Nightmares & Dreams
My Current Nightmares. The most recent nightmare phase has been
going on now for about a year and a half. This one seems to have
similarities that have been common with past phases of nightmares I've
had. I have not had a lot of nightmares in my life but the ones I have had
are quite interesting to me.
The one that sticks in my mind the most is of the big house, I continue
to get locked in. Over the course of a couple of years I was able to
have continuing dreams and through that managed to make my way
through the entire house. It was funny how it played out and you would
have thought there was some hidden agenda to this series of dreams
that were always based around some set of circumstances inside the
Trying to find some rhyme or reason behind these stories always forced
me to think of my obsession as a child with the movie"The Haunting of
Hill House" and the never ending thoughts about that house, although I
should mention that the house in my dreams was never remotely even
close to them being the same house.
The house dreams almost always involved something terrifying
happening to me at the end. I just could not get out.
Then there was "The Grandma Dream" which came in the dead of night
somewhere along highway 283 coming up from Texas pulling a set of
doubles. Cal was driving and I was in the sleeper getting some shut eye,
it was about 2am.
I came flying out of the sleeper soaking wet from a dream I just had. I
yelled for Cal to pull the truck over to the side of the road right away.
Well that was not an easy feat to accomplish seeings how we were on a
two-lane with no shoulder out in the middle of nowhere.
That highway 283 can be a lonely stretch of road in the middle of the
night considering the lack of places to pull over or turn into, but we
finally managed to find a spot. I did not say much to Cal while we were
looking for a place to pull over but I managed to get out that I had to
Call my Aunt right away. He was not sure about that considering the
time of night it was. We were in Texas and she was in Chicago no
doubt fast asleep. She hated when I called in the middle of the night
when she was in bed.
After we pulled over and got out of the truck I was crying and shaking
like crazy. He asked what was wrong. I replied..."I just saw my
Grandmother!",  She had passed away sometime prior to this. I told
him I had to call Barbara right away and we had to find a phone.
We finally made it to a small truck stop and I rushed to make my phone
call. She was not home, most likely still at work. It was quite awhile
before we could stop again and find something open.
She finally answered the phone and instantly asked why I was calling so
late. I told her...."You better brace yourself......I just saw Grandma."
She was in shock to say the least.
I hate when death occurs at night, almost always after least that's the
way it always is in my life. Middle of the night deaths.
In this new house I have had 2 of the worse nightmares ever, the kind you wake
up screaming at the top of your lungs and even after you wake up you're still
screaming and shaking. This is where this all started.
It was a dream that was so real or maybe it was not a dream and was
real. I was in the back of a car and the window on the right side was
down about 4 to 5 inches. I was looking out the front window and there
was a dense fog and the fog started to get light with a very bright light.
The lighted fog kept moving toward the car and I remember getting
The lit up fog finally got to the front of the car and then it started to
move very slowly around the left side of the car and my anxiety was
going through the roof, the closer it got to my open window the more
paralized I became.
Finally a the fog got right to the window and a face appeared. It was
the head of my Grandmother when she was about 20 years old. In all
the fright she said, "Don't be afraid's me.". I asked her if
she was alright and had gone to heaven. She replied, "Yes as you
would know it."
She was telling me that she was here because my cousin Bob was in
trouble and he needed our help right away. That we must get to him
immediately. Her face was so beautiful, it was real white and
I explained all this to my Aunt and finally she told me that Bob was
in trouble at the base at Pearl Harbor, he was a Marine. My Aunt
never wanted to share bad news so it was hard for her to share this
with me. Needless to say my cousin was in very serious trouble. I
will never forget this ordeal, the feelings I had and how I responded
to that visit was just so real.
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A Piece of the Past
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6/11/2018 At 3: 13 am I sat on the edge of  my bed screaming at the top of my
lungs. I was asleep on my pillow & suddenly woke  up to a full size apparition.
There he was in all his glory. I don't think I saw him till I woke up. Head still on
my pillow, I looked up at him, he was standing on a small nightstand in the corner
and he was tall so he reached to the ceiling. I was hysterical so I could not tell if
he was looking straight at me but it did appear that way.
I rose rather quickly from my reclined position screaming all along. I was
yelling for my husband Joe to wake up. As I sat on the edge of the bed I
quickly turned my head and when I turned back he was gone. He was
transparent but still his outline stood out and I could not see through some of it.
