Collins Chocolates is our candy company as we have been making candies for
about 26 years now. We just re-opened the business here in North Carolina
the summer of 2007. We are mostly wholesale candymakers that deliver our
products directly to our customers if they are within one of our routes. We
have also now ventured into cyber sales with our first shot at having a web site.
Picturetrail is the site where we house most of our holiday doings. There you will
find our Halloween pictures along with all our Christmas photos.
This is my most favorite Halloween place on the Internet. I came across this
forum thru Ghostess and became a member. It so full of ideas and grest people.
For sure it took my Halloween decorating to a whole new level. We are all
thankful to Larry for starting it.
Another web site started by Larry so that those of us from the Halloween forum
that also have a passion for Xmas had somewhere to hang together thruogh the
Christmas Holidays. Started in 2007 we had a great time in there.
Started by Sickie Ickie a member of our Christmas Forum and also a die hard
Halloween Fan this site houses Christmas projects and is just getting started.
The Monster List is the largest list of Halloween Projects on the net. Its just
great and has all kinds of peoples ideas for making anything you can think of
for Halloween.
Britta is well known on the net cause if you are look'in for Halloween food this
is the place to start! Her photos and recipes for Halloween foods are fantastic,
She has an incredible web site full of parties and how to pull them together.
I am a huge fan of Ghostess here and her web site. She was the inspiration to get
me decorating the inside of my house and letting the kids come though. I ahve
watched her web site grow for the last couple of years and her pictures are truly
inspiring. SHe also has a wonderful project section that continues to grow. Don't
miss the beef netting! Its Outragious!
Another web site full of terrifc projects
When Human Flesh Alone Will Not Suffice
We are now closed due to family illnesses.