Where Werewolves Roam.....the real Transylvainan Forest
October 2014
Working on updating the web site & decorating at the same
time. I'm worried....I fear we may not open at all this season,
my illness has progressed more & I just can't get the work
done. Still not sure if its gonna happen.
September 2, 2014
Well I had an August 27th shipping date on Velma & Evander
& they arrived today. There was just a handful of people who
had trouble with them working so we broke them out of the
September 3, 2014
New Page Alert
Worked on Gore Goodies  11
September 2014
Gore Goodies  12
New Page Alert
September 2014
New Page Alert
Gore Goodies  13
September 1, 2014
New Page Alert
New Page Alert
New Page Alert
New Page Alert
Have most of the work completed
on Gore Goodies 10.
Have added lots of new recipes, some I have been sitting on awhile, the rest are from being in
search of things my crew like to eat! It's gonna take me awhile to shoot pictures but eventually
I'll get them all in there. Hope you enjoy the variety.
I've had my brain, heart, skeleton & eye molds for so long & still have not tried them. Just
bought the face and I got a skeleton face. I always run out of time the closer it gets to Halloween.
Every year I say I'm gonna make them & every year I go searching for recipes. So here is my file
of recipes some untried. For sure as I make each one I will add photos & my personal notes as to
how it went....ya know tried & true........but at least they are all in one spot.
September 1, 2014
Learn the mysteries of GARLIC.
August 22, 2014
Special Feature Edition
Death Becomes Her : A Century of Mourning
Attire. Here we explore the different styles of
the Mourning Dress. Exhibit will be featured
at the Metropolitan Art Museum in New York
this October.
August 24, 2014
Did some work to Halloween Food  6. Got the
recipes in for the food items but have to shoot
pictures & add.
August  2014
Tribute to Gothic. A look at some of the most
elaborate styles of the 18th century.
August 23, 2014
Special Feature
Gore Goodies 7 the Brains.....created this page to
house several different recipes I've collected online
to make the infamous Brains for our parties.
Recipes in place but have to shoot photos, (  ain't
gonna happen fast for sure).
New Items
2013 we got a bunch of new items but did not
get any photos. Some of the new stuff never
made it out the boxes. So I will be sure to get
pictures as we unpack this year. Got some
pics posted already.
August 2014
A new page added ...... Halloween Food  8.....
some of my favorite recipes....pictures to follow.
August 26, 2014
New Page Alert : Girly Halloween
Stuff.....stuff that will interest the girls,
nails, makeup.....storage!
August 15, 2014
The Perfect Party Menu....simply
Outrageous! Check it out!
August 2014
August 2014
August 2014
Check out the "Funeral Parlor" page
to view some gorgeous hearses.
Adding new recipe pages...Gore
Goodies 9, 10 & 11.
The Gypsy
New Page Alert
A dedication page to the
wonderful Gypsies that have
worked for the Collins family
since the early 1700's & are still
with us today!
Lets Get in the MOOD!
August 2014
New Page Alert
Gypsy Stew!....the real thing!
August  2014
New Page Alert
Collinwood Manor....come take a
peek inside the spectacular mansion!
August 2014
August 8, 2014
A real Gypsy Spell!
OK...we started cleaning the
garage & getting the Halloween
stuff out.
New Page Alert
Gurganus Peanut outlet in Virginia
Here's Jerry Checking things out!
Trick or Treaters ready to go!
Halloween Family Photo's
Greetings to all the families that visited
Collinwood841 for Halloween 2013!
Thank You so much for coming. Plans
are already being made to bring you a
bigger Collinwood841 this year. We
hope you all had a good time last year &
we wanted to let you know that we had a
little over 400 Trick or Treaters &
approx. 200 adults come through. For
2014 we are purchasing a head counter
from Laniers so we have an exact count
of how many come through. We are glad
to make Halloween something the whole
family can enjoy!
The pictures once again will be in the
albums. The photo's will be pictured in
Picturetrail.com & the password to get
in is "muffy7". The photo's of the
families are in the albums along with
some of the albums containing the
decorated house. Hope you all had a
good time and we look forward to
seeing you Halloween night 2014!

Jerry, Debbie & Joe
We are finally getting started
working on projects so I'll be
adding photo's & instructions
to the projects section.
August 2014
Started working on updating the
website. Starting in the food
pages. Lots of lots of lots of
photos to shoot for the recipe
pages. Gonna take sometime.