He is added as another one of the strange beings in my bedroom, as I said
this has been going on now for a little over a year.Thirty different encounters
and each appearance is someone new, never the same thing twice. So was I
awake or not? I opened my eyes on my pillow and did not see him right
away, it took less than a second to see him but I know my eyes were open.
He was greyish blue and dressed in 18th century clothing, a suit. He had a
moustache and his hair was thick and sticking out from his head, arms at his
side. He was as real as real can be. Jerry came running into our room and I
told them you guys are not gonna believe this but I just saw a ghost.
My Cousin just called and I told him about it.
June 21, 2018
This night was the 31st appearance, he came up and was crawling
toward me from the foot of the bed on my side and he had one of
my glasses of Alka Seltzer in his hand. I woke up really fast & he
was gone. I drink tons of Alka Seltzer for my Neuropathy.
June 24, 2018
This one had just a head & was laying on a
pillow next to me, for some reason I was in the
middle of the bed but was not there when I
woke up.
My Conversation with Heather about her husband Eric.
Get ready for this! Will write this story as soon as I ask
her if its ok to do it.
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All along I been counting them, I sure wish I would have
kept track of what they were & what they did, some were
more terrifying then others but don't get me wrong they all
scarred the shit out of me and still are.
I'll get some notes down here of some of them I
remember and the fact that not once has it been the same
person or thing. They all take place in my bedroom or
just outside the window where my pillow is.
July 3, 2018 - 3 AM - 2 boys - This one scared me but I was
okay afterwards. 2 little red-headed boys, maybe 2 and 3,
One standing one kneeling on Joes side of the bed, they had
on bright yellow suits with white shirts. Disappeared as fast
as they appeared. Weird but not like most of these affairs
here where I wake up screaming & terrified out of my mind.
July 3, 2018 - my mom - Here is the very first dream to happen
during the day outside my bedroom. They have all taken place in
my room with the exception of maybe 2. I was home alone & Jerry
had gone to the dump. I was reclined in Joe's living room chair
where I sit a lot when he is not home. It helps my neuropathy in my
legs & feet. Ya can fall asleep pretty good in that chair and I did
and then I woke up.
It was around 10 am in the morning. I opened my eyes and there
next to me where the couch is, my Mother was sitting on the very
edge of the couch looking at me. I was not awake so at first w/o my
glasses on it looked like Jerry. Within a few seconds of becoming
more conscience I was startled that it was my Mom. She looked
very young but only one eye was normal & the other eyeball was
like a black gemstone. I was completely freaked, she has been dead
so many years. I blinked and it was all gone. How could it be so
real and then all disappear in a heartbeat. I had the shakes pretty
bad along with accelerated breathing. Scared the hell out of me.
How can it seem so real?
July 2, 2018 - branches - Okay going to try to explain this one as
best as I can. Joe was at his Fathers house overnight so I was
alone in bed. I woke up to a heaping pile of pine tree branches on
his side of the bed they were the size of branches you cut off a
tree, maybe 2 feet,

There were 2 arms that stemmed out of a reclined headless body,
they were thin & black coming out of the heap. They were picking
up branches along side of them and stacking them on top of the
heap on top of them. With all my night lights & little lights that I
have in my bedroom, its lit up pretty well. I saw it as clear as day.
No body just the arms and the tall stack of branches.
Gonna mention again how badly I wish I would have started
keeping track of these sooner.
Scariest part of these dreams is how real they feel. Some of the
dream is after I'm awake and sitting up on the side of the
bed.....constantly fighting myself with this question>>>>>When
is it gonna end?
This last time I got my hair done I got on the subject of these hallucinations
I'm having and I told Heather about them. I was in complete shock when she
knew what I was talking about. Her husband Eric has some things going on
with his health similar to me. He has diabetes and he also suffers from sleep
apnea and sleeps with a CPAP. I started telling her about the ghost in my
room and from there the conversation got into the fact that I had over 30
episodes at this point with things appearing to me.  
She knew exactly what I was talking about. Imagine my shock at that.
Eric had a round going with these hallucinations also. His got so bad
from lack of sleep that he began seeing them in the daytime. He had to
take a leave of absence from work for awhile. I don't have all the details
from her yet as we began talking about this just prior to my leaving but
my next appointment I'll get all the details.
