These creatures are said to once have been humans, and were turned into one by doing it
themselves or cursed or bit. And yes they have horrific breath.
This is coming from someone that is not a know-it-all of the species, I can tell you what I know.
Werewolves are said to be a combination of human and beast, so they most likely have the body
shape of a human and other characteristics of an animal. They are said to have sharp teeth, fur,
animal like ears and a tail, claws, animal like eyes, long tongue and diet of an animal/beast.
The supernatural condition in which one voluntarily or involuntarily becomes part wolf or all
wolf is called Lycanthropy. It is typically caused by a curse or from being bitten by an existing
wolf. Werewolves are half human and half wolf, in some stories, some werewolves bite other
werewolves to turn them into werewolves, or werewolves turn into werewolves at full moon.
Mountain Ash is like a protective spell to Werewolves. Back in the day people would say that you were
never safe from Werewolves unless you had shade from mountain ash on your house.
It blocks and exhibits control of werewolves and other supernatural creatures, mostly used by the Druids.
When thrown it usually falls either in a circle or a straight line, so under proper conditions,
the material will form a barrier with very little effort.
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The story was derived from: Its an old Indian legend that tells of the supposed ability of
persons who have been turned into wolves through magic power to assume human form at
will for purposes of vengeance.
The very first werewolf movie made from 1913 was about a Navajo woman that she had
been abandoned by her husband, who was actually killed and becomes a witch. As her
daughter grows up she is taught by the mother to hate all white men and ends up seeking
revenge  by turning them into werewolves.
Siodmak's version was more subtle and Fruedian. It was never the intention to have a
physical transformation into a wolf happen. Studio heads didn't like that idea and made a
decision and one of the most iconic of cinematic monsters was born in the greatest of his
many screen movies.
Universal hired on Curt Siodmak to write a new screen play for the studioo's neww horror
star, Lon Chaney Jr.. The result was something mythic, that would forever cement in
viewers minds, the legend of the Werewolf.
Werewolves of London the first werewolf film in 1935. Prior to it was 1913's, The
Werewolf. Then there was 1925's version of the werewolf more like a Jekyll an Hyde
version. Several years later Universal was planning on reviving all the gothic characters that
made them fampous also adding on their impressive poster of movie monsters.
In the case of a Vampire its a wooden stake, a rose, a cruxifix, holy water, garlic and grains. Nothing is known to stop a
Werewolf except a quicksilver bullet. One can kill a Vampire by putting a wooden stake into his heart, but be sure that you
also cut the head off and burn him after you do that. When dead a Werewolf changes back into a man. If a Vampire gets out
during the day he returns to dust and disappears.
What Scares Them?
Vampires have been linked with bats for as along as anyone can remember. It stemmed from
the belief that if a bat or other flying creature passed over a corpse he or she would rise
from the dead. The Romanions are the blame for this notion.
Vampires supposedly cannot see their reflection in a mirror, a Bulgarian superstition
stemming from the fact  that corpses were not allowed to be in the presence of mirrors,
since it was likely that another death would take place.
What Does A Werewolf Do?
Well their job is to protect the world, believe it or not. But when they are morphed under  
they can turn by choice or uncontrollable forces, like a full moon. They have extra human
senses and strenght far beyond that of a normal wolf or human.
Both Vampires and Werewolves do not age, Vampires are immortal and remain the same age as when they turned
Vampire, though they lose their supernatural powers at daylight. Werewolves cease being immortal, once they stop
changing into a wolf.
Both Vampires and Werewolves have the ability to move fast, but Werewolves are faster than Vampires running on
all fours. Vampires are strong, run fast, almost like flying, leap high and can walk on vertical surfaces. Vampires are
known to be more intelligent than Werewolves. Werewolves are said to be less intelligent than when not in their
human form. According to some legends, they can be reasoned with, unlike Vampires.
Vampires do not enter a house unless invited, when invited they will come and go as they please. Werewolves
usually stay around the edge of forests. Vampires prefer to move around in the dark shadowy places. Werewolves
have a heightened sense of smell, sight and hearing and increased physical strenght.
Werewolves are hollowed eyed, have fangs sticking from their lower lip and hair grows on their palms and soles.
Some Werewolves have a tail. They use fangs and claws. Vampires have sharp fangs which they sink into their
victims throat to drink blood. Vampires need blood as nourishment and though they live on both human and animal
blood, they are able to survive without human blood. Werewolves live on flesh of dead or living human beings
especially children or animals and can survive without food for a long time.