August 2014
Well greetings fellow haunters. I have finally returned from the dead. Yes I
have been away from my site for sometime (2 yrs.) due to ongoing health
issues which are still in progress. I'm going to be working on my site to get it
cleaned up & updated. I fell behind both with my site & my group, the
North Carolina Haunters Group & also the Online Building Group from the
Halloween Forum. Hope to perhaps get things moving although I'm pretty
slow these days.
Plans for 2014 & 2015 : To get as many odds & ends done as we can. I have
many projects started that need to get done. Also we need to do more work
on design of the funeral parlor, the cemetery, the gypsy tent & the Egyptian
This is our cat Charlie who is 26, he said to wake him
up Halloween Night! He is always part of my witch
costume....a broom & a black cat!
August 12, 2009
Joey has diligently been working on
getting that old sewing machine of
my Grandmothers working so he can
finish the Monks cloaks. He took the
machine by his Dad yesterday, his
dad was a professional commercial
sewing machine technician, so we got
her going now. Auntie is sending
yards of material to help make the
monks costumes. Watch the monks
section in projects.
August 2014
Okay!! Joey is getting the sewing
machine out & I think the monks
costumes may actually make an
appearance this year. We
have 2 cloaks done & 4 more to
sew. As soon as we get some work
done around here we'll set up the
machine & start sewing these guys
outfits & start building them.
October 2014 UPDATE
Well I been pretty sick these
last 2 months so we are behind
terribly. Monks cloaks......look
for them 2015
Updates 2014
We Adopted a New Child!
Meet Halloween Homer!
We Won!!!
Above link takes you to our
coffin contest page....it is under
May 16, 2008
Halloween Forum presents
the "Coffin Contest". Hey,
Hey we won! Thank You to
everyone that voted for us!
August 12, 2014
Added the witches bottles & jars page & more pictures of the creepy caramel apples in
Projects 2007 - 2008 under Misc. Projects. Gonna try and make some more apples &
rotten cotton candy. Want to add roaches, ants & spiders to the apples so we can use
them in 3 different scenes, the witches lair, the cadaver cafe & in the Candy kitchen
where the kids get their treats.
August 14, 2014
The arch needs an overhaul for this season.
August 2014
Cleaning the garage which has a million more things in it since 2009, has
become a chore. There was an additional 5 years of buying stuff to add to
the haunt....so now we really got a lot plus more is coming cause we have
not started building the mummy dig yet & the cemetery needs major
renovations & all new tombstones & such. Those flea markets, garage sales
& auction houses really come in handy. As far as labels for candy bags, well
we just run out of time every year & never seem to get around to making
them anymore. They were a lot of work, the design, the printing & the cost
of ink to make that many, then the cutting out, trimming & pasting them to
each bag. Whew....when did I have that much energy.
So now we just hand candy out from the bowl. Last year we did not have
time to make the brownies but we are gonna try this year. It takes awhile to
bake & individually wrap over 600 brownies!
Witches hats have been out but
need a major redo for season 2015.
2014 - North Carolina Haunters Group
I've decided to leave all this stuff from North Carolina haunters in tack. Due to my illness
it just all kinda fell apart, but oh we had good times. Talking on the Halloween Board is
one thing but getting together with these fine folks was just great! We shared a lot, we
learned a lot & enjoyed each others company all having the most important thing in
common.....the love of Halloween!! Hopefully we can pull this all together & start it up
again some time in the future. After 12 years of searching for a doctor that might just be
able to help me, I finally found one. There is a lot of damage from the years of this
condition but we are going to try & put me back together again. Its gonna take a lot of
time, but there is always>>>>>>Next Halloween!!~
North Carolina Haunters
Photo's from Our "Make&Take"
July 25, 2009
The North Carolina Haunters met at Dave in the Graves house for a
wonderful day of Halloween talk & the viewing of a lot of terrific props
that Dave has built. We discussed what we were working on in getting
ready for Halloween & also made plans for the August meet.
September 4, 2009
Well we are getting more & more photo's from our "Make & Takes", so
Mr. Spookineer opened us an account in Photobucket & we will be storing
some of the photos in there. The user name to get in is : NC-Haunters & the
password is : halloween. This page was closed down.