The most significant  issue for me is when she stuck her hand right in
front of her face telling me how the things presented them selves. That
was it, they appeared right in front of my face a few inches from my
nose. In ending our conversation she told me what to look up on the
computer and also that this whole situation had to do with his CPAP
It was shocking to me that she knew about this stuff and it was a real
condition but even more shocking was what I found out on the Internet
about it. It's real and can actually lead to sleep walking or worse.
June 2018
How does the unconscience mind bring forward these dreams that seem so real? They say
there is a difference between remembering your dreams and not remembering them. Also as I
continue the search for information as to why this is happening or similarities people share, I
still have not contacted my Sleep Apnea doctor so we can start finding a solution to putting
this to an end. I have some serious stuff getting done to me at the hospital on July 17th so I
decided to wait and see how that goes before calling The Sleep Apnea Clinic.
July 13, 2018 - 3am - My head was flat on the bed between 2
stacks of pillows on each side, I was dreaming about the new
bed frame, the headboard. I opened my eyes and there between
the headboard and the wall, he came down on me with his head
through the headboard and scared the heck out of me, that really
is putting it to mildly, he scared me to death.
This was a bad one as I woke up screaming and calling out to
Joe to wake up. It took me sometime to calm down from the
rapid breathing and trying to catch my breath. It was once again
a new face, a 30ish man with dirty blonde hair color. His hair
was long and in a ponytail. What scared me the most was the
speed he was coming toward me and still I had no idea what he
was going to do, but he had a horrible look on his face and as I
awoke, his face was right next to mine. Sometimes I think that
when I awaken screaming like that and waking the whole house
up, I wander how much I must scare everyone with screams in
the middle of the night. A few times they all came running to
my side and trying to calm me down and I was still in full
scream mode while they were calling my name.
Note - I found today that a lot of episodes of this nature
take place when the person is sleeping on their back but it
also occurs when you are on your side. In all of them I
don't become aware until I open my eyes and am on my
way to getting up.
7 - 14 - 2018 2:32pm I just read something that scared me
to death>>>>have a look for yourself
In a lot of information I have been looking at lately about
sleep paralysis, I appear to experience all that I read about
with one exception. I do not become paralyzed in these
episodes and there is no feeling of anyone holding me
down....I'm completely mobile and with almost all of the
episodes I'm from a reclined position to sitting up and then
standing up immediately.
For some time that this has been going on, I just chauked it up
to nightmares from most likely a medication I take. Then after
talking with Heather that is where the information came from
about the CPAP.
The point I wanna make here is that I just did not pay any
attention to anything in regard to these episodes. At least it
was like that until lately. Now knowing what I do and
learning more I'm paying more attention to details.
Latest thing I've noticed, I find myself waking up but not
opening my eyes right away because I'm afraid of what I
might see. So now I'm more positive that when I have seen
the "Thing" in all these encounters for sure I have my eyes
Here is where it really gets weird. A couple of nights ago,
I was dreaming and I don't know what it was about, I
woke up and I did not open my eyes, I was waiting to be
ready for what I might see. It happens with all of starts when I open my eyes and what I did this
night made me sure of that.
The Man in Black at the foot of
my hospital bed & what I know
about hallucinations
Aunties Attic
Dads Shadow
Auntie Marys House
White Buffalo
As I recall things I will jot
them down here and write
the stories when I can
Sometimes I sit and think about these episodes and try to figure
out some kind of connection, because some of these episodes are
really way out there. Only relation with this one and the first thing
that came to mind in looking at it, was when I cut branches at
Christmastime to make my wreathes, It looked exactly like the
piles I make on the ground while I'm cutting, exact same size.
I'll state here that I been trying to see if there is a
connection to my regular dreaming. What I mean by that
is that when I am experiencing the encounter is it a part
of the already existing dream I am in or does that stop
and when I open my eyes does the encounter start.
So this dream from  a couple of nights ago I was reclined
on my pillow, once again Joe was home next to me but I
was in the middle of the bed. I laid there being very
careful not to open my eyes. I just peeked a little and
there standing and staring at me were two little tiger cubs
coming out of a cornfield. They were maybe 2 feet away
from me and were coming out of the aisles of corn.
