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There are things in this world that we do not fully understand. We want Answers.
We have worked for years to build our credibility, our reputation. Walking along
side the most renowned professionals in the field. Catching groundbreaking proof
of the paranormal.This is our evidence, our Ghost Adventures.
New 2018
Psychic medium, Amy Allen, has an established sixth sense & an affinity for channeling the dead along
side former NYPD homocide detective, Steve DiSchiavi with more than 21 years of service.
They investigate locations & properties that people have reported paranormal activity. Each explore the
case on their own & then link up at the end of the investigation to compare notes. The show started in
2011 and is broadcast on the Travel Network.
American TV reality show led by demonologist, John Zaffis, it featured a team of paranormal investigators who
explored alleged haunted locations with the hopes of identifying & removing any on-site artifacts or objects that
may be the source of the supposed paranormal or poltergeist activity.
Just like the room of objects in "The Conjuring", that Ed
& Lorraine Warren had collected over the years.
2011-2013 on SYFY.
Nick Groffe
Led by Yvette Fielding, Most Haunted was a British
paranormal mystery reality TV series. The program
investigated reported paranormal activity in many
locations in the U.K. & Ireland and other countries.
2002- 2010
American TV Reality series interviewing various celebrities who talk about
paranormal events that have happened in their lives, while showing dramatic
re-enactment footage of the activity they experienced.  2009
An American Paranormal Documentary TV series made by a British Production Company featuring eyewitness accounts with scary
re-enactments from everyday people who have paranormal activity. it was also shown on Really & Watch in the United Kingdom. Ranked as
one of the top new original series, Paranormal Witness was renewed for a second season set to premiere in August 2012 with 12 new episodes.
Based on high ratings of the 1st three episodes for Season 2. Paranormal Witness was renewed for a 3rd season with 20 new episodes. It started
September 7, 2011 on SYFY.
American Paranormal Anthology TV Series that depicts eyewitness accounts of possession, exorcism & ghostly encounters.
Haunting featured narrations, interviews, and re-enactments based on various accounts of paranormal experience at reported
locations, mostly residential. Aired 2005 - 2007 on the  Discovery Channel, which produced 4 seasons of 39 episodes. After a
5 year hiatus, New Dominion Productions began producing and airing new episodes of a A Haunting on the Destination
America Channel in 2012. A 7th season of the show premiered in 2014.
Is a paranormal investigation that began airing in 2010 on SYFY. It follows
a team of investigators led by former FBI Agent Ben Hansen, who review
various photographs & viral-video's gathered from around the globe.
If a particular piece of evidence is deemed intriguing enough to warrant
further investigation, they set out to recreate & explain the sighting.
2010 SYFY.
This is the 12th season of Ghost Adventures with host Zak Bagans, assisting him sidekick Aaron
Goodman, A/V Tech Billy Tolley and Jay Wasley as they travel to a new haunted destination each week
where they meet with locals, eyewitnesses & experts to piece together the haunted history of each site.
As they interview eyewitnesses and historians at each haunted location, arming themselves
with the stories of the ghost they will later provoke & confront during the lockdown.
Then they begin a dusk till dawn "lockdown" investigation, using the latest scientific gadgets &
technology to confront the reported paranormal activity & document key evidence in an effort to
uncover the truth behind each haunted mystery.
In some cases victims are able to successfully resolve their paranormal issues, while in others victims are forced to vacate their residence. Certain
episodes have also featured commentary from famed demonologists and clairvoyant Ed and Lorraine Warren, who have actually investigated some
of these places
The program features narrations, interviews and dramatic re-enactments based on various accounts of paranormal experience
at reported and mostly residential locations. It originally began as a 2 feature length specials., A Haunting in Conneticut and A
Haunting in Georgia.
Episodes of the shows on these pages follow a frequent recurring pattern, in which victims of hauntings keep noticing peculiar incidents that actually
become more frequent & bizarre. Denial is most often the first reaction. As the situation escalates, and every possible conventional explanation is
explored and found wanting, they either contact a paranormal investigator, or a member of the clergy or a spiritual medium for assistance.
We have paranormal encounters, including traditional hauntings, demonic activity, ghost attacks, possessions and cryptic visions. There are
incidents from across the United States. Episodes can be set in houses, apartments, farms, commercial areas, and a lot of old historical places and
areas. Some of the shows will present re-enactments which are accompanied by commentary from eyewitnesses and investigators themselves.
The Ghostbusters
Aaron Goodman, Zak Bagan, Billy Tolley & Jay Wasley
Ghost Hunters, an American Paranormal Reality TV Series on SYFY. The ghost
hunting team is headed by its founders John Hawes & Grant Wilson who explored
the places that were haunted. Together with other trained specialists these men
attempt to capture evidence of the paranormal while helping people who believe
they are experiencing a haunting.