April 22, 2009
Greetings All!! We are getting ready to have our 3rd North Carolina
Haunters Group get together coming up May 2, 2009. As you know this is a
newly formed group so we are working on how we'd like to run things. This
meet is different & Mr. Spookineer had an idea of doing mini seminars. We
also will be covering aging & weathering of tombstones. I'll be sure this time
to get good photos.
March 14, 2009
The meet for tombstone building is coming up this Saturday. Its looking
like we are gonna have a good size group & I will be sure to get plenty of
pictures as I did not get any at the January meet cause we were having
such a good time I forgot to grab the camera.
January 6, 2009
We had our 1st meet of the North Carolina Haunter Prop Building
Group & what a good time we had. The meet was a party at my house
where we ate hardy & talked about getting together & what we wanted
to build in the future meets. Some of the members brought along things
that they made which got everybody even more excited. Fun part is
everybody had their own style of building things so I think we can learn
a lot from each other. First official build is March 14th & we are
starting out with an easier project.........tombstone building......I'll have
pictures soon!
August 24, 2009
Well yesterday we got a major start on the start of
things. The garage got cleaned, the organ got
moved in the house & so did quite a few boxes of
decorations. I've started work on my TOT bags,
labels all done & getting glued on. The cloaks for
the monks.....well the 1st one is finished now only
5 more to go. Witches hats all got the 1st layer of
paper mache.
Old Contest News
July 10, 2008
Halloween Forum presents the
latest contest...."Scare Scene".
We would like to thank everyone that
voted for us! Thank you to all the
participants in the contest, to all the
forum members that supported the
contest, to Larry for coming up with this
contest & to Rob from Body Bag for
providing the 1st, 2nd & 3rd place prizes!
We Won!
Old Entries
June 21,2008
Added the bridal dress that will
be worn for the funeral scene.
Its in Projects 2008 - 2009
under "Wedding Party".
June 21, 2008
More pictures coming soon on
the candy coffins! We're just
completing the 1st batch of 26.
Started adding photos of
making the egg rolls to
Halloween Food
May 17, 2008
Cook with the Baby Ghouls!
Beware of what they add to
their entrees. Find them on
Creepy Cuisine Halloween
Food 5. Morticia is there too!
April 29, 2008
In Halloween Food 3, pictures
have been added for the
Collins Family cheese torta.
April 29, 2008
Check the all new "Gore
Goodies  4 for eyeballs &
steamed ear skins.
August 12, 2009
Pulling everything out to paint
the arch for the cemetery
September 7, 2008
More pictures have been added
to the candy coffins pictures
but we need to add text.
August 12, 2008
We got our skeleton cages done
for the 2008 season. Pictures
are posted...instructions to
August 4, 2008
Just adding Oven Cooked
Brain Pieces to Creepy Cuisine
Halloween Food 5.
June 21, 2008
Halloween Too section you will
find play by play pictures on
how to make Guacomole!
April 29, 2008
In Projects 2008 - 2009 section
a new cemetery arch is being
built in the "Pillars for the
Gates" section.
August 12, 2009
Just added Pumpkin Bread &
Banana bread to "Sweets to
Die For".
August 12, 2009
Found some folks on Craigs
list that have corn stalks that
we could cut, she said they are
6 - 8 ft. high. Just what I'm
looking for! Going to get them
tomorrow. Gonna feel like
Fall(only its 96 degrees here
but I can pretend!)
October 29, 2008
Just created 2 pages of party
gifts & favors for your guests!
October 29, 2008
Just adding some catering info
& ice sculpture info on "the
Perfect Party Menu".
October 2014
Sweets To Die For pages 2, 3, 4
& 5 are all new!
New Pages Alert
Check out the new antique organ
in "New Haunt Items".
Looking for Pumpkin Recipes?
Check out..."It's Pumpkin Time".
So many things to do the month of
October....don't forget the most important
things!! Check out "The Halloween To Do List".
"Cemetery Gals"....those who
hang out in the cemeteries!
Love Fall? ...so do I!
New Page Alert
New Page Alert
New Page Alert
New Page Alert
New Page Alert
New Page Alert
The Walking Dead Tribute Page
New Page Alert
Each of the cooking pages are themed!