I did not open my eyes wider, just peeked for a second
and closed my eyes and went back to sleep. Very strange
for me, not just the content of the dream but going right
back to sleep>>>>>That never happens for me. The
minute I open my eyes no matter what time it is and I am
awake, it takes about 2-3 minutes before my neuropathy
drives me insane with pain. A pain that never stops, for
me its chronic.
Okay so that is it for today 7 - 14 - 2018. I'm gonna sit
and digest what this article said about sleep paralysis.
I hate this.
Going to make note here just so I remember those two dreams: One was getting
stuck on the exit off the interstate coming home at night from school.  Quite a
terrifying situation, they were kidnapping us and covered your mouth and nose
with gauze that had something on it to knock you out.
New 2018
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New 2018
Will be adding additional text here that will tell the stories
behind the dreams.
New 2018
My Visits alone to haunted
Cermack Woods
7:25 am, July - 15 - 2018
Okay I admit that yesterday I spent a lot of time doing research
in the paranormal preparing to write the text for several pages
in this site that had pictures but needed my thoughts.
I'll admit I was afraid to go to bed last  night after reading that
page on sleep apnea yesterday. Does it just progress on its
own and become worse as time goes by. I tried to head into
bed last night with a piece of calmness, tried to relax.
I had the TV going on a real low volume and kept dosing off.
Finally at midnight I turned the TV off and left the bathroom
and my bedroom light on. I was actually nervous about putting
on my CPAP mask since finding out how much of this may be
connected to my machine, but its important that I sleep with it
on right now with the procedure coming up Tuesday in the
I woke up with a nervous stomach after last nights activities,
so I'm sipping a delicious cup of coffee and burning a
honeysuckle incense stick trying to calm the nerves which are
already uptight due to whats coming up Tuesday. Last time I
had this procedure all hell did not break loose till 5 days after
the procedure when I though maybe I'm not gonna make it
through this and even tho I didn't think I was gonna make it to
the emergency room that night, I ended up staying in
emergency room all night and then went into intensive care the
next morning for 2 days. It was definately a mess.
So....on to last nights episodes or perhaps encounters would
be a better word to use. I tried so hard to relax last night and
couldn't, so guess what, a total shock, something that has
never happened before and I sure would not be able to handle
a night like it was....again. But I have no control over what
course it follows, I'm just along for the ride.
For 12 years I kept asking the same question with this insanely
horrible pain with my Neuropathy>>>>>How Much Worse
Can It Get? So now that question comes into play with this.
So here it comes.......I had THREE encounters last night, a
man who appeared to be a doctor, he had a stetoscope on.
He was in his 60's, blue button up shirt, grey pants, glasses
white hair, he looked right at me. It was 3:13 am. He startled
me but did not scare me, I went back to sleep. Geez he
looked real.
The 2nd encounter came at 5 am, 2 little girls, looked to be
around 8 or 9, I could not see the clothes or face of the first,
she went by very fast, but trailing along behind her the
second was in a green shirt with matching green shorts, her
hair was blonde and up in a long ponytail.
Again they did not scare me just startled me. At 5:15 am
another came, this was a heavyset older woman, 50's,
wrapped in a white sheet, she walked past me and looked
at me. All three encounters were in the very same place,
right there at my nightstand with me in a reclined position.
I know at 5:30 am there was another encounter, but for
the life of me I can't remember it, I just remember that at
5:30 I was up again. This was the first one where I could
not remember what happened in the encounter. None of
them were the terrifying screaming kind, just scary
enough to get me breathing heavy.
I don't think I can live through "Sets" of these. Just as
soon as this procedure is done, I will call the sleep
apnea clinic.
In 1979 the L.A. Times reported that three unrelated people were to terrified to go to
sleep because of their nightmares. EACH LATER DIED WHILE SLEEPING. Autopsies
could not determine the cause of death, Craven cited this occurrence as the impetus for
Nightmare on Elm Street.
7 - 21 - 2018 Well the procedure went good and I am
recovering. The problem is it really messed with my
neuropathy and I have horrible pain. Wonder how many
days to get to feeling better. Been sleeping with the
CPAP and no dreams.
And what if they shared a common frightening dream? This was how Wes
Craven developed Freddy Krueger, a villain who only appears in dreams.
