Project Plans
The main thing seems to be getting the cemetery started and to see how much we can get
done. Since there will be a whole lot going on for Halloween 2008 the cemetery most likely
will not be entirely completed till the 2010 season.  We have a rather large yard so there may
be more sections built for the 2009 season but for the 2008 we are starting off with a 24x16
foot area. The exact location is still being discussed due to the fact that we have so many
kids run across the yards here so having cords all over the lawn may not be the best thing.

In this section are the cemetery fence instructions and pictures. I looked at a lot of fences in
the Halloween sites, thank you to all of you for so many ideas. We decided to build our fence
sections 5 feet high and 8 feet long.
Click on the links below for projects we are working on!
The pillars I have always been in love with are on the site
"Raven Manor". Yesterday (9/25/07) one of these pillars got
all the plywood attached to its skeletal wood frame>>>>HOLY
COW are these things huge and the builders have not even
attached the top sections yet. I know the kids are gonna just
love these!

2009 - Will be attaching lights, attaching the arch & will age
the pillars.
Last week we went (9/15/07)ahead and cut out one pattern set of tombstones for our
cemetery. These are not very big tombstones but for this year they will get us by. We
have another set to be cut yet and it has some larger pieces. These will all be painted
grey and then we'll see how much time we have to do some additional things to them.
The game plan for next year is to really focus on some large stones that are well done.
So many ideas here on the net!
2008 - wooden tombstones got stenciled
2009  - well I bought all kinds of tools to start making styrofoam tombstones, look like we
will get 3 done this season.
Yesterday (9/25/07) the framework got built for this project. This project was just added a
few days ago but looks like it would make a wonderful addition to our Witches Candy Cave!
This project did not get done for 2008 so it will be completed for the 2009 season.
There were only two of these projects that got done for 2008. Most of the projects in this link
will be for the 2009season. There are witches bottles, tin cans & jars, creepy caramel apples,
rotten cotten candy, more fake foods & some little projects.
There will be a number of PVC figures made for the 2016 season. Most of our old props were just
made with 2x4's and xmas tree stands. The below projects of the Collins Witch & The Collins
Vampire were our 1st PVC props and were made for the 2008 season.
This will be a new project for the 2018 season.
This room has been a part of our haunt since we started letting kids in the house in
2006. We try to improve and add on to it each year and this year we will be completing
the job of labeling all the jars & bottles and getting them fancied up. The kids really do
love this table and they never seem to get enough time here to really look at
everything that is on the table. The adults seem to be fascinated by it too!

We hope to get the garage organized  this summer so as to move the "Spell & Potion"
room out in the garage along with a Gypsy Fortune Tent. Then the Dining room will
become the Vampire Parlor for 2010.
This project was done for the 2007 season and looked just wonderful in our front window at
night. Would like to figure out where to hang a few more of these in the Manor.
In 2008 Halloween Forum had a coffin building contest that we had won .  This is the
instructions for that coffin.
2009 - hope to get some material in the coffin, a pillow & hopefully a body!
For the 2009 season we will be adding 6 monks to the outdoor cemetery.
The Wulitzer Organ has finally been located in our garage & will make its
journey into the house for the 2009 season! I hope to add some pipes &
make a background for it.
Projects for 2018
Larry of Halloween Forum sponsored a contest called "The Scary Scene" in 2008. The contest started in
July & we had to have our scenes ready for judging by mid August. Even tho I did not think we could
enter the contest due to the fact that we were going to put our scray scene in the garage & it was gonna
take at least 2 months to clean the garage to make room. So I never entered the contest to start with.

Also we were having 95 - 100 degree days & it was ridiculous to work in that garage. But Jerry rose to
the occasion & to my astonishment he got half the garage cleaned in about 3 days. We had lost a lot of
time thinking we were not going to do this so I was afraid it was to late .....but....cylonfrogqueen talked
me into trying to pull it off. SO just a few days before the contest deadline was up we went ahead &
entered our project.

Day by day I composed a story based around a story that was true about the Butcher, he lived very
close to where I grew up so that made the story more interesting. Day  by day we would work on the
main project & then set up props to help the story along. We set up a cemetery out back on the
neighbors wooded property & shot pictures of that & of Jerry walking thru the woods with a meat
cleavor. He looked good cause in real life he was a butcher & meat cutter. We had live actors in our
scene & ran into a problem at the last minute, we needed a KID!! So in the truck we got & went driving
down the street to see who of the neighbors had a kid we could borrow for the photo shoot.

Needless to say we made the deadline. For us there was 2 different objectives to this contest. Jerry
was trying to win & I was just wanting to enter so we could get the garage done & it would be done for more thing out of the way. Well imagine the shock when our fellow haunters voted our
Scary Scene as the winner! It was great to be voted for by peers whos work you so admire. Made us
feel like we finally arrived especially because 2 months prior to that we won the coffin contest. Seemed
the only way to get Jerry to get things done was for him to think he was competing. It was funny but
thanks to all who voted for us.
This page contains projects that are
still in progress. Some are scheduled
for 2018....others are being worked on
for 2019.  Some are done and not
listed here.
On this side of the page you will find updates on
projects that were being worked on, a list of
projects that have to be completed by the 2018
Walking Dead date & a list of things we're going to
try and tackle. Might be a bit hard with the amount
of work it will take to build the static props for
Walking Dead.
We have been planning to build a new cemetery for some time
now along with new tombstones. With my operations from 2016
& 2017 a lot got put on the back burner. So we will use the old
cemetery for The Walking Dead Tribute but will repaint &
rename the tombstones. Styrofoam got bought and is in storage
to make new tombstones for 2019.
Walking Dead Cast
I have already started buying the clothes to dress these folks.
Will add notes here as soon as I get everything organized. Ok
these should have been started in Feb. but again due to the
cancer operations we will be starting these the end of 2018 for
the 2019 season. I need to purchase pvc pipe and fittings and get
the clothes organized by cast member. Must start a list of heads
and wigs needed.
Like to finish the 6 monks for the cemetery and also make at least
one mud monk, the 7 foot ones. 2019

Need 2 chandeliers for the funeral parlor. Most stuff is bought for
this project look for these in 2019.

Gotta re-work the frames for the witches and the bride.

Have to finish the Mummy. 2019
2019 Project - new tombstones
2018 Project - The Walking Dead cast
2019 Project
2019 Project - new gates
will be made along w/ a
new sign & lights.
2019 Project - new cemetery
Needs Makeover
Cemetery built
Everything is bought to do these free standing ghosts,
just no time gonna try and get to these for 2019.
This stuff all got made.
Bought the new antuque organ used yearly in the haunt.
Not sure where these rooms are going this year because we need the
room for The Walking Dead sets.
Will hang on till we do the
Zombie wedding theme
Repainting & re stenciling wooden tombstones
with Walking Dead deceased. 2019
Gonna need the floral arrangements for 2019 and may have time to
build the candelabra's. This stuff will go  into the mortuary where Daryl
& Beth stay.
Design Sets
The cafeteria doors with the hands and mess on
the floor and wiring hanging from ceiling.
Rick in his hospital room at Harrison memorial.
The Bat Room with bats.
The Governor with Penny & fish tanks.
Carol's Cookie Kitchen
The Mortuary and Funeral Home.
Front Yard w/ bodies, cemetery and whatever can get built.
Back yard Cast & Guard Tower, winnebago.
Design Plans for 2019 are on this
page. Building Plans of 2018
Projects click on the link below.
Due to severe health
issues and
operations all
projects got moved
till 2019.
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