Halloween Food   the Chefs Page
Halloween Food Too!   Haunted Houses
Halloween Food 3   the Aliens
Halloween Food 4   the Eyes & Ears
Halloween Food 5   the Baby Ghouls
Halloween Food 6   Yuck Food
Gore Goodies 7   the Brains
Gore Goodies 8   the Purple Page
Gore Goodies 9   the Green Men
Gore Goodies 10   the Skull Page
Gore Goodies 11   the Dark Side
Gore Goodies 12   Cooking w/ the Mr. Sandman
Gore Goodies 13   Elvira's Favorites
Gore Goodies 14  Vampire Foods of Transylvania NEW
Gore Goodies  15  More Vampire Food  NEW
Its Pumpkin Time!   All Pumpkin Recipes
Sweets To Die For   Bela's Specialties
Sweets To Die For 2   Creep It Real
Sweets To Die For 3   Cabbages & Cats
Sweets To Die For 4   Zombieland
Sweets To Die For 5   Cooking w/ the Witch
Real Gypsy Stew   Authentic Gypsy Stew
October 11, 2014
New Page Alert
Halloween News 2014 - Don't miss this section, it has a little bit of this
& a little bit of that but I tried to pick subjects we would all be interested
in. One thing - I always miss the TV movies & shows cause I'm too
busy to watch TV in October, plus I never know when they are
on......so to make it easy for us I found 4 links that house all the movies,
specials & shows for the month. Thank You to the website that listed all
of this in one place for us! Below is a quick trip click for each. Enjoy!
TV Schedules
October 2014
Meet Miss Cakehead! She's Fabulous!
Special Edition Link
October 2014
Special Edition Link
Lets Go Shopping at The Skin Bag!
Check Out Universal's
Horror Night featuring
"The Walking Dead".
Click Here
The Walking Dead
For Season 5 : Maggie Said, " The 1st episode back is so
disgusting & so scary". She claims, "Its one of the
scariest episodes ever. And you'll see stuff you can't
unsee. You'll be crossing your legs & twisting your face
away so you can only watch 1/2 the TV!".
How can this show get any more shocking? I can't
wait! Tune in Sunday, October 12th at 9pm.
Maggie wasn't kidding....it was shocking!
October 21, 2014
OMG.....there still so much to do. I got 1/2 of the Egyptian
display up & quite a bit done on the Cadaver Cafe. At this
point we are just pulling totes & placing each thing where it
goes as we empty them. By Sat. I have to get to work on the
Gypsy Tent & start stringing corn stalks on the back deck for
the Witches Tearoom.
October 22, 2014
Todays focus is the Cadaver Cafe set-up & we found the
coffin so we'll start on the Funeral Parlor. Once again I'm
fearful for that Gypsy tent. The last time we put up a tent
was the year Hurricane Sandy was passing through & we
here in Linwood had wild winds, not only did it bend the
frame but it blew the tent part into the next county, we
never saw it again & it broke my oh so beautiful
chandelier I had in the tent. So finally we have another
tent & are going to make another attempt at getting the
Gypsy tent in place. Hope Mother Nature can control
hereslf this year.
Some Personal Thoughts for the 2017-2018 Season
I have always had a vision of what I'd like this haunt to become. There are so many wonderful
ideas to make it much bigger & exciting. I really want to do this for my community, so people
have a local place to come celebrate Halloween and whole families can come & enjoy
themselves. Our biggest hurdle has been trying to find help. Halloween night has been rough to
handle with just 3 of us, especially with having crowds of over 600 for several years and in 2012
we had over 1000 come through the house.
For some time I have tried to build the Mud Monks, 7ft. tall monks made of chicken wire &
pvc pipe covered with monster mud, a concoction haunts use for various projects. Maybe this
year we'll get lucky and can pursue some of these projects ....I sure hope so. Anybody
interested please stop by the house. Thank You.
Please note some of the pages are still under construction, some have pictures but I will be
writing text to add to them. Sets of photos will be included in the cooking section & that should
be completed for the 2019 season. Still the recipes are there & some have pictures.
Gonna leave these here till the 2017
season so I can find them again.
Reflections On Halloween 2014
Well Halloween 2014 did not happen the way it was suppose too. So we promised
everybody that next year, 2015, we promise to outdo ourselves which means starting to
make plans & work on projects right away. We had talked about perhaps moving the
whole thing out of the house & into the yard with pop-up tents. After looking at the stuff
we have in the house I think I would fear Mother Nature getting riled over anything,
cause thats her personality & what if all this stuff got damaged.