The House
The Grandma Dream
I can't believe this, its 3:15 on a Saturday afternoon (July 21st.) and I just took a break
from working on my website to think a little more about something I read today about
Wes Craven and where the idea originated for Freddy Kreuger. was about
nightmares! As I'm sitting there dozing off, the phone rings and low and behold who is
it?.....The Sleep Apnea clinic. They called to see if I was in need of any supplies for my
Her name was Christine and I asked her if she was just the person who calls about
supplies or could I possibly talk to her about another situation regarding my CPAP
machine. She said yes and asked what she could help with. Well I told her the whole
story and she was very nice and highly concerned. Here's how we left it. By Monday I
will hear from one of their staff psychiatrist and then we will roll from there. She said
she was putting "Urgent" on the return call and yes I did mention that I had hoped they
would not be coming to get me and take me away! Its funny ....but its not!
What lurks in the unconscious mind? Who lives there? I think its spooky and scary that
we don't know how to control our unconscious mind or even whats in there.
The Vietnam Dream
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7 - 22 2018 after midnight.  Had a really bad night with pain since the procedure
on Tuesday. Was up all night. Okay here comes  another weird one. I dozed off
watching TV and had a small encounter, I woke up right away trying to stop it. I
did. Then much later when I finally fell asleep I had the same dream only it lasted
longer. It was lime green sheer material draped and hanging in mid air as I looked
at it and it simply disintegrated. It was strange, 1st time I got a clear look when
something disappears.
I've kept documenting these dreams only because even
tho there has been no really scary ones in the last week
they still are the same kind of dreams that I have been
getting. So real, and I wake up and they disappear.
Nothing like a common dream.
7 - 23 -2018 Last Night was something more familiar
to me. Sitting on the bed right next to me was a rather
large fairy with lime green hair she really looked like
one of Victor Nizovtsev mermaids, without the tail.
One second she was there and the next second she
August 12, 2018 - Something I have noticed...when
I record the dream the very next morning I can
remember what happened more vividly. With this
dream I am recording it 6 days later and I cannot
describe the being to a "T".
Joe was not home, he was at his Dad's. In the dream he
was sleeping next to me and the sun was coming up
and Joe lifted his head off the pillow and while he was
half way up, a head jolted out from behind his head.
The face was mean and one eye was closed and his
mouth was wide open. The face was horrifying and it
left me sick to my stomach after it happened. It scared
Sometimes I try to think about what transpired
during the dream that was something I may have
seen. Right now Jerry is still walking around with
one eye closed from the blood vessel that broke in
the back of his head that connects to the back of his
eyeball. The eye doctor said it will take up to at
least 3 months for it to heal. We're past 3 months
and it has not healed yet. That guys eye looked just
like Jerry's eye.
I also looked up the CPAP machine used by Eric.
So.....Monday 8-13-2018 I will get back on track
with looking to get a hold of them.
A few days ago we drove up to Winston and that
day I went over to the sleep clinic and found out
they had moved. Unfortunately I did not have a pen
and paper to write down the new address and phone
number and there was no way I could get to the car
and back to write the info down and Jerry could not
walk at all that day.
I was not home when they called so Joe took the
message. I got home late that day and so the next
morning I returned the call and the phone number
did not work.
Well even though Christine from the Sleep supply
company said she would put an "urgent" on the
phone call I was to get on Monday after her call,
they never called until the second week of August.
August 12, 2018
The other one was getting stabbed in my bed and I remember that was the one that
took the longest for me to calm down. By the time I awoke, Jerry had come running
from his room and Joe was standing up next to the bed. They said I was screaming
( note this: in my sleep) and when I was awake I was still screaming it took me
awhile to stop. Boy was I shook up, couldn't breath, was shaking like crazy and had
this pain from where this guy stabbed me. He stabbed me more than once. It all
happened so fast. I remember Jerry grabbing and shaking me and trying to wake me
up BUT my eyes were open through the whole thing. I was screaming from the time
he came flying through our bedroom door and passed Joe and jumped on the bed
and starting stabbing me.
My Stories that have to be written.......
Watch for them.
There are 3 Types of Dreams by Eugenia Oganova
Metaphysical Spiritual Teacher
These messages can come from a person who had died but is linked to us
somehow emotionally (like a deceased relative), from an ancestor who is
linked to us spiritually (it can be our generic ancestor, or someone from our
soul group) or from thr energy guides who support us on our journey here
in matter.