Then again, a distinction needs to be made between a voluntary Werewolf from an involuntary one.  Some want
to become a Werewolf and some sign a contract with the devil who ordains them for their heinous acts.
Involuntary Werewolves are those who happen to turn without wanting to, like the humans they have bitten.
Werewolves live normal lives during the day unlike Vampires who cannot go outside during daytime. The Werewolf
transforms only on a full moon night, so they are normal human beings on other days of the month.
Vampires are cold to touch, while Werewolves have hot burning skin. Vampire skin can only be penetrated by Vampire
teeth, and the teeth and claws of a Werewolf. When wounded as a Werewolf the human form will carry the scar.
Some cultures claim that sleeping on a summer Wednesday or Friday, exposed to the full moon might turn you
into a Werewolf.  Or some theories state that drinking from a certain cursed fountain or drinking water contained
in the footprint of another Werewolf will turn you into one. More ways include chanting a certain incantation
after rubbing a potion on your body. Others claim normal men are Werewolves cursed by God or his saints to
lead the rest of their life as this fearsome beast.
A normal person can become a Vampire after being bit on the neck by another Vampire, where as a scratch or
bite from a Werewolf, even a dead one, would be enough to turn a person into a Werewolf. Quite a few cultures
across Europe have Werewolves in their history and the ways they have listed for Werewolf turning.
The Werewolf legend has existed as long as the Vampire and Ghost appearing in every culture in the world.
Werewolf creatures possessed by the devil to do its acts, and not to many things can destroy it. A silver weapon may
do the trick, Werewolf repellents, like mountain ash, mistletoe and rye are seen as common ways to keep
Werewolves away. Remedies to werewolfism,...... for sure exorcising the person is said to be the most effective way.
Wolfbane is poisonous to humans and inhaling and ingesting in our world can kill you. The
flower and its derivatives seem to force werewolves into their wolf form. Following are
some interesting examples: A spiral of wolfsbane studded rope, woven around her grave,
seemed to hold Laurie Hale of Teen Wolf in her full wolf form.
Derek's wolfsbane bullet wound caused uncontrollable shifts from human to werewolf form
at one point causing his claws to sink into the back of Jackson's neck. The presence of
wolfsbane plant and vaporized wolfbane caused Scott to transform.
A poisonous plant long used to kill predator animals in much of the world. While the plant
itself is real, it plays a large part in werewolf legends & mythology.
Werewolves and Vampires are most common in the Carpathian Mountains. Witches most
common in the Alps, but really not any longer. These three are found worldwide anymore.
Even tho their are few who believe in werewolves anymore, there still are sightings.
In Human Form: Whatever they do as humans, they can turn into werewolves and they have
better senses than anyone else because of the wolf gene in them.
As the legend goes, a man who is a werewolf, turns into a full fledged wolf on the night of the full moon.
A Wolf that can transform into a human is known as a wolfwere, a human
that can shapeshift into a wolf is a werewolf.
According to the legend, the werewolf can be identified in its human form by its low set
ears, curved fingernails, swinging stride and eyebrows that meet at the bridge of the nose
and bristles under the tongue. Some claim that if a werewolf gets cut there will be fur under
the skin. In its wolf form, the werewolf of legend commonly looks like a regular wolf with
no tail, human eyes and no capability of speech.
A werewolf will regenerate almost any type of superficial flesh wound. A weapon made of
silver will inflict serious damage to a werewolf and can even kill it. Removing the
werewolves head or heart will also stop a werewolf.
Every man who is pure in heart and says his prayers by night may become
a wolf when the wolf-bane blooms and the autumn moon is bright.
The Lycanthropy. Werewolves, a dangerous and infectious breed! These are
raging monsters. They are born of beasts and the savagery of this despicable
fact cannot be bred away. When the full moon crests in the sky, who's ever
lucky enough to fall under the werewolf curse turns into a wolf
If it were a choice, it wouldn't be called a curse. Werewolves will attack
humans. But instinct and centuries of rivalry have hardwired them to hunt
their prey of choice.
As Wolves: Whatever wolves normally do only because they have the human gene in them
they are able to recognize certain people or places when hunting or doing other wolf activities.
The beast then goes on to bite other unsuspecting humans, who either die or turn into
Werewolves themselves. It is generally known as a satanic beast, evil and twisted in its acts
whether they be biting other untainted human beings or eating fresh corpses.
The Were Wolf