So we have made our 1st decision for the 2015 season. The haunt will remain as is with
the family photo's being taken in the Spell & Potion Room & we will simply add the
pop-up tents outside. The plan was to move each scene in the house to a pop-up tent
outside. Some of this stuff in the house takes a lot of time to set up. Can't do it all in
one day if you have several tents.
Pop-ups will house new scenes. A lot of the stuff we have here never gets put up cause
theres no room or we run out of time. I still have new stuff I ordered that has never
come out of the box it was shipped in. Now we can take a little time as we put things
away from this season & plan what will be going where. I put the stuff for scenes in
marked totes, so when we unpack the tote tells what area of the haunt it goes to.
As soon as I have some time here I will add a new page titled "Planning & Projects",
kind of a journal for myself so as to stay on track. We have some ideas down already
but I think I may want to add some things too. I really like these butcher rooms, even
tho we have small kids, we would set this off to the side with a walkway that post a
sign to beware with the little ones. Something more scary for the adults.
We also want to do a little write up on the local Zombie Walk here in Salisbury. I met
the people that run it, they're just great! I would like to start a Facebook page to
solicit people for a zombie walk here on my property on Halloween night. Dead Ed's
suggested thats the best way to get attention to start it.
Our Sincerest Apologies!
We are so very sorry we did not get the haunt completely done for the 2014 season. We
started decorating too late & as I got worse we just could not get done. It was very
disappointing both for us & all of you, especially the many kids I talked too that were
very disappointed. So we apologize & hope you will return to Collinwood841 next year &
we can make it up to you.
Look for The Walking Dead
The Recipe Section 2018
Hit: Watch Trailer
In 2014 we did a major overhaul to our website here.
I'm gonna leave all the notes on the changes we made
to kind of guide you along.
August 22, 2015
We brought the 1st several
totes up from the basement,
starting shampooing rugs and
started packing away stuff in
the house to make room for
the Halloween stuff. YEAH!
August 2015
Been buying small things off of
ebay, some ears, a face mold, 2
mouths with teeth gone for
Michones zombie guys
August 13, 2015
Oriental trading Post orders
came today.
Been buying stuff all year.
Whenever I see something that
will fit in a scene I try to bye it.
Went through all the pages in
the food section & made a list
of what pictures need to be
August 2015
August 23, 2015
Got 1/2 the Halloween dishes
unpacked & into the china
hutch & got the Halloween
Village set up.
September 19, 2015
Today we start on the Spell &
Potion room, ceilings are done
and we're gonna finish the
china hutch today.
September 19, 2015
A Crystal Ball has been mysteriously
found in a local antique shop. It comes
from  a gypsy called Magda who lived on
the Collins estate in 1897. It has a history
from the Collinwood 841 saga. Hopefully
through it we will find out more of this
mysterious family.
Great News for the Walking Dead Fans!
The Walking Dead show was renewed for a ninth
season...so we have more to look forward to! On
February 25, 2018, the 8th season begins.
It's Pumpkin Time!!!
Meeting Walking Dead actors Savana Jade Wehunt & Wallace Krebs was the most exciting part of my Halloween this year. I got
to chat with them a few minutes about our haunt theme next year....Tribute to the Walking Dead. They were amazed when I told
them we are building the entire cast.
OK, Plans for 2016 have started :
Have almost completely
purchased the first 10 outfits.
November 2015
Ordered Rick Grimes Sheriff
uniform, belts, gun & hat.
Ordered a Meryl Dixon Mask
Ordered a 12 pack of cardboard cast faces to
attach to styrofoam heads. They are terrific!
Ordered 2 zombie masks & torso's.
Did research on the music. Got
all the selections picked out.
Going through trailer like videos to see what
I'm gonna play on screen outside.
Research done on wigs & moustaches. Plus
discussed w/ my hairdresser who to find to
style all the hair for each character.
Researched & selected which spotlights
I'm gonna buy based on advice from
Halloween Forum friends.
Have completed cast list of who we are
going to make. Will get done as many as
Talked to some folks at the Zombie walk for
info on props & a lady to do Zombie makeup.
Bought Machones sword, all her
clothes, clothes for her 2 zombies
& their faces & chains.
2017    Ok Trick or Treators.....full speed ahead!
Anyone have any used
aluminum sheets we could
have. Will pick up. Also
any pvc pipe or fittings we
could have . Also looking
to rent for 24 hrs. an old
winnebago motor home.
Need corn stalks in the fall.