Some were born with an innate ability to remain in alignment, others had
that ability activated by their own soul, or through special training.
Channeling energy through while dreaming or while awake can bring a
message from the non-physical reality. But who do we channel when we get
a message from the other side?
Channeling is a way of aligning with higher frequencies. All cultures
throughout history cherished individuals who were able to communicate with
the unseen. There are many names for these people - prophets, seers, lucid
dreams, shamans, oracles, mediums, physics, channels.
Track your feeling to what you experienced and try to link these to the real
life circumstances you are experiencing both external and internal - chances
are there is a message for you in the dream.
Vivid guiding dreams are very important to pay attention to & decode though.
Why? - because they come from the higher self. It is a divine part of us that is
showing something. But it means different things - that is where the wisdom is.
These dreams are never literal, always symbolic
These dreams are also not predictions. The future is not written, we make it
as we go through our choices & actions, so if you believe the dream to be a
prediction of the events to come you might cement it into your experience
through your own emotional reaction, fear or need.
Guiding dreams are not only intense, but you can swear they are real. The
reason for this is that they involve not only the emotional body, but also the
mental & etheric bodies ( they feel almost physical to your perception, so
much so that sometimes during the day after such a dream a person might
feel they are remembering a real memory only to realize it did not happen in
material reality.
It is not aprediction of how things will go, it is simply a message about what
is already in your subconscious. Vivid dreams are not predictions, but
messages about what is that we did not notice.
The emotion is the truth not the story. The emotion you felt in the dream is the
message - something you are already feeling in your subconscious but for some
reason you do not want your conscious mind to see, it is coming out to be seen.
The emotional dreams are intense. Most people are scared of vivid dreams,
especially if they seem to be about something negative (like that your friend
dies, or that you find out something you don't want to) then either dismiss the
dream as stupid (this is avoidance of true reality) or take the dream literally
(as is, if someone dies in the dream, this means someone will die in the
material life). Neither is true.
The mental type we all know very well - these are the annoying dreams from the images
of your day - they occur because the brain is tired & overloaded even though the body is
asleep, the brain is still running energy through the same neuron pathways that were
used during the day when you were awake. These dreams mean nothing except that we
are not in the Higher Self.
Emotional Processing Dreams
Guiding Dreams
Mental Processing Dreams
September 8, 2018
What started out as something small turned into
something bigger last night. Sometimes I hate
journals because they force you to maybe have to
relive something by reading it again & again,
whereas otherwise  you would be able to put it out
of your mind if those words weren't staring back at
you from the page where you wrote the confession.
It's important that I mention this here, before we
move on....I really enjoyed when the nighmares
stopped, nice peaceful nights that I rested well.
In the last 2 weeks there have been very, very small
episodes, two that I am sure of and one I just can't
remember what it was about, all I know was that they
involved a face, scared the heck out of me and were
over in a heart beat...........until last night.
Week of the 16th of September when
my neighbor told me off.
September 8, 2018 - Well its been awhile since I have had
any major dreams, but things are slowly starting up again.
Last night I was awake when I turned over in bed and saw a
fat man, dressed in a black shirt & pants. He had black hair
and was bald on top and also had black sideburns.  leaning
over the bed
There were 2 episodes last night and in one of them
something was standing at the side of the bed leaning
over me. I know (think) know....I was awake when I
turned over and looked at it. Could not tell what it was.
Channeling while dreaming falls into category of guiding dreams and does
not require one to be in a very expanded conscious state - just being open is
enough. Conscious channeling while awake can only occur when one has
expanded his range of consciousness to match the range of the entity being
He was leaning over the bed where my stomach is and he
looked directly at me. It was over quickly.
September 20, 2018 - After the argument with my
neighbor the nightmares came back. It was a really bad
one this night and thank God Joe was home. I was
screaming at the top of my lungs and he was trying to
wake me up.
He was a large man with a mean face and very curly
hair. He was charging at me with an intent to do
something. I just kept screaming even after Joe woke
me up. I could hear Joe saying my name while I was
still asleep. This is the worse one I've had in awhile.
