The Perfert Party Menu
The Cadaver Cafe & Candy Kitchen
1st tip: Everything should be FRESH! Very FRESH!
Welcome To
of Ghoulishfare
The Finest in Gore May Food
 You Must Be Brave to Partake
You Must Abide by the Zombie Food Pyramid
Mummy Cheeseball w/ Crackers
Fresh Eyeballs
Vulture Eggrolls w/ Burn the Hair Off Your
Head Sauce
Blood-n-Guts  (Salsa & Chips)
Hotter Than Hadies Steak & Salsa Bites
Dried Flesh ( Jerky)
Jacks Magic Bean....the GAS kind!
Appetizer Ideas
Warm Worm
Maggot Stew
Brain Soup
Dying for a Salad, with Your Choice of Dressing
Creepy Crudite Plate w/ Bone Marrow Dressing
Moldy Hot Dogs w Chucky Upchuck
Sauteed Intestines w/ Onions &
Green Ears
Handwiches w/ Finger Dip Sauce
Mummy Calzone
Sloppy Goblins
Main Course
Vampire al la Meatloaf
Roast Rat
Dead Man Corpses on
Adams Ribs
Bat Wings
Blood Clots w/ Fresh Blood
Breast of Turkey Devil
Breast of Buzzard
Fresh Roadkill
Regurgitated Guts
Corn Rats
Pudding Pumpkins
Werewolf Cupcakes
Witches Fingers
Frankenstein Cookies
Mini Spider Cupcakes
Gravestone Cookies
Ghost Eyes (mini
Pus Pockets (mini eclairs)
Rotten Apple Pie  1/2 price
Creepie Krispie Treats
Candy Corn Bark
Tempting Toenail
Ghost Truffles
Pumpkin Truffles
Mini Mouse Truffles
Magic Wands
Pretezel Wands
Fresh Roaches
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Cadaver Cafe Catering Company
Your party will be a day you & your guests remember for an eternity,
Cadaver Cafe  Catering Company has been in business now for 43 years
finding you the best "Zombie Food" you have ever eaten. They can
handle any size party or any type for that matter. Their food is the most
unique & some of the freshest you will find. The company customizes
each party to fit the needs of the client. Their extraordinary
presentations at any type of event are very memorable.
Looking for an Ice Sculpture?
Let "Leatherface Ice Scuptures" design the ice sculpture of your
dreams! Ice sculptures done quickly for your special occasion.
We really throw ourselves
into our food!
Our delicious Brain Burgers
Try one...You'll Love them
Brain Soup...made fresh daily!
Join us in our restaurant for fresh brains
served french service at your table.
Need special decorating arrangements for your party? Trust us to deliver. We can fill all your needs.
Meet our shining star...Chef  Elijah Collins . This man is so dedicated he
goes right out in the field himself to get fresh meat! He has owned The Cadaver
Cafe  & Catering Company for 26 years. Before that his Grandfather, Hezekiah
Collins ran both businesses for 56 years.. The success of both of these Chefs is
what has made the Cadaver Cafe such a popular stomping ground all these
years. Chef Elijah has a wonderful flair for being very original with his recipes.

Elijah learned cooking from his mother, Masilda who sometimes worked as
a pastry chef. He trained as an apprentice in Europe working & learning the
techniques of the old country. The family is from Transylvania. Elijah came  to
the U.S. & worked in fine hotels & restaurants before settling in the kitchen of
his Grandfather here at the Cafe. He resides today as owner of the famous
Cadaver Cafe. He is also the cousin of the famous
Mistress Muffy of Collins Chocolates.
Elijah is like his grandfather who
use to cut all his parts daily
himself. Hezekiah Collins
For your convenience you can now shop daily at the deli
store where we offer all the cuts the Cafe  has on the
menu. People raved so much about the parts we decided to
offer them to the public.
Meet the hostess with the mostess.... Magdelina. She
is the wife of Chef Elijah. She runs the front of this
operation and does a great job of it. She also  handles
all bookings for the catering company.

Visiting with her is always a fascinating experience,
her family also hails from Transylvania. Probably one
of the only people that has immense knowledge of
The Cadaver Cafe is nothing special but
people don't come for a fancy diner.
Here they come for something they can't
get anywhere else. The place looks like
its 100 yrs. old cause it pretty much has
been around that long.
The Cadaver Cafe & Candy Kitchen
Join us Monday - Thursday    11am- midnight
Friday - Sunday          9am- midnight
Sunday Brunch           9am- 2pm
Pastry Chef & Daily Pies & Cheesecakes. We also
sell fresh made Bread & Rolls! Visit our new deli!
The New Deli
The latest addition to the Cadaver Cafe & Candy Kitchen is the new Deli
filled with the wonderous marvels of Chef Elijah. Its carries all sorts of
parts & meats all cut by the hand of Elijah.
All luncheon meats are made in house.
We smoke our own parts.
Cut Fresh Daily Fingers & Hands
We can also grind for you
Ribs are cooked each morning
A Cadaver Cafe Specialty
Great for Rinds
Baked Parts
Heads w/ Stuffing
Here is the latest item we have added to our product
line.....Facial Sushi....its doing quite well!
Anthony Bourdain - I have been eating
here for a very long time. In all my
travels I have never had anything like
this! Its fabulous!
Elijah has received 6
Culinary Genius
Alton Brown - The MOST
unique dining experience of
all time.
Welcome to The Cadaver Cafe
Patrons Enjoying their Dining Experience!
This is our Drive thru stand that is in
back of our building....just drive thru the
alley. We have a full line of sandwiches
or you can order dinners to go.
Weekly Specials Monday through Friday
We offer a full service menu  along with daily specials. We have a
full lunch menu and a supper menu. There are also nightly specials.
Here are some of our Entrees
This is our very special Brain Menu that we offer in the evenings.
Breaded Brains sauteed fresh right at your table!
Brain Tacos
Breaded & deep fried Rat....always fresh.
Intestine Stew
Pig Head Roast
Brains Tartare
Sauteed Eyeballs in Blood Sauce
Catering Menu
Fresh Hot Bread Heads
Coming Soon!
The Bakery
Sunday Brunch
Body Cookies can be ordered on Trays
Body Cookies can be ordered on Trays
Delicious Birthday Cake
All Edible
Snake Cake
All Breads Made W/ Fresh Rosemary
Banana Cake Head
Rhubarb Cake Head
Need a Resemblance Cake Head...we do
custom work right from your Photo's
Head Cakes
Face Rolls
Cutting Board Cake
Body Bread
Chef Reggie - Zombie Heads
The Cadaver Cafe & Candy Kitchen is proud to anounce the launch of
its own brand of Baked Beings, soon to be found on the shelves of
your local grocery stores. A special blend of body pieces in a
delicious tomato sauce. The varieties are endless, we have brains,
hearts, livers, kidneys & stomachs available in both commercial &
regular sized cans. We will also be introducing our new line of
Organic Human Drinks.
Whole Body Roasts
Great for Family Parties!
We also carry Boar's Head
This picture from the movie "Silent Hill"
inspired us to try & make a full body roast that
looked like the photo.
Finger Cookies
Can I Have a Cookie?
Tummy Tuck Cake
Face & Eggs
Our Latest Service....We Make Housecalls!
For those times when you are in dire need
Its amazing what you can do with meat!
The Deranged Dozen
Fresh Handloaf
We are now introducing a newly made food product to
our line of meats Delicious condiments made by Horton
Street Monster Supplies. Absolutely out of this world!
Check out their website.
Foot Tartare
The Body Buffet
A Piece of the Past
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