Gotta a hospital
gurney>>>>could we
borrow it?
September 9, 2016
Added new pictures today of new items bought.
Well it was quite a shock last night as we finally, after months of waiting found out who
Megan chose to make examples of. What will the show be like without Glen and Abraham.
It was shocking the way the whole thing went down. The Talking Dead Show was wonderful
afterwards and they had the whole cast on to discuss what had taken place in that episode. It
really helped with getting through their deaths.
Our Christmas Salute to the Troops
July 22, 2017
Shot & posted photo's for Sausage Stars
in Gore Goodies Part 12
July 22, 2017
Shot & posted photo's for Rat Eggs in
BBQ Sauce in Gore Goodies Part 12
New Page Alert
In process of designing a new food page. Vampire Foods
of Transylvania, Gore Goodies Part 14
July 22, 2017
July 22, 2017
Shot & posted photo's for Tortellini
Appetizer Salad Gore Goodies Part 10
July 22, 2017
July 22, 2017
July 22, 2017
Shot & posted photo's for Chili Con
Queso Dip Gore Goodies Halloween Food
Shot & posted photo's for Fresh Fig Cake
from my fig tree Sweets to Die For Part 5
Shot & posted photo's for Cinnamon
Banana Bread Sweets to Die For
July 22, 2017
A new prop came yesterday. A neon
light that says Palm Reader for the
Gypsy Tent.
Read My Scary Story!
The story about the Butcher!
September 15, 2017
I am starting today to make way
in the garage and pull the
Halloween stuff that is there. Will
just start opening totes one at a
time and gettin' it all up.
First 2 weeks of September
Been shopping for little things.
September 15, 2017
Bought 3 old man masks to get
the cemetery guys ready for
next year, also got a kids
werewolf costume to make the
werewolf dad and son.
Still figuring on how the setup will be done. Think since we don't
have help it's gonna have to be a smaller version than what we
normally do. Going with "Dracula's Castle"as this years theme.
Lots of deliveries this season, the fortune teller sign, the
mummies, all the statues for the museum, more mummies and a
bunch of little things including a kids werewolf costume.
Got the china hutch all cleared
out & got the halloween stuff in.
Brought up first 10 totes from the
basement & getting ready to start the
ceiling work...always the hardest.
Getting Ready for Halloween 2018
Well I'm sorry to say that 2017 was a really hard season to get through.
Last year our small community had doings in town that kept people there
for quit a while. We still managed to get close to 250 come to the haunt.
This year was really rough, 8 miles from us is the big town of Lexington,
NC, they had a big doings, this was the 1st time they ever tried this. There
were 65 vendors, giving out candy from 6-8pm, there was food and
entertainment and Main street was closed down.

It was commercialized on TV for at least 2 weeks beforehand. On top of
things, it was a school night so I figured the kiddies got home from school,
did their homework and got ready to go to town. They ate supper and
headed downtown to find a place to park. 65 vendors is a lot to go through
so they were probably there the full 2 hours.

I figured we would not see a lot of kids after a night like that, so they got
their kids home and settled because the next day was a school day.
It's amazing how fast your numbers can go down with bigger events like

For me.....our numbers always stayed high in the 600's. We started putting
the display up in October and a lot of school buses go past my house...in
the past that is what brought a lot of people. The kids would watch us build
the display and then could not wait to come here on Halloween.

So that is the goal for 2018, to build the display early and bigger in hopes
of getting our Trick r Treators back! Wish us luck!
Notes from Halloween 2017
The first thing we are going to tackle for this next season is the cemetery. Our
cemetery is a small one full of wooden tombstones. I'd like to add more fencing
and start building styrofoam tombstones. We have most of the materials to do a
mausoleum and a hearse, gonna see if I can get Jerry started on that.
Next will be the building of the Walking Dead cast and zombies. I gonna say
I'm about 1/3 the way on getting the clothes for the cast. Mostly need pvc pipe,
wigs and styrofoam heads. I've got almost all the costumes bought.
Well it's the first week of November and we are cleaning and trying to get
Xmas stuff out. Halloween stuff is carefully being put away in order so I know
where to start.
Gonna start buying pvc pipe, black spray paint, and I'm pretty good on
styrofoam to start the tombstones. Gonna need plywood.
November 7, 2017
Got some of the pictures in of
making vampire dumplings.