October 2, 2018 - Well they came back last night & I
will admit there were at least 3 episodes I did not record
here that I would call mild since the 20th above.
Not the case last night, it was a screaming one, a white
ghost. As I opened my eyes he was turning away from
me as if he was running away, but we had eye contact.
Honestly scard me to death.
There was a TV series here not to long ago & about a
group of kids now turned adults who lived in a strange
town. One of the creatures they talked about from their
childhood was a thing covered with teeth. It was that
creature I saw last night.
Here I went and found it, the show was called "Channel
Zero" and this creature was exactly what I saw.
November 25, 2018 - Well I have had a few nightmares to add
to the above list. I stopped using my cpap for awhile and now
it's time to start using it again. With that use spiders came on
board, so that's what I been seeing lately.
January 12, 2019
January 11, 2019
They started on the 3rd of January, 2019. That night there
was a woman that was illuminated. Her skin was a glow and
she had on a lit up white dress long dress with a page boy
hair do. She was right next to the bed and slightly bent over
at my knees. She did not look at me.
These last 5 bad dreams have happened since last week,
they are the kind of dreams that scare the hell out of me
and cause me to scream as I'm trying to wake up.
I've had some pretty bad dreams since my husband has
started his affair with his grade school and high school
The very next night was a tall over 6 foot grey haired
man who stood against my great Aunt Ann's antique
dresser. He scared the living daylights out of me and
was looking directly in my eyes.
Next was the blond haired, shirtless man with white
pants on. He was in a kneeling position with his back
facing the ceiling, looked like he was attached to the
ceiling. He had a basket filled with something, I could
not make it out what it was. He was sprinkling it over
me, he was directly above my body looking down at
January 13, 2019
This was a weird one, he was about 2 feet tall up on
the ceiling covered all in white flowing material.
January 14, 2019
January 15, 2019
This was the bad one, I might be a little off on the date but it was
the day my cousin called me and I was in the process of
screaming bloody murder. I was wide awake and still could not
pull myself out of it. I picked up the phone and thats what woke
me up. I was barely understandable. My mouth was stuck
together and dry so I could not speak very well. We talked for a
few minutes and I had to hang up.
I could not remember anything about this one but it was a male
dressed in black and he was charging me. It was a bad one.
I'm gonna mention here that when these many scary dreams
come along close together I start getting afraid to go to bed.
I'm afraid to close my bedroom door and lay down. I leave
the lights on and have trouble falling asleep before 3 or 4 am.
I have my best sleep during the day even though in the past I
have had these type of dreams during the day.
I have still not made an appointment at the sleep clinic. It
seems hard for me to concentrate on anything since Joe has
brought his friend Kathy into our life.
This is what it looks like at night.
On January 20th something bad happened but I can't
remember what. I know I was sitting on the side of my bed
screaming at the top of my lungs and not having one clue
what it was about but Joe was trying to wake me up as usual
my eyes were open.
The night of the 21st something seemed to be in my room.
There was a beam of light on my side of the bed I caught it
as I was turning over in bed, when I turned again and laid my
head on the pillow, something, an insect of some type came
out flowing behind my pillow. I watched it go by and it
I wanted to make sure that I remembered every detail of
what transpired between me and Joe after the reunion. It is
impossible to stick with what he has had to say because as
he tells the story and we move along, each time he talks
about things more and more of the story disappears or
changes. I fear soon he will be telling me Cathy Cartwright?
Who is that?
Below is my version of what happened between Kathy, his
friend, Janet, his sister and he himself.
Today is the morning of the 23rd of January and things are
still going on. He is pure wicked. He has been so very mean
to me and just acts hateful. He won't admit it but I know the
madness and hate are coming from the fact that he was so
excited she moved back here to North Carolina but now is
mad because of this letter she wrote to me.
I believe truly that if she had not written this letter that the 2
of them would surely have met somewhere after the reunion.
He is so disappointed that she told me all the horrible stuff
he confided to her about me over the years.
I think I will pay for all this the rest of my life. The way he
looks at me now I fear will never change. I know I should
leave but it would be sure suicide amongst other things. As
sick as I am, working is out of the picture and I can't get my
social security check unless we are divorced. Without the
medical coverage I have and the problems of not enough
funds to get medical coverage, my insulin supplies and
follow up cancer visits from the operations would cease. It
would surely be suicide.
