Interesting Facts About Mistress Muffy : A pictorial history of the life of Mistress Muffy
The Dan Ryan Expressway better known in Chicago as "The Parking Lot".
I can't get to the cemetery anymore to visit my loved ones so
I do it this way. This is Fairmount Cemetery where most of
our family is buried. The Bell Tower that sits there, part our
family is on the top.
Al's Italian Sandwich Shop on Taylor Street , we ate here a lot. One year I could not stand it
anymore and so my Aunt went and got Al to put all the components of the sandwich in separate
containers and she brought it out to Colorado for me. It was divine.
Tom-Tom Tamales the
best in the world. I miss
them so much.
The Playboy Club
Hard to believe women went from this to this.
Known as "the Wonder Theater of the World", opened October 26, 1021, a 50 piece orchestra in
the pit & Jessie Crawford played the mighty Wurlitzer Pipe organ. After a white glove inspection, a
staff of 125 ushers welcomed guests who paid 25 cents until 1pm, and 35 cents in the afternoon and
50 cents after 6 pm.                                   

The Chicago Theater was the first large, lavish movie palace in America & was the prototype for all
others, the cost was 4 million dollars. Built in french baroque style, the grand lobby, modeled after
the royal chapel at Versailles is five stories high, the grand staircase is patterned after that of the
Paris Grand Opera house.
The 3600 seat auditorium is seven stories high, more than one half of a city block wide. The vertical
Chicago sign in frot is six stories high and is one of the few such signs in existence today.
The Chicago Theater
When the Chicago theater got remodelled I was there for the opening night. My Aunt got tickets to see Frank
Sinatra, it was wonderful. I was in town overnight on the truck and we ran to this Zayre behind the yards to
find me a dress and heels for the occasion.
Maxwell Street
Open 24hrs., I spent half of my life standing in
lines here to get Polish Sausage sandwiches!
This was run by the Yugoslavians and my
Aunt was always teasing them that I was a
Yugoslavian girl.
One of the top three favorites of my life.
The Maxwell Street Polish Sausage.
Fairmount Cemetery
The most delicious Corn Beef
Sandwiches in Chicago
Al's Italian Beef
My Grandmother worked here for many years as
a food checker in the kitchen. I grew up in that
kitchen. At one time my Father was the night
chef, my Mother worked in the pantry and Gram
was in what they called "the Cage" where the
food cashiers worked. Those were great days.
White Castles
Third Favorite Food!
My Most Favorite Landmark in Chicago
Beautiful Buckingham Fountain
Home Run Inn Pizza
Cermak Forest Preserves
Maple Lake
Jays Potato Chips
Bozo & Barnabus Collins
Miller's Pub
Chicago Blackhawks
Southside Brighton Park
Union Stockyards of Chicago
My generations Jay's were the very best Chips in Chicago!
Brighton Park, I spent a lot of
time in this neighborhood, its
where my Aunt and her son, Bob
lived on one block and my Great
Aunt Anne Great Uncle Fred lived
on the next block.
They lived on Sacramento across the street from
the famous firehouse in the movie Backdraft.
I like to coming to these pages of my site. Going through this section makes me
remember where I came from, and how I grew into who I am and maybe even still
where I'm going!
This section is under construction.
Pictures are being added and text
will follow. This section is 8 pages
Worked at The Playboy Club on and off for 6 years and my Aunt
worked there for 12 years. As soon as I get through my boxes of
pictures I'll be able to scan my original photos from working there.
Very Sad to see Hef pass away.
My second most favorite, Al's Italian Beef Combination, delicious
roast beef and grilled Italian Sausage....simply out of this world!
We saw all the great shows that came through
here but our favorite was always the Barnam &
Baily's Circus. I also came here years later and
tried to sign up to join the Roller Derby, only
thing was, I could ice skate but forget roller
skating, could not do it. Mom would not let me
sign up because the contract said they were not
responsible for death. That was over pretty
This is where I went to YMCA camp. It was
great times.
My favorite Chicago Pizza
My friend Debbie in the pink.
Candace Collins worked
with us a lot on parties.
Candy Now!
I got one of these Bunny
Plaques for my Birthday
Marilyn Cole
I am  huge Marilyn
Monroe Fan
Hef & daughter Christie
( Back of the Stockyards)
Zimmerman Knows Food!
Pork Chop Sandwich with mustard and
tons of grilled onions!
There is a certain way to stand to eat this sandwich
My Favorite Childhood Show
Some of the Best Ribs in Chicago, my Aunt
worked here for awhile.
My Favorite Hockey Team
Keith Magnuson
There will be story coming about my
run with the Blackhawks
Stan Mikita & Bobby Hull
The Hull Brothers
Favorite Stadium Food
This was the team at the height of my being a Blackhawk Fan. All thanks to
Bernadette Tomasik. A great grade school friend.
My Favorite Player
Casper, my favorite Ghost!
Thank God they have these on the
corner here where I live, they don't taste
as good as the ones fresh off the grill but
they suffix. In the frozen food section.
There is a guy who sets up on Saturday's at the local
Lowes. He sells Hot Dogs, Polish, Brats & Italian
Sandwiches that could almost pass for Al's & Maxwell
Street. When I eat them I just close my eyes and smell
Lake Michigan. Only problem with North Carolina is
what they don't understand about a Chicago dog of any
kind.....its gotta have a steamed bun.