Texas Chain Saw Massacre
Video Jackets
Which One Do You Have?
Adopting it as her own, she brought
him home and named him Thomas.
She raised Thomas as her own from
that point on. Her husband told her, "it
was the ugliest thing he'd ever seen".
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Leatherface Lives
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is followed by The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. These two films are the only two outside of the
remake series to show continuity with each other, all sequels after The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 are non-canon and in their
own timelines ( with similar events to the first 2 films having taken place.)
There are 7 movies in the franchise.
The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
The Texas Chain Saw Massacre 2
Leatherface: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre 3
Texas Chain Saw Massacre: The Next Generation
Jason vs. Leatherface
Leatherface 1991 comic series
Mortal Kombat XL
Dead by Daylight: Leatherface
Nubbins Sawyer - the
hitchhiker brother
The Tea Lady
Its possible, even likely, that the tea lady may have
been a member of the murderous Hewitt Family, or
perhaps she was just an associate.
It appeared as if she was aware of the Hewitt
family's more distasteful practices, but she never
said anything about it, neither condoning or
condemning their murderous ways.
Henrietta Hewitt
She is a member of the cannibal clan
but we're not sure how she fits in. She
lives in a trailer at the end of the
estate and the tea lady visits her a lot.
She kidnaps the hitchhikers baby and
poisons Erin when she frantically
appears at her trailer.
Luda Mae Hewitt
Luda Mae is the only female of the
cannibal clan. In 1939 as a young
woman she was eating out of the
dumpster outside Lee Brothers Meat
Processing Plant. She found a
discarded baby in the dumpster with
severe birth defeats.
In the 1950's when the local school
was closing down , a teacher paid a
visit out to the Hewitt to inform Luda
Mae and to suggest to her about doing
something with Thomas. It had
become known to the teacher that
Thomas' predilection towards
trapping & skinning small animals
made him seem dangerous.
As she continued to argue with him
that nothing was wrong with Thomas
he got excited and informed her that he
was going to contact the authorities.
She picked up a shovel, hit him across
the back of the head and killed him.
and never told anyone.
Her next appearance was working at
the family gas station where she was
met by frantic teenagers who came in
telling her to call the sheriff because a
hitchhiker they picked up just
committed suicide in their van.....it
went downhill from there.
A stern & vulgar man, Charlie was
the head of the family. It was
Charlie's P.O.W. experiences
during the Korean War that led him
toward cannibalism - a practice he
later indoctrinated his family into
Charlie Hewitt
In 1969, he murdered Sheriff
Winston Hoyt, who was going to
arrest Tommy. He took his uniform
& badge and even began using the
Sheriff's name.
The sole survivor of the  
group. On her way to Dallas
for a Lynrd Skyrnd concert she
would never see.
Friend of Kemper & Erin's.
Charlie remained the sheriff for four
years until he died in 1973.
It was unfortunate because Hoyt was
moving to Michigan in one week. As
the town kept falling apart all of the  
townfolk and deputies moved away
and Hoyt was gonna be the last one
to leave.
The first murder victim. He was also
Erin's boyfriend.
As Hoyt became the last of a
sheriff in this town, Charlie took
over and from that point on he
became Sheriff Hoyt.
I would just like to make a note here
if you ask yourself how he got away
with this...well it mentioned it was a
dying town and I know all about that.
Ya see....I lived in a dying town one
that use to be quite big and
prosperous in its young days, later
when I lived there the population was
63. Dirt roads, outhouses you name it.
So I seen how easy it was to become
a sheriff when nobody else wants the
Winston Hoyt
Thomas got fired and in a rage killed
his boss. Hoyt went out to the Hewitt
to find him and bring him in. There
he spoke with Charlie and the 2 took
off together to find Thomas.
They found him walking down a dirt
road carrying his chain saw. Hoyt
got out and tried to talk to him but it
ended in Charlie blowing his head