November 5, 2017
Went 1/2 price shopping today got a lot
of great deals at Home Depot for next
November 7, 2017
Next thing is to move all
Halloween totes to the basement,
get the xmas lined up and then
make room to build the sets and
props for Walking Dead. Most of
this is done.
We regret to tell you all that Charlie Passed away 1 week
after Halloween 2017. In another 6 weeks he would have
been 27 years old. He was with me half my life and I'll be 60
in December. We surely do miss him.
November 13, 2017
November 15, 2017
Been working on updating and
adding new pages to the site.
We'll list each page as it is
completed. The setup of the
page is getting done and the
photos are being completed, my
own text will be added later on.
New Pages Coming!
The Shining
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Honorable Mention Horror Movies
Dark Shadows
The RED Wedding Dresses
Chris Hardwick
Mystical Places
Monster Tribute..adding The Birds
The Witches
Adding the latest seasons to the
Walking Dead Tribute
and more!
Entries prior to
Halloween 2017
Entries after Halloween 2017
Shot pictures today of Vampire
Foods Schnitzel w/ Pierogies and
red apple cabbage.
Well it was finally
announced that Morgan
will be the cast member
going over to The Fear
of The Walking Dead. I
wonder if he will be
playing a whole new
character or if he will be
Morgan from the south.
Here is my dog driving!
Congratulations on the 100th episode of The Walking Dead!
I hope there are many more to come.
Love Carl's New Hair Doo!
St. Patrick's Day
Lots and Lots of Food Recipes
4 - 16 - 2018   Just wanted to add a small note here to let you know that my site has so many recipes cause that is what I love. I come from a family of
professional cooks & bakers and family members that spent a lifetime in the food industry. We were nurtured from a very young age to enjoy tasting
food, different cultural foods, food history and anything else that is related.
Judith having chow with her Zombie buddies!
My website is of all the stuff I love!
Collinwood 841
841 Swicegood Rd.
Linwood, NC
The Above ENTER HERE link will take you into
the web site. To the right is the 2020 PAGE.
Plans for the 2020 Season
See You Soon!
Collinwood 841 will
be open this season.
Collinwood 841
Season 9
Well Walking Dead Fans its been confirmed.....Rick will only be
appearing in six episodes of the 9th season of The Walking Dead and
then he will be leaving the show permanently! No Lie
The writing cast would have to be pure wizards to be able to write this
story without Rick in the picture. Life without Rick....man I can' even
imagine it. I was just saying to Hubby....remember the days of the old
shows when we were kids in the early 60's. A member of a popular
show would never make a bold move like leaving a show that they are
a star of.
Steady paycheck, dedicated fan base and they stayed on those soap
operas forever. Some of those actors on the soap operas are still on
them today and I remember watching them as a kid at my Grandma's
house. Times have really changed.
Daryl & Maggie signed a 20 million dollar contract to stay on the show, thank
God. What are they gonna take away next? Fear the Walking Dead did the
same thing by killing off the main characters that we came to love. What a
way to thank the fans for their dedication.
Farewell Rick Grimes
Coming October 2018
OMG....Halloween is almost here!
Welcome Trick R' Treators to Another Season at
Collinwood 841. This Years Theme Will Be  the
Presentation of Items Going Into the Collinwood
Haunted Museum. Please Join Us!
We Are Excited About All the New Relics From
All Over The World. There Will Also Be The
All American Cowboy Expedition.
Also We Need To Let You Know that There Is A REAL
Ghost in the Museum! You Must Enter At Your Own Risk!
Collinwood Haunted Museum
Don't Miss!
Egyptian Mummies
The Boneyard
The Vampires
The Witches Potion Room
The Gypsies
The Out West Collection
The Cadaver Kitchen
Dracula's Place
Visit the Old Cemetery
and see if you see the
Popcorn is Poppin'
Halloween Night Only!
Wanna Know What's Happening
Lately? Check Out that Link Below
A good read by Leslie Pratt
Bannatyne widely appealing to
anyone who ever wondered where
witches, trick or treating or
jack-o-lanturns ever came from. It
is by far the best book on the
history of Halloween available
today. But it from Amazon for full
price or pay much less and pick out
a used book.
Looking for a Weekend Trip to Celebrate Halloween?
Enjoy a beautiful ride to visit the Collinwood
Grounds. The House is privately owned now and
being restored but you can still see the house
from the fences.
How About A Trip To See
The Dark Shadows Mansion?