There are many people around that do not
believe in ghosts but if they are not real then
why do we have so many ghostbusting shows?
Here are some of them.
If you believe in ghosts you are not alone. Cultures all
around the world believe in spirits that survive death to
live in another realm. In fact ghosts are amongst the
most widely believed of paranormal phenomenon.
Millions of people are interested in ghosts, and a 2013
Harris Poll  found that 43% of Americans believe in
ghosts. It wasn't until recently that ghosts hunting
became a widespread interest around the world.
Much of this is due to the hit Syfy cable TV series
"Ghost Hunters", now in its second decade. The show
spawned dozens of spinoffs and imitators and its not
hard to see why the show is so popular: the premise is
that anyone can look for ghosts.
1. Ghost Adventures
2. Ghost Hunters
3. Dead Files
4. Paranormal Witness
5. A Haunting
6. Destination Truth
7. Paranormal Lockdown
8. Ghost Hunter Internationals
9. Celebrity Ghost Stories
10. Haunted Collector
11. Facts or Faked
12.Ghost Mine
13.Unsolved Mysteries
14. Scariest Places on Earth
15. Ghost Asylum
16. My Ghost Story
17. The Haunting Of
18. Haunted Highway
19. Psychic kids
20. Paranormal Challenge
21. Most Haunted
22. Ghost Hunters Academy
23. The Haunted
24. Mysteries of the Museum
25. In Search Of
26. Ghost Lab
27. Unsealed Alien Files
28. My Haunted House
30. Deep South Paranormal
31. Monster Quest
32. UFO Hunters
33. When Ghosts Attack
34. Ghost Detectives
35. Alaska Hunting
36. American Horror Story
37. The Unexplained Files
38. UFO Files
39. Monsters & Mysteries
40. Long Island Medium
41. Alaska Hunting
42. Finding Bigfoot
43. Ghost Stalkers
44. Ghost Brothers
45. Beyond & Back
46. The Ghost Inside My Child
47. Living Dead Paranormal
48. Stranded
49. Kindered Spirits
50. Paranormal After Party
51. Chasing UFO's
52. Extreme Paranormal
53. Hauntings of England
54. Phantasmic Ghost Hunters
55. Terror in the Woods
56. Real Scary Stories
57. Fear
58. Haunted in New England
My name is Amy Allan. I see dead people. I speak to dead people. And they speak to me. But
there's only one way to know if my findings are real. I rely on my partner.
I'm Steve DiSchiavi. I am a retired New York City homicide detective. And I know
every person, every house has secrets. It's my job to reveal them.
But Steve and I never speak.
We never communicate during an investigation.
Until the very end.
Or get out.
Then we uncover whether its safe for you to stay.
Each episode begins with Amy's initial walk through of the investigation
site. Amy's assistant Matt(her ex husband) visits the location prior to her
arrival and removes anything that might distract or influence her during her
channeling session, items such as family pictures, trinkets or personnel
In her walk through Amy appears to communicate with ghosts and spirits
and gathers information to be used throughout the course of the episode.
The walk through is inter-cut with footage of Steve gathering facts by
researching the history of the location and interviewing witnesses who
claimed to have experienced paranormal phenomena
Amy collaborates with a sketch artist to describe the entities she
claims to have channeled during her walk through. In the end, Steve
and Amy meet together with their client for the presentation of
evidence and to determine whether its safe for them to stay or time
to get out.
Matthew Anderson
Zaffis admits he was very skeptical of the existance of
ghosts, until one Wednesday evening when he was 16
and saw a transparent apparition at the foot of his bed
shaking its head back and forth.
This incident piqued his interest in the paranormal and
set him about talking to the authorities on the subject
and reading about the paranormal. Zaffis spent his 1st
years studying under his uncle and aunt, Ed & Lorraine
Warren, both demonologists.
In 1998 Zaffis started The Paranormal &
Demonology Research Society of New
England. He has over 40 years as a
paranormal investigator.
Co star Jason Hawes said Zaffis counseled him
after he began seeing apparitions at the age of
20. Hawes credits Zaffis with his career as a
ghost hunter.
When he told his mother of the incident, Zaffis learned
of his grandfather, when he was alive, always shook his
head when he was upset about something. In the next
few days Zaffis' grandmother, who lived with him, died.
He runs the Museum of the Paranormal in
The show features him, his son, and his
daughter along with three other crew members
searching for ghosts. The premise of the show
is that the crew finds an item in a building that
may have some sort of connection with a