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A Piece of the Past
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RIP      1948 - 2012
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Richard T. Crowe, 64 years old, Army Veteran, creator of Chicago Supernatural
Tours, noted author, lecturer,  and entrepreneur  in the field of Supernatural
Occurrences & Historical Lore.
Cherished son of the late Richard & Evelyn. Loving brother of Barbara (Patrick)
Hickey and Joann Crowe, caring Daddy of his cats, Carmilla, Jessie, Frank &
Nate. Many dear cousins and a host of many dear friends.
Funeral Tuesday, 8:45 am from Richard J. Modell Funeral Home & Cremation
Services, 5725 S. Pulaski to St. Patrick Church, Hickory Hills, Mass 10:00 am.
Interment Resurrection Cemetery.
Graduate of DePaul University holding a Master's Degree in English Literature,
Member of DePaul University's Geographical Society, Showman's League of
America, Chicago Chamber of Commerce, Chinatown Chamber of Commerce
and holds the title of Kentucky Colonel.
In lieu of flowers, donations to TLC Animal Shelter, 13016 W., 151st Street,
Homer Glen, 60491 appreciated. Visitation Monday, 3- 9 pm, 773-767-4730.
Richard's Christmas Card every year.
Ghost Boat Tours
He appeared on shows like "The Oprah Winfrey Show" to
"Unsolved Mysteries" talking about haunted places, ghosts, and
other unexplained and supernatural mysteries.
Former WGN 720 AM radio hots Steve King & Johnnie Putman wrote
on their blog that in their 27 years hosting late night radio show,
"Richard was one of our most requested guests. Every year starting
around September, the calls, letters, texts and e-mails would begin. "Is
Richard Crowe going to be on with you this Halloween?" "When is
Richard going to be on?" "Have you announced the date of Richard
Crowe's appearance yet?"
King & Putman wrote, "It was largely due to Richard Crowe That
Resurrection Mary became the legend she is today, a legend strong
enough that even local police officers would call in with new sightings
to add to Richard's file.
My Aunt went on Richard Crowe's Ghost tour. He drove the people
around in a bus and they drank champagne while he scared them to
death with his stories. It was a 3 hour tour and she just never stopped
talking about it to me. She kept telling me you gotta come here and go
on this tour.
What is a ghost? Do ghost only exist in the realm of our imagination or
could they possibly co-exist in the world of reality. If ghosts are still
here in the 21st century, we must explore the possibility that ghosts are
more than pure legends.
Bill Karmia - Social Behaviorist
Its probably not something that is in our threshold of awareness. It's
above or below our threshold of awareness.
I remember long before Richard brought Resurrection Mary to the
publics awareness I was chasing her down with my neighborhood
friends. Some of the most scariest nights of my teenage days.
It was so very, very spooky out there. The cemetery and the road she
walked were surrounded by dense forests with all 2 lane highways
going through, no street lights for miles. There were really no little
townships of any kind in the area. The closest thing was the Willow
Brook Ballroom where she was the night she disappeared. As a child,
preteen days, I always remember the Ballroom being closed.
In early days I was always out there on a Sunday afternoon, as my
family visited the graves of our loved ones every Sunday in Fairmont
Cemetery just up the road from Resurrection Cemetery where Mary is
always seen. At other times I was always out there late at night. As
years went on Willow Brook, the only business right in that area kept
strange hours and was not always open like the old days when it was
famously known.
When I started to drive and got the car on my own, I went to the
Cemetery where our family is a lot. We were brought up like that to
honor & visit the graves often. Generations of the family these days do
not visit the graves any more for the exception of my cousin who has
really shocked me as to how much he gets to the cemetery. Just
recently he found the rest of the families graves in Fairmount. I'm so
very happy that he makes the effort to go. I truly hope as time goes by
he can get his son to take an interest in the graves as he is the last one
that will be visiting them unless he produces a family and can pass the
visits onto his kids.
I'd like to add here that Mr. Richard Crowe was a English Literature teacher at
Lourdes while I was attending school there.
Lynn Zacharias - Psychic
A ghost to me is the essence of a person, their soul.
Henry Pena - Chicago Ghost Hunters Society
We got the hardest evidence I could dream of because theres no
explanation for what we got on film. We actually saw ectoplasm
coming from a door and it like just floated up to the attic.
Father Jerry Kroeger - Priest
Ghost has some kind of connotation thats scary or spooky or
frightening or something like that. My perception of that is I think they
are spirits, ghosts in that sense, the Latin is Spiritus, but we transfer
ghost to spirit, so I think there are such things. But on the other hand, I
don't think they are always scary.
Ken Melvoin'berg - Witch
As a witch our idea of a ghost really is not much different than what a
Christian idea of a ghost is. Mostly we consider not exactly the spirit of
the person thats passed away but probably more like a video tape that
reeled and played over and over again.
Pam Ernest - Born Again Christian (Occult Specialist)
A ghost is actually considered an evil spirit, a demon spirit.
Quentin Young - Native American Teacher
When a person passes into the spirit world, and they make their
journey, they get stuck here for one reason or another and they just
wonder the earth. We don't have a devil.
Some Additional Views
Which is probably always the way but at least we know we're headed in
the right direction. At least if we can find evidence and we know we're
on a path, where the path is gonna go we're still trying to find out, but
we're on the right path with studying this kind of material.
Ghosts have been the object of study now for centuries, its become a
heightened interest now, especially since the 70's and the out growth of
the Psychic Age, and yet we still are finding out, that the more we
discover, the more we find we don't know.
There could be several explanations for supernatural occurrences, but
which is valid enough to accurately answer the question>>>>What is a
ghost? Richard Crowe spent 30 years of his life searching for answers
Diane Sarris - Psychologist
I think it's very important that we keep our minds open to things that we
naturally cannot touch or see.
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