He also insist the $50,000.00 I brought into the relationship I
will never see again. Plus he told me he is keeping the house
to give back to the mortgage company, he refuses to sell it to
try and get back some of our money. It's only to teach me a
lesson. Honestly I'm sure she will be moving in instead.
& 55
January 27 and 28, 2019
Joe and I had a horrible day which then led into a horrible
night for me. I am positive we are not going to get through
all that has happened. It's just hard to get through the fact
that all this time we were together, he was in love with
someone else and I wasted time that could have been spent
with Jerry.
Due to the amount of pain I have now I have to just sleep
when I can. Going to bed at nighttime is a nightmare and
getting up in the morning is the same way.
Almost everyday is quite unbearable these days and the pain
kills me. Yesterday afternoon there was a bad hallucination,
they seem to get worse when I use the Cpap. Woke up to a
400lb. man in his boxer shorts with a huge stomach. He was
bald and very mean looking. He scared the hell out of me
and it took awhile to calm down.
Jerry helps me through these things now because Joe just
sits and thinks about Kathy. He is so depressed thinking
about his loss of losing her.
There were several episodes that came through the
afternoon, really very weird stuff. There were a bunch of
helium filled balloons, some of the other stuff was very
strange too. Finally it all stopped about 4 am and I was
able to get some sleep.
There has been another one with a man, cannot remember
anything about it.
There have been a few more incidents but they have been
small ones.
2 - 18 -19
Small episodes have continued, still containing some that
have scared the crap out of me. Today was a pretty hearty
episode. It appears when I get really upset they really are
much worse. Joe's affair with Kathy has become worse and
with it things between him and I and his family have
become worse. I'm just in shock how low these people will
stoop to get their way.
Today  I tried to lay down for awhile and there was
nothing but interruptions the entire time. It was pretty bad.
There had been several bad hallucinations during the next few months that I did not record
but things have been much better with the new cpap.
July 23, 2019
This was the day I went in the hospital for my strokes. I had a CT that morning and an MRI
that afternoon. It was Monday night I had the bad time with the ghosts in my room. Here is
an explanation to what actually took place.
It was about a 40 yr. old man and a child about 7. The child caused the most problems
that entire evening. He was in a chair next to my bed and was very active. I could see
him. He was in a navy blue shirt with red strips and he just kept jumping around in that
chair and every time I turned my head to see him he instantly disappeared. After awhile
the man appeared, I looked him directly in the eyes. His image appeared in the window.
At first he was small but then his body rose up to where his head went from the bottom of
the window to the top. It scared me something terrible because he looked me right in the
I started to really panic when they started playing with my bed.  First the bottom of the
bed was raising and then it stopped and the top started raising. They kept hitting the
button for the nurse to come. At least a dozen times or more. When Hunter walked out
of the room he asked me if I wanted the light off and I said yes. He turned it off and
walked out the door and instantly the light came on. I sat up and looked at the switch and
sure enough it was turned on.
Something kept jumping around behind the headboard and caused the whole bed to move
around. Then I saw the mans reflection in the cabinet in the room. Again he started out as
a small figure and as we had eye contact again, he grew. He had black hair and a black
mostache and beard and  a red checkered shirt . His eyes were very set on me. He looked
very mean and I was afraid. All evening I heard noises from the next room like someone
was doing work and banging with a hammer.
Real Paranormal Activity
Last Three Days of July in 2019
I called home in the afternoon on Tuesday and told Jerry and Joe what was going on. By
then I was scared to death, I even talked to the ghosts trying to get them
to understand that I was sick and did not need this aggravation. Still they would not stop. I
asked Jerry if he could please spend the night there because I was that scared. He did stay
and there was no movement from the ghosts that night. I did ask the nurses if they had any
complaints about this stuff from other patients that had stayed in this room. They said no
and refused to discuss it further.
According to the paranormal shows on the travel network those groups say that hospitals
always have stories like this because so many people die in the hospital.
I should mention here that I do not believe that these two were together. They did not
acknowledge each other at all. .But they sure were together when it came to terrifying a
person. I could see that kid out of the corner of my eye , his jumping around. He never
looked at me.
The Ghosts at Forsyth
Hospital in Winston-Salem,
N.C. ( Scroll down)
Joe's Runin with a Sasquatch