I think gypsies are wonderful, adventurous, magical folk. They have
mystical talents, great big weddings, handsome strong men, nobody dances
like them, they have those belly dancing moves, festive music, some of the
best violinist & guitarist around, a wonderful long history of existence,
talents, they have mastered the art of being carefree, fiery passion, scary
tempers, hot blood, beauty, great horses, good food and some of them
travel in those cute carts. Lets explore these attributes...shall we?
Mystical Talents
Great Big Weddings
These weddings are simply spectacular. We would never know weddings like
these exsisted without the show being on TV. Where did they find these dresses?
Strong Handsome Men
Nobody dances like them, they have those belly dancing moves
a wonderful & long history of existence
Great Horses
The Cute Carts
Festive Music
Good Food
The Gypsy
The Collins Family has always had a great respect for Gypsies.
Centuries ago when the Collins Family migrated here from Europe
the Gypsy families that worked & lived on the Collins Estate
migrated along with our family.
The Gypsies have always lived on the estate along with their families. We have a great
admiration for them & how loyal they have been to our family. This page is a dedication to
them. Their mystical talents have always assisted the family with its unusual situations.
True Gypsies from the old country have a true
understanding of evil & its way. They have
much knowledge of Vampires & Werewolves &
know how to coincide with these evil beings.
Their mystical abilities exceed many of the
cultures who also practice these rituals. Crystal
Ball readings, Tea Leaves, Palm Reading, Tarot
Cards and much more.
Being a Gypsy is simply living a nomadic way of life. But not really....anymore. These days
90% of Gypsies across the world live in houses. Being nomadic is more common in western
Europe. But even here only 50% of Gypsies live in caravans. They live in houses here in the
States but they take their culture inside. (I still think the Carts are lovely.)