias - He is wise beyond his years and a student at the high school. He
runs into Madison while she is at the school looking for drugs to help Nick.
Together they tackle Art and Tobias explains to her what is going on on the
internet about the virus. She knew nothing about it. Tobias was the 1st
character to talk of the virus.
Cpl. Andrew Adams - He's a corporal officer in the US military, he has good
intentions but out of his element. He does not fit the mold of an soldier as he
is a questioner and sensitive. He carries on a relationship with Ofelia while on
his post. Andrew tells Daniel of the 2000 infected at the stadium.
Lt. Moyers - Moyers is not good at managing civilians, and can be dismissive
of their questions and concerns offering little or no explanation. He is
domineering and direct. His bluntness makes everyone uncomfortable. He is
assigned to guarding Travis' neighborhood & clearing the surrounding area
Victor Strand -Victor is a mysterious character who has acquired great
personal wealth. He appears to have some knowledge of the outbreak and
how it manifest in humans. He has adapted quickly to the new the new world,
telling Nick the only way to survive a mad world is to embrace the madness.
Tobias states that there were reported
infections in five states, but no mention was
made of which states. It wasn't until season 2,
when Travis talks to George Geary, we learn
which states, Arizona, Oregon, Colorado,
Washington and a 6th, Utah.
Therefore the initial infection began west of the
continental divide and spread eastward across
the country as well as into Canada, when
naming cities that have fallen Greary mentioned
The time varies from person to person, but we
know that muscle impulse resumes after
death...any death. They all come back. We all
come back. This is a captive bolt pistol.