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Chet's Melody Lounge still pours  
Resurrection Mary a Bloody Mary
every Sunday night.
Resurrection Mary
As Told By Richard Crowe
The drive leads back to where it began on Archer Ave.. The men describe Mary
as getting very anxious as they approach the cemetery. When they pass the
gates of Resurrection Cemetery, Mary must say goodbye to her partner. She
leaves him only with her memory as she disappears into thin air before his eyes.
My Friends and I spent countless nights in search of her roaming body. I think
she only appeared to men in a car alone.
She leaves her partner with memories that will last a lifetime. When these men
dance with her, they remember her cold touch. When the music ends it's time for
Mary to leave. The gentleman offers her a ride home, Mary accepts the invitation.
The night of dancing has come to an end.
He stopped the car suddenly and frantically looks for her. The young man is
shocked and confused by her disappearance. He is frightened but even more so
he is broken hearted. He'll carry her memory forever. Mary always makes her way
back home to Resurrection Cemetery. The story has been around since the
1930's and is still going strong.
Her journey takes her to the Willow-brook Ballroom, in life she never had the
chance to completely fill her dance card, so now she comes back to enjoy the
music and dancing that her untimely death would not allow. She lightens up the
dance hall with her graceful movements to the music.
Mary walks along Archer Ave., on occasion she is offered a ride by a unsuspecting
young man, she happened to be the ghost of a young woman who died in an
automobile accident in the 1930's. No one is completely sure of her name but the
simple name of Mary fits her. She looks lovely in her ball gown and is excited to be
on her way to her one true love.....dancing!
My research began with the most well known ghost story in Chicago, there are
several variations to this story but the traditional tale leaves us with this version.
She was just an average person that loved to dance. Any kind of strong bond like
that, the bond with this world will keep them here. Mary's story is so alive because
of it's popularity or is it possible that her energy still exist because of the dance.
Can strong emotions keep us here? What is energy?
Henry Pena - Chicago Ghost Hunter Society - "I believe in her, I believe she is
there, that picture I seen with the iron bars, with the fingerprints in them. All right,
me being someone that works with steel, with torches and stuff like that, I've seen
steel get red hot where you could actually bend it, but I've never seen where you
could actually leave fingerprints in it. And that would be hard to do actually, to
leave fingerprints. I mean it's steel. I mean you can't .....its not like clay where you
can squeeze it and you'll have fingerprints. As hard as it is you can hardly stretch
it out let alone leave fingerprints in it. And thats a real good picture of
Resurrection Mary with those fingerprints.
For many it's an urban myth, a folktale and thats enough, but as far as I'm
concerned.....there's reality. Now she comes back, back to the clubs, halls where
she partied when she was alive. Now she is out there on borrowed time. Now
shes only out there as long as the music plays.
Sam Maronto - Witness - It was early Sunday morning of the 23rd of August, 1980
around 1 AM, between 1 AM & 1:30. I looked over to the right out the passenger
window and looked and turned. She was wearing a white gown which was very
interesting. Embroidered, a very nice, beautiful gown, very outdated. She was
also holding shoes which was very strange, they were dancing shoes.
The story of Resurrection Mary has been told by many witnesses over the year, is
she merely the product of a vivid imaginations, is she just a story. Resurrection
Mary should be given a lot more credence than other ghost stories around
Chicago, just for the fact that there are so many good witnesses out there and
there are people when you interview them just have the tiniest facts down.
Kirlian Photography captures our energy.A Kirlian camera is a special type of
camera that allows us to see our aura. It was invented in Russia in 1902 but its
only been popular in the US for the last 15 years. It has also become more
accurate in detecting our energy. The different colors show our energy at the
time the photos are taken. It photographs emotions when we are happy, sad,
angry, creative, or stressed. These emotions are energy.
Quentin Young - Native American Teacher - Now when we die the part of the
aura stays in the area, area's you really enjoyed, it just hangs around them.
Diane Sarris - Psychologist - So energy is an interesting subject, its a very vast
subject, one we actually. But definately ghosts are energy. know very little about
at this time
What do aura's look like after we die, that cannot seem to be explained.
A twirling icon to a past long gone
She still comes back to dance on and on
She's a comfort to those who need memeory that lived
She's a mentor to those that need their spirits restored
She still lives in the beat of a song
She will go on forever to dance all night long
Everything is held together by energy, we also admit energy through our
emotions. We can't see it with our eyes but the energy we admit is called an
aura. Just because we can't see it doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
Diane Sarris - Psychologist - We believe everything in the physical world and the
non-physical world is energy. So we look at things like a table and a chair and
we say these are solid objects but physics has shown us no they are not, that
they are vast spaces between them. The molecules, electrons, neutrons that go
into forming a chair and with the right understanding we could probably put one
hand through the chair and back out without being injured.
Entrance to Resurrection Cemetery
My Family is Buried on the top of this Mausoleum
The Chicago Water Tower
It is pitch black out here at night and its
well known Lover's Lane
Read this story that won me the Scary      story
award from Halloween Forum. They were shocked
to find the story about him was true.